The TOTY of FIFA 15 UT is a group of eleven players

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The TOTY(Team of the Year) of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a group of eleven players which attributes are much improved. The prices ??of these players often reach the millions of FIFA 15 coins, which of course has influence on the market value of all other players. in the upcoming 2014 TOTY, which midfielders will be involved into the TOTY? In the following, let us check the most excellent midfielder in 2014.



CM: Tony. Kross (Bayern / Madrid / Germany): In this year German and Brazil world cup, he is the main midfielder who contributes to the champion. 13/14 season, he leads Bayern to get the Series A champion. This summer, he turns to Madrid. Kross has been the main midfielder substituting Madrid.

CM: Modric (Madrid / Croatia): He has dreamy performance this year and leads Madrid to get the 4 champions, especially for the European Champion. But in the world cup, his performance is not so good.



CAM: Di Maria (Madrid / Manchester United / Argentina): He is the biggest hero for Madrid and King’s Cup. Finally, he breaks up the record and leave. In World Cup, his performance is quite excellent. Due to his sickness, Maria misses the matches. If Maria joins in the match, Argentina may be the champion.

Basic Principles to Win in FUT 15



Basically there are two players on FUT. There are the small minority who just want to have fun, and there are the overwhelming majority of players who want to win, because to us nothing is more fun than winning. Don’t get me wrong, we like to have fun while winning, but we do not have any fun losing.We will share some basic principles to help you win in FUT.

The handicap. 
Yes it exists.We went through various overpowered teams with almost all informs and TOTS/TOTY players including CR7: to a player who is used to winning it becomes obvious when my 99 pace Ronaldo cannot outrun Boateng. I cannot fully explain the handicap system, and I assume there are few (if any) who actually grasp the entire concept of the hows/whens/whys. In my experience it goes something like this: No IF/TOTS/TOTY cards? Almost guaranteed no handicap.* One IF/TOTS/TOTY cards? Almost guaranteed no handicap.* Once you get to two or more IF/TOTS/TOTY cards you will start to get noticably effected.

The formation.
You need to find a few that work for you. If you are (honestly) not that skilled a player yet I would hands down go with a 4-4-2. But the best idea is for you to experiment with all of them. We all have different styles and habits, and I have seen people beat me badly using formations that do not work well for me. If you’re serious about winning I’d invest 1 game, in every single formation to find which ones work best for you. When you find one that works for you it will be like in Harry Potter when he finally picks up the right wand, can’t explain it, but you’ll just know.

The players.
There are some simple rules that will help you fill out your squad correctly. Pace. You hate it, you love it, the bottom line is, you need it, at least a little bit especially on defense. GK: Pick anyone you bloody want because honestly with the exception of the top 3 (Neuer, Courtois and LLoris) any of the above 80’s will do fine, most of their performance is all in your mind and the result of your good (or poor) defending. CBs:Oh your favorite player is Sergio Ramos? I don’t give a fuck. No No No No High attacking work rate CB’s. Just say no.*(unless you are running two CDM’s, then you have permission for one high attacking workrate CB). Give me the pace. At least 75 or above. Height? 6’0 or above. Defending? 80 or above. If you have two CB’s with >75 pace and decent defending (80+) I guarantee your defense will outperform a much higher rated opposition that does not fulfill this criteria. Koscielny and Varane make a powerful and cheap pair, who are also not very highly rated.

LB/RB: I think these vary depending on the player. Are you shite on defense? Then you need a pacey LB/RB because they will help clean up your stupid mistakes. If you are more skilled I still say keep at the average of the two above 85. And keep Dani Alves off your team this year, not because I hate his stupid TOTY stealing ass, but because his pace is way too low to justify the High/Low workrates now. Even last year it was fine because he was fucking flying around being Dani Alves, but this year he’s kind of like Dani Maicon, which doesn’t work nearly as well. H/M works best, M/M is doable on one side.

