Some Ways to Earn Gold in ArcheAge

ArcheAge Gold is important in ArcheAge,many gamers want to buy cheap ArcheAge Gold from some gold sellers. But you not really to buy, you can earn some ArcheAge Gold in the game. You can buy anything you want, such as high tier weapons, armor, and vehicles.

Trade Packs
Trade Packs are THE way to get gold in ArcheAge. Available from level 10, a quest will pop up guiding you through the process of creating and delivering your first trade pack. Basically, there are specialties specific to a region that you can deliver to Gold Traders on your continent (you may also deliver them to other continents for Gilda Stars and crafting materials). The only rule is that you cannot deliver the specialties in the region where they were crafted. And while you may be tempted to deliver them to the closest Gold Trader available in other regions, it is also good to note that the further you travel to sell the trade pack, the more Gold you will earn. To be precise, selling the trade pack to a Gold Trader that is only a region away will get you around 3 Gold and 50 Silvers, while selling it to one that is 4 regions away will net you around 6 Gold and 50 Silvers.

Some Ways to Earn Gold in ArcheAge

Sell Trade Packs Materials
If you don’t feel like going through the long process of creating and delivering a trade pack, you can simply grow and gather the materials required to create one, and sell them in an Auction House, or by sending a request out in the Trade chat if you aren’t a Patron. Not being a Patron may also cause some problems in growing your crops, but that’s nothing an illegal farm can’t solve (below is a screenshot of my illegal potato farm, with 300+ plants).

Complete Quests
While the monetary rewards for individual quests may seem trivial, in the long term they can be a decent source of income. Moreover, monsters that you kill to complete quests also have a chance of dropping a Coinpurse. Requiring labor to be opened, Coinpurses contain a random amount of silvers and, in rare cases, valuable crafting materials.

Thievery and Piracy
If you don’t feel like working for your own Gold, you can also steal the property of other players. Illegal farms being unprotected, players can loot them at will, uprooting the trees for a chance of getting a sapling, or waiting for them to be ready to harvest them. They can also attack and loot players carrying a trade pack in the PvP zones or at sea. Just be ready to be put on trial and spent a good time in jail, the Jury doesn’t exactly like uprooters or players that attack their own faction.

How do you think about ArcheAge Gold in the game

How do you think about ArcheAge Gold in the game

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Players enter a fantasy world and start play on one of two continents: Nuia (Elves), and Harihara (Ferres). ArcheAge promises to remove the restrictions that have hampered former MMORPGs, especially concerning character classes and skills.

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Another Price Range of FIFA 15

A series of updates for “FIFA” that have been getting some mixed reception from players, namely the “Price Range” update series, which can help gamers save some fifa world coins when buying a player in Transfer Market. According to EA though, it’s all for the players’ benefit in the end, and the system is supposed to make the game a more interesting, unique experience, and closer to the real world in certain ways.

The company further stated that these adjustments are not final, and they will continue to release Price Range updates as they see fit, in order to make the market as balanced as possible while new items are being introduced. In addition, the company apparently wants to make sure that players can get adjusted to new changes as quickly as possible, though it’s not clear what they’re doing in this regard.

Another Price Range of FIFA 15

According to the company, there are several goals that they’re trying to accomplish with these updates. First, they want to help gamers understand the actual value of players they have in their clubs; second, high-valued footballers shouldn’t be so hard to obtain for some players, and the Price Range updates are aimed at making the playing field more balanced as a whole.

Last but not least, the company wants to limit illegitimate transfers of coins on the Transfer Market as much as possible, and these updates have been working in this direction specifically. Of course, in the end, there’s not that much the company can do to prevent players from making illicit trades, but they have certainly been putting a lot of effort and it’s clear that they are trying.

