Madden 18’s Mode: MUT Continues To Be One Madden’s Most Robust Modes

Madden NFL 18

When looking at the Madden 18 across the board, it does feel like much of an upgrade over Madden 17. Especially for story mode Longshot, it feels like a take it or leave it mode. Franchise modes are a big thing for sports games, and EA continues to really ignore this aspect of their game. In a word, Madden 18 is the brand-spanking-new version of the game.

Madden NFL 18

MUT continues to be one Madden’s most robust modes. MUT is the mode that probably gets the most love on a weekly basis, dropping new special cards to players throughout the year. Compared to online Franchise and head to head modes we saw a higher rate of connection problems when playing, or trying to play, MUT Squads. MUT offers players solo challenges to play against the computer. Head to head competition and the aforementioned squad based gameplay.

Madden NFL 18 marks a second consecutive year of Madden football in a holding pattern. Features and additions to this year’s game either just don’t feel noteworthy, or miss the mark entirely. However, with no where else to turn, virtual gridiron fans will certainly get enjoyment out of Madden 18. Fans had been awaiting more official news and guides, including this game’s modes and features, view more at here.

Madden 18 looks set to be one of the best-looking games of the year. You can clearly see the impact of the Frostbite Engine in the environments and player detail. A new story mode, Longshot, it going to be a completely unique experience that tells a compelling story, teaches and/or tests gamers’ football IQ while possibly branching into another mode. Perish the thought, let’s go to a reliable website U4GM, we feel privileged to offer cheap madden 18 coins to you.

Magical MU Legend: Adventuring In A New MMO ARPG World

MU Legend

In MU Legend, you can get straight into the action, right into the fun. MU Legend has a great start, MU Legend goes truly deep in its customization process. Do you want to be a true team player that can help anyone out of virtually any situation? Yeah, there are options for that to, make your character the way you want to. With a smooth release, a stable daily server environment, the opening of new servers and a record number of users, Webzen is now offering free starter packs to players, source from here.

MU Legend

There are four classes for you to choose from, each with their own unique style and flair that you can customize to your liking. There’s the Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and Dark Lord. The Whisperer has an epic bow and is mostly the usual ranger slash hunter kind of class that kites and keeps a distance. The War Mage uses magic of all shapes and sizes and has a good variety of ranged and melee abilities. It is a highly mobile class that is very enjoyable to play.

MU Legend offers plenty of content for you to partake in. To enhance the arrival of new MU Legend players, Webzen has teamed up with MMO specialist websites to give free Starter-packs to players and player communities. At the same time,thousands of players are waiting to receive special titles relating to their participation in the various CBTs as well as the stress test. These marks of recognition will be given to all these pioneers of the first hour from November 14th.

When you are playing MU Legend, you will have a feel of adventuring, adventuring in a new MMO ARPG world is part of the magic of gaming, and MU Legend’s immense continent will be sure to satisfy even the most adventurous explorers. Additional territories will be revealed in future expansions, as players level up and progress through the game. To learn more about MU Legend and read more guides and tips, visit:

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Five Player Ratings In Madden 18: The Cover Tom Brady Is Top One

Madden 18

For Madden 18’s story mode, Longshot leans hard on all the archetypes of sports mythology, this mode is also the game’s the biggest highlights. Today, let’s take a look at the game’s The top 5 QBs by player rating, more player ratings and other guides or tips, you had better visit website now.

Madden 18

No.5 Ben Roethlisberger — 91 Overall
Big Ben’s claim to fame in Madden has always been that he’s near-impossible to sack, and that will continue with his 82 strength rating. EA Sports note that this is the highest in the league, a spot he had to compete with Cam Newton in the past.

No.4 Drew Brees — 92 Overall
Brees is in the 90s again, because he always is. He shares the top spot with Brady in awareness, being the only two quarterbacks with the rating, which means his other areas will be down slightly over previous years.

No.3 Matt Ryan — 96 Overall
Ryan has always been a mid-high tier quarterback, but this year he leaves that in the dust. His 96 overall is the highest of Ryan’s career, and paired with Julio Jones will make the Falcons a force when the game is released.

No.2 Aaron Rodgers — 98 Overall
We don’t know how Rodgers stacks up against Brady in the key quarterback areas, but he’s extremely close to the top spot. His Throw on the Run is a 97 overall, which means he’s going to be awesome outside the pocket.

No.1 Tom Brady — 99 Overall
The standard five-star preview never ever favors quarterbacks well, but Brady gets the important 99 overall, as well as a 99 awareness rating. This is the fourth time Brady has received a 99 at launch, along with 2007, 2008 and 2011.

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