Hidden Gems at each position:
LB – Eliseu
CB – Varane/ Miranda/ Koscielny
RB – De Marcos
CDM – Enzo Perez + Felipe Melo … omfg
CM – Ramires,
CAM – Mertens
LM- Gaitan
RM – Shaqiri
RW- Shaqiri
Striker – Vargas/J Martinez / Zarate

The last bit of advice is: know your players, but also know your opponent. Are they petrified of you cutting in to shoot? Fine, take it wide and cross or dribble in along the line. There will always be a weakness to your opponent’s game, find it and exploit it.Good luck guys!



Guide to search players In Form card FUT15

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We think the whole FIFA community need to know! This is a method of searching for only the Inform version of a player without changing the lowest price so the original cards don’t show in the results. Helpful if you have no idea of their normal price and inform price. To show you what we mean here is how most people would search for an Inform player without knowing the new method.

1.Think of player wanting to find – We will use 87 rated In Form Neymar (Barcelona). Go to market search on his name.
2.Add a lowest price to try remove all the none inform cards from search. Or use FUTBin search.

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Now this kind of works once you have found the minimum price but wouldn’t it be great if you could just search the market for 87 rated In Form Neymar? Even better if when his next in form comes out you could search on that easily and without the 1st In Form showing? Yeah mindblowing you say. Well it is possible!!

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Concept squad trick FIFA 15
What you need to do is go to Squads in the Ultimate Team menu and into Concept Squads. Select Create New Concept Squad and then Start from Scratch. Name it TOTW 1 or 2 or whichever week it is. TOTW stands for Team of The Week sure you know that by now. Anyway once you have set up a concept team called TOTW 1 you need to fill it with guess what… the TOTW 1 players. So press L1 (Search for Player on Transfer Market). It will generally start to look on the transfer market. Press back and it takes you to Player search menu. Select Search Concept Players.

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Add the name of the player you want. It will return all of the versions of him on the market. Choose the correct version so in this case the 87 rated Neymar from TOTW 1. Continue to fill your TOTW concept squad with whichever players you might want to try find in future. Probably easiest to fill it with them all. Then you always know those players are TOTW 1. Now for the magic to happen. In your concept TOTW 1 squad select the player you want to search for. In our case 87 rated In Form Neymar.

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You will be shown all the 87 rated Neymars on the market. Great for looking at the prices but imagine if you could bid for those players and buy now!! Shame those options are greyed out here isn’t it. Well now you can! Simply go back out of that screen and out of the concepts squads, straight to the Transfer market. Enter the transfer market and you will see the player name of the player you were searching in concept squads. In our case Neymar. Notice how his face is missing. Don’t worry about that as if you hit Search you will notice all the In Forms show of the version you were looking at in Concept Squad. So for us 87 rated Neymar. This really is cool and helpful even if EA didn’t mean it to happen ha.

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You can bid on him buy him and change the search values to find the lowest one which is useful for trading or if really wanting the lowest price.Good luck!

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The most effective ways to make FIFA coins

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cheap fifa 15 coins

While there are many ways of making FIFA coins, only a few of the ways are effective. Here are some of the most effective ways:

Mass biding
Here you need to choose a famous player and find the price that he is going for. After doing this you should take away the EA’s tax which is usually 5% the price of the player. This means that if a player is going for 5000 coins you need to deduct a 5% tax in order to get the exact price of the player.

You should then decide the amount that you would like to make as profit. For example, if you have found a player going for 4800 coins after deducting the EA tax, you can bid 4500 on the player and later sell him for 5200 thus making a profit of 700 coins.

To increase your chances of making money you should bid on the player many times. For example, you can bid on 60 cards. If you are out bidden on 75% of the cards, you will still have 15 cards to make money on and as a result you will be able to make 8400 (12 x 700) coins.

Repeating this process every hour will make you a lot of money that will be of great help to you.

59th method
Here you need to find your favorite team and go to the 59th minute. When you get to this page, you should bid and keep on refreshing the page and you will most definitely make some money. The prices of players at this minute change rapidly; therefore, you will easily buy and sell the players.

