Detailed POE 3.3 Builds For Duelist Slayer Melee Cleave

1. Builds For Cyclone Champion Strong League Starter, Tanky, Fast, Fun, High DPS & budget friendly!

+ Fast Clearspeed
+ High DPS
+ Tanky
+ Very good sustain
+ Budget-friendly Starter Gear
+ Fun & easy playstyle
+ Strong League Starter
+ Immune to nearly everything
+ a speaking sword 🙂

– DoT effect of Her Embrace
– cannot do reflection maps without setup adjustment
– no regeneration / lower regeneration can be annoying

Leveling Guide:
The first decision you have to make: farm Oni-Goroshi directly at the start or buy it later. With Oni-Goroshi leveling will be really easy but the farm time is random between 6 – 22 hours. I leveled my char without it and felt “Unstoppable Hero” more or less carry us anyway.

When you level with Oni-Goroshi don’t take “Resolute Technique” because it will prevent you to ignite (no crits) enemies and proc Her Embrace.

With Oni-Goroshi you will need way more sustain to counter Her Embrace Debuff… get 2-3 life flask while leveling. Additionally, use two Quicksilver Flasks for fast movement speed while leveling until you get your Whirling Blades setup going.

So if you just level with self-found weapons on the way… a cyclone DPS check Ingame should be enough to decide which weapons to use while leveling. Here a list all of the unique swords. With level 60 I would recommend buying scaeva swords because they are really strong and cheap.

On gear look for:
> life
> resistances
> add % adamage to attack (prefered physical damage)
> Life regeneration / life on hit / life leech

Before you start to use Cyclone you can use:
Molten Strike > Ancestral Call > Added Lightning Damage / Added Cold Damage / Added Fire Damage > Faster Attacks …

Try to get all skill gems of the final setup as soon as possible to work. Other useful skills for leveling are:
The purity of Elements to cap your resistances
Herald of Ice / Ash / Thunder
In the Path of Building (, you can find some useful leveling item & be leveling skill tree.

1. Unstoppable Hero
2. First to Strike, Last to Fall
3. Conqueror
4. Worthy Foe

– Soul of Solaris
Soul of Gruthku

POE 3.3 Cyclone Champion Strong League Starter and Endgame Build Guide

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

2.Builds For Starforge Cyclone Slayer Uber Elder Down

3.3 Update – Again, no real changes here. TThe tree is unchanged, gear is unchanged. Big changes are really only in the new vaal corruptions as they become BiS in many of our slots. Since we do not need a 6 link on our starforge, it may actually be quite reasonable to get a good corruption and then vorichi 5 link it. Vaal skill changes don’t affect us much, but gives us a decent defensive buff.

1. This build is meant to be an all content build that takes a league starter (cyclone) all the way to the end of the game fairly efficiently.

2. Disfavor for three main reasons. First, it is a far cheaper option at every stage in the league regardless of league mechanics. Second, while disfavor can produce higher overall dps levels, the amount of currency needed to beat starforge while maintaining the same level of tankiness is absurd. Finally, Starforge with it’s 100 life roll opens up the Belly of the beast as an excellent option while still being able to get 7k HP on a full dps build. I will not respond to questions regarding Disfavor in this thread. I have played both versions of the character, with amazing gear and prefer the starforge option.

+ Can do all content in the game minus HoGM
+ Can be a very cheap league starter
+ Excellent Lab runner
+ Semi-fast map clear
+ Safe boss killer
+ Only one really bad map mod: No leech (not possible)
+ 1m Shaper Dps is possible w/o mirror gear
+ Is workable regardless of league mechanic

– While it can do all the content, it is not the best at any one thing
– Not a great MF character
– Not S+ tier speed/clear

Life + as many DPS stats as you can afford. Attack speed, two handed attack speed, attack speed with swords, phys damage, phys with two handed, phys with swords, melee damage, area damage mods are all good.
Life + as much phys damage as you can afford (attack speed and blind are also good), my jewels are ass BTW, need to work on these

