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Neil Maupay (OGC Nice)

Maupay at just eighteen years of age is just a superstar in the making. At such a young age, and low rating in comparison to others, Maupay will likely be the cheapest option on the list. Where his skill attributes lack, his physical attributes are superb. High eighties in acceleration, agility and balance highlight the fact he would be dangerous from the beginning, but disappointing finishing (64), could be a let own when in attacking situations. Strong speed and dribbling will make him a threat in and around the box, but most attributes do need developing quickly (passing and long shots being two of the more important). Low stamina will cause him to have to be replaced, either by substitution or for whole matches. A potential of 82, possibly higher will make him an excellent option, especially for making profit.

Marko Livaja (Rubin Kazan)

Livaja is an unknown option to myself, but he looks a solid player (for his rating) and with potential to improve, he is certainly worth signing if you can. At seventy rated I don’t think he will be too expensive. His physical and skilful attributes are impressive, in particular areas. Pretty average acceleration and sprint speed,legit fifa coins but good strength makes him more of a holding player rather than a speedster. In terms of technical ability, the Croatian forward is solid. Mid seventies in finishing, shot power and heading accuracy, making him impressive in front of goal. He also has good ball control and dribbling, which will only improve as he does, all the way up to his 82 rating.

Hector Villalba (San Lorenzo)

Villalba is a teenage striking sensation, but from what I’ve seen he could take a while to reach it. At just 72 rated, you can pick him up for around £3 million, which will eventually become a bargain. Whether you choose to start him from the beginning of your career or send him out on loan, Villalba has electric pace and acceleration, enough to cause any defender, in any league trouble. His form in front of goal is inconsistent however; he lacks power in the shots, but will score the odd important goal. Improvement up to 83, Villalba will be worth a lot more than you pay out for his signing.

Jurgen Locadia (PSV)Jurgen Locadia is an excellent striking option, and at six foot three he is a handful. The Dutch forward has a four star weak foot too, which will only improve his accuracy in front of goal. Technically, Locadia’s highest attributes came in the attacking options, shot power and finishing, 82 and 79 respectively. With his height, it makes sense that he is good in the air, 72 heading accuracy going well with his height. He’s neither the quickest, nor the best with the ball at his feet, but excellent strength makes him difficult to handle. I don’t believe his price will be too high, just 70 rated, but once he reaches his full potential he will be worth plenty.

Connor Wickham (Sunderland)

Wickham is another aerial threat with a physical presence. With the Sunderland striker’s high attacking work rate he will be busy around the attacking areas, which will keep him in goal scoring positions. He has good pace and acceleration, but his best attribute is his strength (83). That strength will make it difficult for defenders to push him off of the ball. Technically, his attacking skills are of top league status for a twenty one year old. Mid seventies in dribbling, finishing and penalties, whilst his shot power nearing eighty will make him a future starlet, one that should be picked up immediately for average sides.

Aleksandar Mitrovic (Anderlecht)

Mitrovic was a Wonderkid on Football Manager last year, expect it to both be the same on cheap FIFA coins and FM. Another tall option, Mitrovic stands at 6 foot 2 inches tall and with a four star weak foot, the young Serb presents a fine goal scoring threat. Like many of the taller strikers, he is not the quickest option, but he has excellent strength. With excellent finishing and shot power, Mitrovic given chances will score a number of goals. His height, paired with strong heading accuracy of 78 also makes him a top aerial threat. With a potential growth of nine points, that will help him reach a rating of 85, making him one of the better players on the game.

Luciano Vietto (Villareal)Luciano Vietto is another name well recognised by football manager players, where he played for Chivas. At 74 rated, Vietto shouldn’t be highly expensive and with excellent attributes, a high attacking work rate and four star skills, anything under twelve million would be a bargain. (Although a first season transfer is difficult as he has newly transferred to Villareal). Physically, the young Argentinian is consistently impressive, 82 across five different statistics, including acceleration and sprint speed. He does lack in strength though, which could be disappointing. Technically he is also very strong. Excellent finishing and shot power, as well as dribbling and ball control. An excellent option, a must buy in my opinion, a point which will be proven when he reaches his potential of 85.