You should note that while this method works effectively, it takes plenty of time to make a good amount of money.

Buy coins
While many members of the FIFA community frown at this idea, it’s very great. This is because you don’t have to go through the hustle of playing tedious matches to gain a few coins; you only need to contact your favorite store and you will have coins in your account within a very short time.

Coin selling sites have brilliant rates; therefore, you won’t spend a lot of money for you to get the coins that you need.While buying coins is great, you should be cautious of the sites you buy from. As rule of thumb you should only buy from a reputable site.

How to get Free Gold Packs for FIFA 15 Mobile Players


In December 2015, EA Mobile is celebrating an incredible milestone – their two billionth mobile game download. To put that into some fun perspective, even if you were to download one game per second, 24 hours a day – it would still take you 63 years to hit this number!


As a thank you to their players, they’re giving away more than two billion free gifts across many of their most popular mobile games from December 1 through December 17, 2014.


Play any of the participating games below from the App StoreSM, Google Play or Amazon before December 17 to collect special in-game goodies, from the Ice Burrrst Rare Gem in Bejeweled? Blitz to a thumping stereo for The Sims? FreePlay or the most played FIFA mobile ever.


Let’s see what you can win in December just by playing one of these video games in your mobile device:
Madden NFL Mobile (App Store, Google Play) – Booster Pack (gold, silver, and bronze players)
FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (App Store, Google Play) – Free Gold Packs (Dec. 8- 17 only)
The Sims FreePlay (App Store, Google Play) – Thumping Stereo
Bejeweled Blitz (App Store, Google Play) – Ice Burrrst Rare Gem
Monopoly Slots (App Store, Google Play) – Coins (Dec. 11-15 only)
Heroes of Dragon Age? (App Store, Google Play) – 10,000 Gold per day
Tetris Blitz (App Store, Google Play) – 10,000 Coins


The most popular mode in the FIFA franchise, FIFA Ultimate Team is at the centre of the mobile experience this season. With more than 80 per cent of FIFA 14 mobile fans playing FIFA Ultimate Team or Matches of the Week, the game is focused on combining innovative game play while enhancing the managerial experience of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mobile. To do that this season, the game comes with two modes on mobile – FIFA Ultimate Team and Matches of the Week – and brings new ways to play the game – Quick Simulation, Classic or Casual Controls, and new controller support.


If you play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team in your mobile device, don’t waste the chance to get free gold packs.Enjoy your game!

Guide to Scoring In FIFA 15


Scoring in FIFA 15 now is a bit different from other FIFA franchise. It is much more difficult than ever with the next-gen goalkeeper and other new skill moves. Though we have give you the guide for how to score in FIFA 15, there are still times when you will make mistakes. So here are some do & don’t when scoring in FIFA 15 Coins Cheap .


Do look for through ball opportunities. When you have the ball at midfield or in the box, keep an eye on your striker. If they suddenly break forward, this is usually your cue to press Triangle/Y to fire a through pass forward to get your attacker in on goal.


Don’t fire shots from outside the box. It used to be fairly easy to score from outside the box with power shots, but now the goalkeeper is much smarter and will probably see it coming in. You’re better served kicking it out to the wing or looking for a through ball opportunity.


Do aim for the back corner of the net. When you are coming in on the goalkeeper, don’t just shoot. Instead, hold up or down on the left analog stick and aim for the back corner of the net. Think of it as a diagonal line from your foot to the back of the net. You will have far more success finishing goals if you take this approach.


Do cross in the ball. If you are outside the box and you a few of your guys waiting up front, it can be benefit to loop an aerial pass into traffic from the wing and hope that your player can head it in. If they can’t, there is a chance that the ball will carome around enough that someone will get hold of it and put it away.


Don’t try to carry the ball in by yourself. A common mistake by newcomers is to try and dodge five defenders with one player while making a run to goal. If the box is crowded, that means that there’s room elsewhere. Kick it out to the wing, or look for an attacker coming in from behind. If you try to weave it through the entire defense, you will probably get tackled and find the ball going the other way.


