Countdown to Christmas FPS Challenge

SG Interactive and G4Box Inc. have announced a joint project for the holidays: the Countdown to Christmas FPS Challenge.From December 7 until December 26, Cross Fire and Project Blackout players can participate in multiple events to celebrate the season in both games.

For one week, both games’ players can vote for their favorite map and mode – and for each game, the map with the most votes will earn a bonus 100% bonus experience and in-game currency boost during the holiday event.

Starting on December 14, the Countdown to Christmas FPS Challenge really begins, granting players in both games daily holiday challenges, such as landing 12 head-shots or 11 close-range humiliation kills. Each daily will give players a unique reward that includes powerful long and short-range firearms, melee weapon and in-game vanity items.

“The holidays are always a great time of year for our audience and like a Christmas list to Santa Claus, we want to give them a voice in what they get this year,” said Jungsoo Lee, vice president of live development for SG Interactive. “By voting for their favorite map, our gaming community is directly affecting both their holiday gameplay and the development of future landscapes of both games.”

As an additional challenge, players can earn another double experience bonus map simply by recruiting friends to “like” the CrossFire and/or Project Blackout Facebook pages. Running concurrent with the Facebook voting campaign, should either game page secure 3,000 new “likes,” that game will earn a second map with the double experience bonus for the duration of the Countdown to Christmas event.

Guild Wars 2: Lost Shores Player Rewards are Coming

It has announced by ArenaNet that players who joined connectivity issues during last month’s Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event will receive a participation reward via in-game mail. Devs alsourge players to be patient as the script could take several hours to run.

As we mentioned last week, for those players who were not able to get the rewards for the final Lost Shores event because they were suffering connection issues, we will provide rewards for their participation in the event. Thanks for your patience while we worked to resolve this.We will hand out the rewards via In-game mail today – Quick FYI… it might take several hours to run the script, so do not panic if you do not immediately receive it. ~RB2

In addition, a fan make a Guild Wars 2 “Looking for Group” app which has been released. According to a thread on Reddit, “Arxae” has created a way for players to find groups across servers and to avoid the tiresome spamming of “LFG”.

  • Great way to find a group even across different home servers.
  • No need to stand in Lions Arch spamming chat for a group.
  • Quick way to advertise you are looking for a group.
  • Quick way to pick up that last needed member.

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Roundtable: Has The Industry Grown Up?

Was this the year that gaming grew up? GameIndustry ask their international staffs this question. Four persons bring us to the hard look at the industry’s growing pains. What’s your opinion?Something seems to have changed in the last year or so. We’re not sure when it started, but nearly all of us could point to a spot where we noticed it happening.You might have seen it on Twitter, arguments cast in 140 characters or less. It may have been the sudden, vicious turn of a comment thread or the undertone of dissatisfaction in a headline. You might even have felt like this all along. Things are being challenged, conventions called to account.


Gender imbalance, the lack of inclusivity, the corruption of journalists, issues of maturity, sex and violence, copycatting, the exploitation of the customer – all these issues have been pushed to the fore over the last twelve months. Turned over and inside out, vaunted or ridiculed – there seems to have been barely time to draw breath this year between long, hard looks in the mirror.
For some it’s been a welcome change, the relief of realising that there are other people who feel just as angry, marginalised or outright excluded. For others it’s been an unwelcome distraction, unnecessary navel gazing which only leads to a pointless stirring of the pot and no real progress – frenzies whipped up by the press for cheap hits and self-glorification.
Whatever you feel about them, many have been almost impossible to ignore. Whether it’s the storm of abuse endured by Anita Sarkeesian, the crisis of confidence ignited by Rab Florence or marketing tactics which are somewhere on a scale between condemnable and very clever, this has been a year in which our industry has been pulled from many ruts, asked to reassess and re-examine.
How much has actually changed is debatable, but what is clear is that it’s unlikely we’re going to see these issues swept back under the carpet. Like it or not, these debates aren’t going away. We’ve hosted and participated in all of these discussions, and more, but we rarely get to comment on them directly. So, read on as we ask our international staff – was this the year that gaming grew up?

Vindictus Revealed Vella, the Mistress of the Seas


Little is known of this dominant mistress of the seas except that she spent most of her childhood by the ocean. She wields twin swords to quickly decimate her opponents with equally effective offensive and defensive skills. Even the strongest mercenaries struggle to equal her expertise in combat, and she will stop at nothing to vanquish every last Fomor.

Vella’s a close range fighter who can unleash a string of deadly attacks at blinding speeds. She’s capable of dealing damage even while dodging attackers in a serious display of agility. If she ever finds herself outmatched, she can use the Slipaway skill to escape and regroup for the next attack, and if she’s feeling lonely, she can pull enemies closer with her Typhoon Slash skill that culminates in a powerful area of effect attack.  Victims of her blade fall left and right as she slashes her way through enemy territory all while looking as lovely and composed as can be.

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New Content and Language Features Enhance Gaming Experience for A.V.A

Aeria Games is excited to announce the launch of several action-packed content updates and the multi-language client to its hit First-Person Shooter game Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.). The game’s loyal and dedicated fans can now play A.V.A. in German, French and Spanish, on five new maps, amongst other content updates.

The ever-expanding A.V.A. community has resulted in the release of A.V.A. in three new languages. Choosing a language is easy, with players able to select their language before launching the game. This change has no effect on players’ settings, and regardless of the language chosen, all gamers will still be hosted on the same server, meaning the action remains just as intense, just in time for new content updates.
Five new maps await players with the new content updates! Players must battle against NRF marines in order to secure research data in the E-Space escape map, while teams can fight for victory in the new Radar Demolition map.  Gamers can also play as the exclusive new character Marek, taking to the field with the new AK200 rifle, as well as enjoy the new capsule guns and many new surprises in the Web item mall.

These new features come on top of the anti-hacking tool and new clan page announcements made recently by Aeria Games. A.V.A. is always striving to improve game play for its many fans, and of course it will always be free to download and free to play. Keep up to date with the news on the official site and watch the trailers for E-Space and Radar now!


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