Old lore runescape articles

I’ve been an avid player of RuneScape for over 10 years, but only in the last few months have I really begun to immerse myself in the lore and history of Gelinor.When I was younger, I remember exploring the RuneScape website, reading through the Game Guide and eventually stumbling upon the Lores section, which failed to hold my interest at the time.

However, I recently purchased T. S. Church’s RuneScape 2007 Gold novel series, and have been reading through it avidly, all the while searching for a Lores section on the website. But it seems to have disappeared!

I remember it during the first website revision, as well as the second, and even during the early-third website revision, but as of 2012+ it seems to be gone!

I’ve tried using the Wayback Machine to access old versions of the site, but RuneScape was excluded from the Internet Archive for whatever reason.

Some of the lores that were previously present on the site have become increasingly interesting to me as the years have gone bye, especially the legend of the warrior Arravocka and how the city of Varrock was founded.

Can anyone tell me where I might find an archive of the old RuneScape lores, or even a siterip from just before they were removed? I’d love to read them.


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