Gem Links:
Main DPS: Cyclone > Melee Phys > Maim > Brutaility > Conc/AoE > Melee DMG on full life (goes in chest)
Curse/Aura: Enlighten (lvl 3 is fine) > Blasphemy > Vuln > Grace (helm or boots)
CWDT: CDWT, Blood rage (i know the interaction is broken at the moment, just lazy), Flame Golem, IC (in boots or helm)
Movement: 5 link in sword – Leap Slam > Faster Attacks > Blood Magic > Endurance Charge on Stun > Fortify
Warchief > Faster attacks (in gloves) if one socket tomblist, add brutality.
Extra: Vaal Haste, Portal

NOTE: For pure bossing, where you cant get the stun off:
5 link your Warchief in your sword, 4 link your leap slam (drop endurance charge), 2 link CWDT in the gloves, and use a 20/20 blood rage. With the right setup, this will net you over a million shaper DPS on cyclone + warcheif.

For mapping: Lunaris + Gruthkull
For Bossing: Solaris + Gruthkull
Arakaali was broken with Vaal Pact after the last patch, if fixed – use again

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

3. Builds For Muirey’s 2h Freezing Cyclone! ~Freeze All Content

+ Fast clear speed.
+ Easy League start and scales well as you gain currency.
+ Cyclone kills as you move, no stopping.
+ Frozen things can’t hit you.
+ Melee build, see their frozen faces before they shatter.
+ Immune to Stun and Bleed.
+ 3c budget gets you farming maps.
+ No mirror tier or Headhunter required.
+ No corpses left behind to be raised/detonated.
+ Insane leech with VP and Slayer Ascendancy.

– Melee build, gotta get up close and personal
– Min/max End game items will be expensive but not unobtainable.
– Requires one specific unique which makes SSF hard to go full cold.
– Not a face tank build, requires dodging mechanics(a pro me personally)

Leveling Guide:
Use anything you want until cyclone is available. I use cleave personally but anything works.

Having Spirit void will make Cyclone feel much smoother but cyclone will still DEVOUR your mana early on. If you don’t feel like chugging mana flasks using Mana Leech Support will solve it. If you are having mana issues with Hatred/Frosbite using Herald of Ice/Frostbite will leave you with plenty of mana to not run out during single target cycloning. Lower damage but not that big a deal over all.

Later on, you will not need Spirit void to sustain mana during single target cyclone. It is just useful for leveling.

Using Brute Force Solution jewel will take care of any Int problems you have while leveling. Placing it in the socket right next to Golem’s Blood will give 50 int + whatever is on the jewel.

Head towards Brutal Fervour first and then Headsman.

General Mapping
Major: Soul of Lunaris. All of the additional mods are great to have when mapping.
Minor: Soul of Ralakesh, Soul of Abberath, Soul of Garukhan are all good for mapping. For Lab runs Soul of Ryslatha.

Major: Soul of Solaris. All of the additional mods are good for fighting bosses.
Minor: Soul of Garukhan, Soul of Yugul(with Asphyxia) for fights with cold damage, Soul of Abberath for fights with fire damage, Soul of Gruthkul(with Legius Garhall) for physical damage bosses

Cold Slayer vs Shaper

Frozen Slayer Random Mapping

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

4.Builds For League starter, pure physical Slayer Cyclone

Nothing really change. Beside we lose Aspect of Spider as endgame aura option with Bestiary gone.

3.3 also revamp the Vaal skills, but Vaal Cyclone is still meme tier, and feel very awkward to use with cyclone, going for the Lv21 cyclone is just better for the +1 additional range.
Vaal Double Strike on the other hand can be easily included since cyclone proc. bleed very reliably, which provide a strong burst against map bosses.

+ Cheap and the core items are easily obtainable at any league
+ Smooth map clearing since cyclone now have the decent range
+ Very good Lab runner
+ Can run most map mods(Except No-leeching)
+ ~8K life endgame and sustained high leech regen
+ Ethical and true melee Kappa

– No insane damage scaling at late game
– Since your dmg can’t delete bosses like other late-game build, you have to – – play along with the boss mechanics, which actually require you to “Play the game as GGG intended”
– Clearing speed is not comparable to wanders or bow

Leveling Guide:
1. Capping resistance always comes first, don’t just slap on all the uniques too early.

2. 2H Weapon with 400pDPS is sufficient for Red maps, >450pDPS is even viable for T16/T17.