Don’t take needless risks with possession. Take what the defense is giving you. If they are defending deep, don’t lob in deep passes and through balls. Instead, play a little tiki-taka and patiently work the ball up the field with short passes alternating between the sideline and midfield. Be ready to seize opportunities when they appear, but be smart with the ball. Pass quickly and efficiently and wait for holes to open up in the opposing defense.


Do use your substitute. When you are in the middle of a tense online game, it can be easy to forget about the guys on your bench. Your playmakers will eventually get tired though, and their performance will begin to decline. Sometimes the best way to get a crucial goal when you need it is to have a trump card stashed on the bench who can come in at just the right moment.


Please bear in mind these tips. Don’t make the same mistake once again. Hope it is work for you.

How to beat Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 15


Cristiano Ronaldo is such an expensive player in FIFA 15. I think I can never afford him. Otherwise, he is such an excellent player to play with or against. As a teammate, he is wonderful. Whereas as an opponent, he is a nightmare. How can we beat him in FIFA 15? What he stop him? Here are some tips.


Ronaldo typically plays the left wing, left midfield or striker. Understanding how to counter formations and using the right choice of player is important.


Position: winger. Ronaldo can use his pace on the wing to get around defenders or he can cut inside and shoot from distance. Speed, stamina, superb finishing coupled with his skill moves, is a recipe for disaster for your defense. Use formations that have very fast full-backs/wing-backs or a player that is very strong to out muscle Ronaldo.


Tips: jockey/contain Ronaldo when he attempts to cross the ball. When chasing on the wing, try to cover the cross or him cutting in to shoot. Zonal marking is necessary.


Position: striker. Though a natural winger, he is even more dangerous as a striker. He is fast, has excellent vision and can finish any of his opportunities. Your ability to disrupt the midfield passing-game is the most important factor in keeping Ronaldo off the scoresheet.


Tips: Use a formation with one or two center defensive midfielders. Due to his speed, you need to be able to anticipate through ball or chips. Ronaldo is excellent in the air so do your best to cut out the cross, if not, try to push him out the way or call the keeper out. Cutting out passes from the midfield will make your life easier.


How to defend him effectively? Use the right stick to change players faster. Risk fouls when counter-attacks are possible. Don’t rush into tackles. Be patient. Don’t get a red card with a silly challenge.


Ronaldo is really strong in the pitch. Maybe with these tips you still can not stop him. Remember it is just a game. Try your best. give big discount for fifa 15 coins in christmas.

the ways to play in FIFA 15 Champions League


Though there is no UEFA Champion League in FIFA 15, you can use the Tournament Mode in FIFA 15 Coins Cheap to set up a tournament similar to it. And then we will show you how to play the Champion League in FIFA 15.

However, let’s see which current UEFA CL team are not available in FIFA 15.


– Club Atletico de Madrid (Spain)

– Olympiacos FC (Greece)

– Juventus (Italy)

– Malmo FF (Sweden)



– Real Madrid (Spain)

– FC Basel (Switzerland)

– Liverpool FC (England)

– Ludogorets Razgrad (Not Available)


– Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Germany)

– AS Monaco (France)

– FC Zenit (Russia)

– Benfica (Portugal)


– Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

– Arsenal (England)

– Anderlecht (Belgium)

– Galatasaray (Turkey)


– FC Bayern Munich (Germany)

– AS Roma (Italy)

– CSKA Moskva (Russia)

– Manchester City (England)


– Paris Saint-Germain (France)

– FC Barcelona (Spain)

– AFC Ajax (Netherland)

– APOEL FC (Cyprus) (Not Available)


– Chelsea (England)

– FC Schalke 04 (Germany)

– Sporting CP (Portugal)

– Maribor (Slovenia) (Not Available)


– FC Porto (Portugal)

– Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)

– BATE Borisov (Bulgaria) (Not Available)

– Athletic Club (Spain)

As you can see above, there are 4 teams that are not available in FIFA 15, you can replace these teams with some other teams from the rest of the world teams or any other leagues you like.