Meanwhile, EA also brought down the Team Transfer Market for a brief maintenance, as they wanted to fix issues with items getting stuck. Players have been complaining about that for some time now, and it’s good to see the company addressing the issue so quickly. The downtime didn’t last too long – they only needed about 6 hours to get their maintenance done – and while it was mostly focused on the Xbox platforms, there are reports that the PS3, PS4 and PC versions are going to get similar treatment soon.

FIWC 2015 Grand Final in Munich

There are four lucky online players that managed to qualify for the FIWC 2015 Grand Final through the battle for third place after online qualification for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015 now complete, they will get some free fifa world coins as a small prize.

The following players have earned their place amongst the Grand Finalists for Munich by finishing online qualification as the four best players in third place positions across the six online seasons.

Third-place qualified players

Subaru Sagano (Japan)
Ty Walton (England)
Adam Johnston (Ireland Republic)
Rachid Azzahim (Morocco)

FIWC 2015 Grand Final in Munich

“Rio de Janeiro was an amazing experience, I had try to qualify again this year,” said Adam Johnston who finished in third place for Season 4. The Irishman narrowly missed out on advancing out of the Group Stage at his Grand Final debut in 2014 and will be hoping to make the most from his return to the main event.

Another familiar face in Munich will be Ty Walton, whose performance in Season 3 was enough to secure him a place in Munich. “It feels great to be attending my fourth Grand Final.” Ty told “I’m hoping things will be different this year and hopefully I can come out on top.”

Subaru Sagano from Japan will make his Grand Final debut in Munich thanks to his strong third place finish in Online Season 2. The gamer from Kashiwa is bringing along friend Takahide Hazome to help him at his first ever Grand Final. FIWC fans will remember Hazome from his appearance at FIWC 2012 in Dubai. Sagano will be hoping his friend’s first-hand experience at the Grand Final of the world’s largest gaming tournament will be of some help as he tries to secure Japan’s first ever FIWC title. “I can’t wait any longer!” yelled Sagano, “I am very excited about visiting the home of the world champions!”

How German U21’s FIFA 15 skills

FIFA 15 News – The German 21 side are widely considered to be one of the best in the world, but how are their FIFA skills? A FIFA 15 tournament is the only way to find out, visit for more FIFA 15 Guides and News.

The entire German U21 squad took part in the tournament and, for obvious reasons, not every game was shown in the video released by EA Sports.

Liverpool fans will be disappointed to see that Emre Can was not good enough to make the semi-finals, while the same can be said about Arsenal youngster Serge Gnabry.

The first semi-final saw Armin Younes and Moriz Leitner face off against Loris Karius and Felix Klaus, with the former duo edging a narrow 2-1 win.

However, they fought back to make the game 3-3 as things started to heat up.

At this stage, former international Horst Hrubesch, who is now the U21 manager, told Younes that he had to leave because things were getting too tense.

He had earlier told the cameras that he believes it is obvious how good the players are at the game and that they enjoy playing it.

Ultimately, Leitner and Younes won out, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a late winner and they were crowned the FIFA 15 tournament winners for the German U21 squad.

Jurgen Klinsmann choose 22-player roster for USA-Mexico rivalry

career mode

CHICAGO, Runme – (April 12, 2015) – U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has selected a 22-player roster for the 64th edition of the USA-Mexico rivalry, presented by AT&T, on Wednesday, April 15 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, visit for more latest football news.

Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. CT and the game will be broadcast live on FOX Sports 1, UniMas and Univision Deportes Network.

With the game occurring outside of an official FIFA international fixture date, the U.S. roster is mostly comprised of players that compete with North America-based clubs. Thirteen players play their trade in MLS, while league rival Liga MX contributes five to the group.

The U.S. contingent, which continues preparations for the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup, includes nine players from the 2014 FIFA World Cup roster.

Jurgen Klinsmann choose 22-player roster for USA-Mexico rivalry

The United States will be without the services of team captain Clint Dempsey, who is sidelined with a hamstring strain, and forward Jozy Altidore, who is required to serve a one-match suspension following a red card he received in the USA’s last friendly, a 1-1 draw against Switzerland on March 31 in Zurich.