3. Get 5L white/blue strength base armor as soon as possible (itlv>73, so it can get the T2 life and resist roll), do some scour/alch (or essences) until you have decent resist/life roll.

(5L should be: Cyclone-Brutality-MeleePhys-Maim-DmgOnFullLife)

4. Soul of Arakaali upgrade is amazing (even overpower) for Slayer leech, grab one Divine Vessel and capture the “Arachnoxia” in T5 Sewer Map as soon as possible.

5. Your first Uber Lab will be harder in 3.2, since slayer lost 20% cull until he finish the uber lib. So be well prepared for it, get Writhing Jar, Armor flasks ect. But once you finish your first Uber lab, it become a joke again (20% cull delete 3rd stage Izaro almost instantly). Accumulate your currency early league through Lab farming.

6. >5.5K HP for yellow maps, >6K HP for red maps, >6.5k if you want to do Guaridan/Shaper

7. Farm/Trade “The Celestial Justicar” for 6L Chest Armor, alternatively you can try “The Dapper Prodigy” but the result is RNG based.

8. I didn’t spend too much on amulet/rings before I get my 6L astral, since I can easily upgrade it with cheaper versions(less resist but more HP/offence) after I finish crafting my 6L Astral (This is not possible if you use unique Chest as 6L, which you need to have high resist on rings/amulet).

9. Jewels are the major factor to upgrade your damage for endgame content (aim for high atk speed% first then dmg%, Life% if you have the budget).

Soul of Arakaali, and especially the “Capture Arachnoxia in Sewer Map” upgrade is super strong for Slayer.
This upgrade give the effect: “50% increased Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield if you’ve stopped taking Damage Over Time Recently”
To proc. the effect, simply have Blood Rage avtivated and proc. Cwdt-Immortal Cry. The Immortal Cry would “Stop” the physical DOT from BR, thus fulfill the Pantheon requirement.
“50% increase Recovery rate of Life” include Life generation and Life Leech, since my build have constant life leeching (58% max-life/sec with VP), it would boost it to 87%/sec once the CwDT is proc., which is very strong with a decent life pool.

POE 3.3 scendant Pure-Phys Cyclone Shaper killed with Kondo’s Pride

POE 3.3 Ascendant Starforge Cyclone – My first UberElder for this league

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

5.Builds For Devon’s Shocking Lawnmower- Pure Phys Crit-Cyclone- Most content viable

Simple, Spin to win and Shock everything!
The most important interaction is of course criting while wielding a Starforge. Every time you crit you the shock. Noting that the more HP the enemy has the less effective it is, but since you perform 5.5 attacks/s with a ~35% crit chance it ends up being fairly consistent.
Since we’re purely physical the slayer ascendancy allows 100% physical reflect immunity. With that, we’re able to do most map mods without having to worry about any form of reflect.
The other notable difference from other builds is the use of Impresence where our Vulnerability + Blasphemy setup becomes free, which allows us to use blood magic with loads of life even without Kaom’s Heart while preserving a high amount of DPS.

+ works on a budget
+ boss killer
+ can do all map mods except “cannot leech” which is extremely rare
+ high sustain (leech)
+ tanky (7k+ life)
+ pretty sure it’s HC viable

– maxing out somewhat expensive (*cough*Starforge*Cough*)
– totem is a bit squishy
– sometimes spin for too long 😀

Leveling Guide:
At the very start go with Dual Wield (2x 1h weapons) and take Molten strike. Try to get a 3-link somewhere so it deals proper damage. Try to support it with Added fire + Ruthless, you will need 3 red sockets for that. When you see a big pack of monster clear them and keep going, the Molten strike is great for single target as well. Remember to take Leap slam to be able to jump across gaps or ledges. Don’t forget to update your weapons along the way.
Once you get the Siren’s Cadance quest Nessa will give you Sunder, I suggest you take that and equip it instead of the Molten strike. It is also preferable to keep using Dual Wield unless you have nice leveling two-handers (2H) like: Shiversting, Edge of Madness, Rigwald’s Charge. At least until you get Cyclone in act 3.