Now you can set up your UEFA Cl tournament in FIFA 15, following these steps: Go to Play>Custom Tournament menu in FIFA 15. Select tournament type Group &Knockout; set number of teams to 32; auto fill teams option should be set to No; name the tournament UEFA CL; advanced setting should be turned ON.

Make your advanced settings the same as the picture above. And now you save your tournament and can play your own UEFA CL in FIFA 15. Let’s start.

The best Centre Backs in FIFA 15


As we told you in the latest article which work rates are the best for each position,we know that a good centre back should have good defending and heading ability. As the spine of the team, centre backs are so important and strong. Except the already well-known players, we want to give you the list of the young potential centre backs who in other days will be the world famous.

Aymeric Laporte, the best young defender on the game by a decent distance. Laporte has been slowly making a name for himself in the Liga BBVA. It is obvious to see by the face he is only twenty years old and already 81 rated, that the French defender is going to be expensive. His beginning rating will fit him into the starting line-up and with a few years of football.

Marquinhos, rated 77 and age of just twenty years old, is renowned for his pace, but his strength often lets him down early in Career. An 86 potential rating will make him an incredible player, worth millions on the transfer side of things.

Shakodran Mustafi featured at minor points for Germany during the World Cup. The defender is already well-rounded, but being a newly transferred player at an already impressive rating of 77, he would be a near impossible first season transfer.

German side Dortmund secured the signature of twenty year old Matthias Ginter from domestic rivals Freiburg. He can play both in the centre of defence and midfield, being comfortable in both positions on the game too. At 77, there is no doubting you star him, knowing the possibility of improvement a twenty year old player has. The potential will peak at 85.

Kurt Zouma, though he is only a lowly 74 rating, he will not come cheap and maybe initially too expensive to make any profit on. His pace and height make him an excellent option on the game and was always one of the best silver players in Ultimate Team.

Fabian Schar, already a well-known name in Swiss football, was a starting centre-back for Switzerland at the summer WC. He is definitely a player for the future and has already been targeted by top European clubs. Starting at 75, Schar will not be a cheap option.

In addition, John Stones, Niklas Sule, Diego Reyes, and Eric Dier would be other good choices. Using the potential player in FIFA 15 Career Mode could be a nice thing to see them improving and growing up.

Great FIFA 15 Time Method for you


FIFA Time Method a method for players to make FIFA coins with. With time goes by, it has already been proved to be useful for earning tons of FIFA coins efficiently. If you never used it, or can’t use is well, you need to learn. Earning FIFA coins in game is important and can save you money for buying them. Here are some tips how to do it for you to make enough FIFA 15 Coins .

When the attributes and rating of players were revised upwards, their previous regular cards will undergo a serious devaluation of FIFA coins. The decreases will be even once it’s launches UP cards for the players that have IF cards already. When particular players move to the league or club that is more popular, the new card would raise in price.Otherwise, it would become lower.

Old cards will gradually be rare since it won’t appear in the packs any longer, so the price would increase just after several weeks. Each time new IF cards were released for the players who had had one, those previous versions will devaluate of FIFA coins. There will be some times of a year when packs sell better and Christmas should be the greatest moment.When this happens, the prices will go down since many gamers put the cards on sale they got from packs. In the happy hours, the special packs will be on sale that increases the amount of sale exponentially. During the period the prices of cards will reach low returning to the normal after that.

Every period of one tournament and several hours after that, the average prices of the cards often change frequently. The prices of the cards will be affected by the requirement.

Something happens in the real life will influence the market of FIFA Ultimate Team. When a player performed quite well in a big match, it will increase the amount of gamers that wanted to play with the player and the FIFA coins the card charges will increase as well.

If you have more advice, you can contact us. Tell us whether these tips are useful. Your feedback are important to us. However, if you lack cheap FIFA 15 coins, we are always for you.