Klinsmann’s side has not lost to its archrival since he took the helm in the summer of 2011, going 2-0-3 in that span. The results include the USA’s first victory against Mexico at Estadio Azteca and the 0-0 away draw in qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Currently ranked No. 18 in the world, Mexico brings a 19-player roster with all members based in Liga MX. Mexico comes into the match having won both friendlies it has played this year against Ecuador and Paraguay by matching 1-0 score lines.

FIFA’s World Rankings: Wales climb 15 places to reach No 22

Runeme – Wales have reached their highest ever position in the FIFA world rankings by rising 15 places to 22, visit for more football news.

Inspired by Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale, they were the biggest movers at the top end of the list with 153 points ahead of the April rankings after beating Israel 3-0 in their Euro 2016 qualifier in Haifa.

Meanwhile, England have climbed three places to 14 after beating Lithuania in Euro 2016 qualifying and drawing a friendly in Italy last month, while Scotland are up 10 spots to 29.

Northern Ireland are up one to 42 and the Republic of Ireland have climbed four places to 62.

Belgium rose to its highest-ever spot at No 3 in the rankings, which are still led by World Cup winner Germany followed by Argentina.

Brazil, who beat France in a friendly last month as their resurgence under new boss Dunga continues following their embarrassing exit from the World Cup, rose to No 5 and swapped places with the Netherlands at No 6.

Switzerland and Spain return to the top 10, at nine and 10, respectively.
Costa Rica fell two spots to No 15 but still lead CONCACAF nations. Mexico rose three positions though to No 18 while the United States climbed five places to be 27th.

Seeding for the European qualifying groups will be decided by the July rankings ahead of the July 25 draw in St. Petersburg, Russia.

FIFA 15: Charlie Adam’s incredible goal in the tournament

FIFA 15 News – Are you bored of talking about Charlie Adam’s wonderstike against Chelsea yet? If not, you’re about to be doubly impressed with this recent effort, visit for more FIFA 15 Guides and News, we will help you to be a good FIFA 15 player.

One skilled fan has taken everything to an entire new level by recreating Adam’s incredible 65 yard strike on computer game FIFA 15.

Inevitably Adam’s strike instantly drew comparisons to David Beckham’s effort against Wimbledon, Xabi Alonso against Newcastle, Wayne Rooney against West Ham and so on.

But thanks to one determined YouTuber Charlie Adam has managed to separate himself from the aforementioned group, the Scotsman has become a legend on FIFA 15.

We only described the creator of the clip as ‘determined’ because we imagine it must have taken absolutely AGES to recreate the goal.

If only you managed to get the robot celebration in there it would have been perfect, must try harder!

Sven Goran Eriksson can’t criticize English football

Tom Lehrer told Runme that satire became obsolete the day Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Greg Dyke and the Football Association are doing their best to kill off any revival, more about Sven Goran Eriksson on

Last week, a letter arrived at Dyke’s desk. He would have expressed grateful surprise at the contents if the whole thing had not been the work of Milltown Partners, a public relations firm he had engaged on FA matters.

Sven Goran Eriksson can't criticize English football

The missive, signed by five former England managers, backed his plans to encourage — to insist on, really, considering he has talked of forcing his proposals through whether clubs agree or not — more homegrown talent in the Premier League.

It was a stunt, obviously — public writing of this nature is invariably delivered in protest or to raise awareness of an issue, but this served purely as endorsement.

‘We want to place on record our support for the reforms you outlined last week…’ the letter began. After a page or more of verbiage that read like a print-out from the FA press office, it concluded: ‘If we can do anything else, please, do not hesitate to ask.’

Below were the signatories: Graham Taylor, Glenn Hoddle, Kevin Keegan, Sven Goran Eriksson and Steve McClaren.