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Mu Legend Key Features: You Can Find Rifts Pretty Easy

In a lot of different games, and all possess different format as well as style, even if those games have a common goal, which is get more items and take down hordes of enemies.

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You Need To Know About Rift In Mu Legend


Finding a Rift
If you’re exploring outside of a city, you can find rifts pretty easy. Just open up the map and scroll across it to find a “Rift” marker. Use autorun to go to it and you can enter at these spots, marked by blue space-like areas.

Procedural Generation
Every time you enter a rift, even if you are at the same level as before, you will be in a new dungeon. These are randomized each time, giving you different battles, a different path, and different rewards every time. Part of this does involve a bit of pathfinding –essentially, your goal is to find your way to the next rift portal.

A Dynamic Level Setup
To start off with, rifts are dynamically leveled. If you are level 6, your enemies will be. If you’re level 10, your enemies will be. This means that you are always fighting things that are scaled to your own progression – as such, you can’t really out level the enemies to make it easier.

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Albion Armory: Large Open World Fights & Equipment

In this week, the armory of Albion Online, and it revealed a real all-rounder build, a useful and precious experience was shared from Bludlust, member of Red Army and the creator of the build, wants to share his experiences with all of the Albion Online community.

Bludlust elaborated: he made a decision to create her own build, in any cases, a build that he could enjoy be it solo roaming, for such like small scale PvP as well as GvG or large open world fights. During this time, he has been perfected it, what’s more, based on the situation, and some minor adjustments were added into the game, to make sure that more effective, anyway, whole the core style wasn’t be changed.

We Mainly Take A Look At Its Equipment Armor And Equipment Weapons


Equipment: Armor

Mercenary Jacket (Tier 5+)

Passive: Toughness
Decreases the damage your receive.

Passive: Aggression
Increases your damage and heal power.

Helmet: Cleric Cowl
Your helmet slot can be used to increase your overall survivability.

In large scale open world battles, you can swap to a Mage Robe to increase your raw damage potential from the backline.

Every time you damage an enemy you heal yourself for a certain amount of life. Lasts for the lower of 10 seconds or 15 hits.

Passive: Quick Thinker
All cooldown times are reduced. The passive Quick Thinker is picked to increase your total damage output even further.

Increases your move speed by 60% for 10 seconds. Isn’t interrupted if you receive damage. Run is your first choice in all PvP situations as it offers you a consistent amount of mobility.

Ice Block
Channeled ability, which instantly makes you immobile and invulnerable to damage for the duration. Ice Block is one of the strongest defensive abilities the game has to offer and can often be used to render even the strongest attacks of your enemies useless.

Equipment: Weapons


Vile Curse
Places Vile Curse on the target, dealing damage to the target over time. Stacks up to four times

Mainhand: Cursed Staff
The kit of abilities the Cursed Staff offers is exceptional. Depending on the task at hand you go with Vile Curse for single target DPS.

Death Curse
Places a death curse on the target that will deal delayed damage to the target depending on the number of charges of Vile Curse on the target. The Death Curse is your most powerful nuke spell that perfectly complements the kit of sustainable damage.

Passive: Energetic
Every normal attack, you restore energy. The passive spell Energetic will keep your energy pool up but for open world fights. Hit & Run (Tier 6+) is also a viable alternative to increase your overall mobility.

Armor Piercer
A demonic beam shouts out in a straight line. All enemies hit take damage and have their Armor and Magic Resist reduced for a few seconds. Armor Piercer is your first choice for GvGs and most PvE situations. The potent AoE Armor/Magic Resist debuff increases the damage from any other source.

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