In act 2, pick up Herald of Ash, Faster Attacks for Leap slam and Melee Physical damage for Sunder. You probably wont have a 4L yet but that’s the next support you should equip once you get it. You can use Herald of Ash while leveling even alongside blood magic (if you’ve taken all the nodes behind it).

Once you get to act 3 get a 4-link item. Keep checking the shop for 4Ls and watch if a 4L drops from monsters. Cyclone is a Green gem and because of that, the 4L item will need to be colored GRRR. Furthermore, Ruthless cannot support Cyclone so you need to switch Ruthless for Melee Physical Damage. Now your 4L item should be linked like this: Cyclone + Added Fire + Melee Physical + Maim.
If you’ve followed the passive tree correctly you should have no mana problems since Blood magic takes away your life instead of mana and we took Life Leech (making Cyclone free).
At this point focus on 2H weapons. Just aim for high physical damage and/or attack speed.
Once you kill Piety or finish act 3 you can go and solve all the trials and do the normal labyrinth.

At act 4 take Cast When Damage Taken and slap the Ice golem on it. Try to have your resistances as high as possible in preparation for act 5.

Act 5+ aim to get a 5L (chest preferably) so you do even more damage. The links with a 5L should be like this: Cyclone + Brutality + Melee Phys + Maim + Increased AoE/Concentrated Effect, which means the colors should be GRRRB. Note that Brutality negates the additional damage from Herald of Ash so you can remove it (that’s why there is no Added fire either), overall you’ll lose a bit a of damage but get your reserved life back 🙂

Around act 6 the weapon Rigwald’s Charge can be a great asset.
After completing the Fallen from Grace quest you will have access to all gems from Lani. From here on out try to setup the gems as I have them listed below in the gear section. It’s not extremely important but you should have it done by the time you reach maps, aka the end of act 10.

At act 7 you can get the rest of the trials and go for the Cruel labyrinth.

Soul of Arakaali – for that extra recovery which synergises great with your Leech.
Ryslatha > Shakari / Gurukhan / Gruthkul

POE 3.3 Build Guide! Pure Phys Crit-Cyclone – Shocking Lawnmower

Pob Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

Generally, they are not worth the difficulty for motives which might be sufficient inside the extended run. Although they’re beneficial for players who could know absolutely nothing in regards to the game. For by far the most aspect, they are studying tools for newbies to ease them into the game. For more Path of Exile 3.3 Builds, you can check out Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code totally free from the reps for those who Buy Poe Currency order from this short article.

TERA Warriors Guide – Maximizing Deadly Gamble

Since we are ready to start a fight, this is the perfect opportunity to talk about Deadly Gamble, our class-specific buff. It is the main source of damage, and in it, the priorities we learned earlier are altered. As we know, Deadly Gamble doubles the edge generation from Blade Draw and Rain of Blows. This opens a bunch of possibilities.

The general rule is still the same, except, while in Deadly Gamble, our Aerial Scythe cooldown is low enough that we can now alternate between one Aerial Scythe and one Scythe. In Deadly Gamble, because of how fast Edge generation is, and how fast cooldowns are up again, it is generally better to stack to 10 Edge if you can and skip to the second part of Aerial Scythe directly. Only if you don’t reset Blade Draw, you should use it from 8 Edge instead.

Regardless, the priorities in Deadly Gamble are much simpler. Because every Blade Draw chain (except Vortex Slash -> Blade Draw) is now a 5 edge chain, and because of Blade Waltzes now insanely low cooldown, you will always either be at 10 Edge, or have an easy way to stack to 8/10 edge regardless, as you can use the second cast of Blade Waltz after your Blade Draw as an Edge-corrector, which you can chain into Rain of Blows to land at 8 edges, from where on you can use Poison Blade to land on 10 if you need to use Scythe.

If you reset Blade Draw just once, you already have the most optimal scenario that can happen to you, regardless of which of the two edge-consumers you will be using.

With the amount of attack speed we have at bursts (due to our own buffs, healer buffs, adrenaline rush or traverse cut, brooch, Rootbeer etc.), it is possible that the stacking process is too fast for the cooldowns of Blade Waltz, Blade Draw or even Aerial Scythe to catch up. In this case, you need to adapt and get to 5 edges by using the next best available Blade Draw chain instead. While it is still recommended that you try to start each Edge-stacking process with a Blade Waltz -> Blade Draw because of Blade Waltz canceling the Scythes’ animations, it sometimes will come to situations like this. Remember, you want to get out as many Scythes as fast as possible.