Richairo Zivkovic (Ajax)

Richairo Zivkovic is the joint youngest player on the list, but also has the joint highest potential. Starting at just 69 rated, the Dutch youngster will not be an expensive player to sign, which only increases your potential profit margin. His physical attributes are excellent for a player so young, strong acceleration and pace but lacking in the strength department. As is the case with most young players, his technical attributes are not full developed, however he still has excellent finishing statistics for a young player. The rest of his technical attributes will improve undoubtedly and he will become an excellent option, especially when reaching his 86 potential.

Michy Batshuayi (Marseille)

The remaining two players on the list have the same potential as Zivkovic, but start at a higher rating and so will cost a lot more. The big Belgian has similar skills and a similar style to both Romelu Lukaku and Christian Benteke. At 76 rated, Batshuayi will set you back a few million, but for a player with such good attributes it’s a bargain. Acceleration and sprint speed both in the eighties, as well as good strength, the big Belgian is certainly a handful. Looking at his attributes technically, Batshuayi has over eighty finishing, but he has near eighty in ball control, dribbling and shot power also. With a final potential of 86, Batshuayi will turn a big profit, certainly worth buying.

Mauro Icardi (Inter)The best on the list, but actually not much better than Batshuayi, considering they begin and end on the same ratings. Most likely a similar starting price to the Belgian, he also has stand-out attributes. For example, Icardi’s physical attributes are all well into the seventies, whilst his jumping is an incredible 88. Also into the eighties for finishing, with seventies pretty much across the board in the important technical skills. No doubt Icardi will become a big player on the game, no surprise to most as he goes up to an 86 rating. Both he and Batshuayi will have a potential value of close to £25 million once they reach their potentials.

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What you’ll find when you arrive, is that there will be loads of players that are above the average 75 that you may have been seeing leading up to the latter pages. Now all you have to do is put in some bids for players that are over the 75 threshold and sit back whilst you await the results.
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A simpler way to enjoy the specialties FIFA15


FIFA 15 excitement may have worn down. Its getting cold across the nation and it seems that gamers are not interested in playing as much soccer as they used to. However, there is now an even easier way to enjoy features of the game.

A Windows Phone application is available. This is a companion app to the game and allows gamers to manage their Ultimate Team when they cannot be at their home consoles.

This free app works in companion to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. It only requires gamers to obtain an Origin account. Origin accounts are free and easy to setup.

EA Sports FIFA 15 is still the go-to simulator when it comes to football (soccer). Its competitor Pro Evolution Soccer has not been able to get anywhere near the success that FIFA enjoys.

Pro Evolution Soccer concentrates on the strategy and basics of soccer; FIFA is a pick-up-and-go game. Its very easy to score in FIFA because EA Sports wanted it to be fun for everyone.

More gamers and even professional soccer players are heading over to FIFA every year.It may be the more fun game, but certainly not the most realistic soccer simulator out there.

Recently a Hannover 96 player, Jimmy Briand, used FIFA 15 to craft his perfect first goal celebration. He decided to do the Dead Fish. He first did it in FIFA before scoring his first goal in Bundesliga. He then actually did the Dead Fish celebration in real life.

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FIFA 15 Gameplay Issues:FIFA 15 XBOX 360 Unable to Update Squads

fifa 15 images

Along with the release of FIFA 15, kind of issues and bugs occur from time to time interrupting you with FIFA 15 coins winning. Here comes a new issue on FIFA 15 XBOX 360 that players cannot update their squads. What exactly is the issue and the probably damage? Read on to find the answer.

The XBOX 360 issue is that FIFA fans cannot update their squads. Everything goes smoothly including the connection when one begins to play the game. But issue happens on the latest squad. When someone wants to download a new squad, the game always crashes and completely freezes when it is close to complete that he has to turn it off. Beside, there are other FIFA fans saying that the same issue happened when they wanted to download the latest squads or if they tried to get into kick off mode their game freezes.

Possible Damage of this Issue
EA announces that they are now investigating the issue and apologize for the inconvenience. Namely, there are no official solutions provided so far, so you’d better not click any links saying about solutions or asking for your account logging details. The links might be spam phisher websites which are unsecure for your account and you might get you account hacked. What you can do now is waiting for the official solution since the investigation is undergoing already or you can keep on playing you FIFA 15 with your origin squad.

This issue occurred on FIFA 15 XBOX 360 version, so you are really lucky if you play on XBOX ONE or other FIFA 15 versions like FIFA 15 PS4. You can play your game without interrupting. If you want cheap FIFA 15 coins PS4, welcome to fifa15-coins where coins are 100% safe with fast delivery. Have fun!

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