In case Aerial Scythe is not up when you would normally use it next, you should never Scythe as it makes you lose an Aerial Scythe in that Deadly Gamble. Instead, use a filler and then instantly skip it. Generally, however, if you are at 8 edges and Aerial Scythe is up, it is better to use the full cast of it, as it is faster than for example Poison Blade > Skip Aerial Scythe and has much higher base damage as well. At 10 edge, however, you should always skip to Aerial Scythes second hit.

So even if Deadly Gamble simplifies the stacking process, always keep a track of your cooldowns and adapt to the situation.

A final tip for maximizing damage in regards to Deadly Gamble is that if you have low enough ping, play with a Bravery potion and have your Traverse cut buff, you can use a full cast of Aerial Scythe instead of skipping it directly in a reset scenario. The first part of Aerial Scythe does considerable damage, and when you do this, you also give your Blade Waltz (or any other skill) a little buffer to be up again for your Scythe. This squeezes out just a little bit more DPS and makes it slightly smoother to play.

However, if you have to reposition/roll a lot, you should still skip to the second hit, since your goal is to get 4 Aerial Scythes in a Deadly Gamble usage, with the last one being used before the Buff ends so it has low CD and effectively gives you a fifth one right afterwards. If you don’t have sufficient capital, we suggest you don’t try this easily. is a safe store for you to Buy Cheap Tera Gold with Cheapest price online. Do not worry about the safety, we are ten years well-known store and we always treat our customers as the most important resources. Wish you a Happy Tera Game on PS4 or Xbox One. More details, see more at –

PoE 3.3 Bestiary Challenge League Area going to be coming to Xbox One

Over the weekend, Path of Exile deployed the Bestiary Challenge League and Content material Update 3.3.0 to the Pc version of Path of Exile. Path of Exile knows that numerous of you are asking yourself when this update might be coming to Xbox One and so Path of Exile wanted to take a moment to verify in and let you know what Path of Exile’s functioning on and what to count on shortly.

Path of Exile aims to deploy Content Update Poe 3.3 along with the Bestiary League to Xbox One as quickly as Path of Exile possibly can. Our team is finishing up a number of tiny particulars for the Xbox One version, and Path of Exile is going to be submitting this to Microsoft hopefully later this week. Once Microsoft accepts the update, it will likely be straightforward to announce a date for when the launch will take place. Watch this space!

Path of Exile realizes that many of you’ve got asked how capturing beasts is going to operate on Xbox One. Path of Exile has been working on a smart-targeting system for Bestiary Nets to ensure that they’re simple to work with together with the Xbox One controller. This can permit Xbox players to throw nets inside the general path of a group of monsters and also the Net will automatically be targeted for the most highly effective of them.

The exclusive capture feature will check for monsters in a radius about your current target. It prioritizes monsters with the larger well-being pools – favoring magic, rare and exclusive monsters initially. So if a Bestiary modded mob is inside the middle of a giant pack of white or mythical beasts, the Bestiary mob will often be the bright target as this has the highest wellness pool and rarity. The net capturing capability will likely be a crucial bindable action that you could select on A, X, Y or B. This can be a necessary function that Path of Exile need to get proper on day certainly one of release.

Path of Exile also chooses to consist of as lots of your hotfixes from the Computer version as you possibly can to give you the most beneficial league encounter from the incredibly beginning.

The Abyss League will end when Content Update 3.3.0 launches. At launch, the Abyss Supporter Packs is going to be replaced by the new Bestiary Supporter Packs! This implies it really is your final opportunity to grab your Abyss Supporter Packs and total your challenges along with your exclusive microtransaction rewards!


Generally, they may be not worth the problems for causes which can be adequate in the extended run. When they are used for players who might know absolutely nothing in regards to the game. For one of the most aspect, they may be studying tools for newcomers to ease them into the game. For additional Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you’ll be able to go to Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code for free in the reps should you Buy Poe Currency order from this short article.