FIFA 15 Ultimate Strategy Guide:Define your Mentality

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Strategy Guide:Define your Mentality

It may sound silly, but one of the most helpful things you can do to improve your win-loss ratio is to simply go into games with a premeditated game mentality. This means you need to decide whether you’re going to sit back and defend and hope you might get a goal or two for the win, or if you’re just going to go for all out attack and hope whatever comes your way does not end up in the back of the net.

The best way to determine the strategy you’re going for is to by paying attention to the team you’ll be playing against. If you’re anything like most players, playing against Real Madrid is extremely difficult if you are at equal skill-level to your opponent because they have such a formidable array of attacking players such as Ronaldo, Benzema, and Di Maria, to name a few. While you may be a better player than your opponent, if you just play normally and go for goals most of the time, you’ll catch yourself being countered a lot, and the problem is that Real Madrid takes advantage of counter attacks on a regular basis.

To neutralize this advantage Real Madrid has, you can play with a very defensive mentality. Don’t be so quick to play balls through the midfield and advance your team forward. Pass the ball around a bit almost aimlessly in safe regions — cement your possession when you have it and pounce on an opportunity only if it presents itself. Forcing an attack almost creates a counter attack for a team like Real Madrid, so the main theme here is to just simply calm down and play a more laid-back passing game. Defensively, you need to be very sharp. To make things easier, you can use D-pad controls to make your team play defensively (hit all the way to the left to ‘Ultra Defensive’) and provide more of a challenge for oncoming Real Madrid forwards.

This also naturally makes your team sit back more, as they can collectively absorb pressure as it comes and they will naturally be caught on a dangerous counter less often. However, you may question why one would want to play so defensively when the only way to win a game is by scoring goals. The answer is that playing like this does not make it impossible to score goals, it just requires you to approach scoring differently. Again, you can pass the ball around safely while you have it, but obviously look to pass forward up the field when you can and advance towards the goal slowly. If you are patient, you will find yourself with decent attacking numbers in the final third and then you can proceed with your attack as you normally would, it just might take a bit longer for you to get to this stage. Overall though, you benefit from this kind of Defensive Mentality when playing against teams who are very offensively strong and might trouble you.

On the converse, there are a multitude of scenarios in which you may choose to play with an Attacking Mentality and opt to be more aggressive with your possession down the field and advances on goal. One of which is when you are playing against a team that does not boast much of an attacking threat — you won’t be losing much by playing a more attacking style. You can take advantage of this mismatch by piling offensive players on their defensive line which will in turn create more chances. You also might want to employ this kind of attacking mentality when you feel you can really take advantage of a particularly weak or slow offense. They say that “offense is the best defense” and this can prove particularly true in FIFA 14. At the end of the day, the team with the most goals is victorious, so why not just try to outscore your opponent if you feel he has a weak back line.

If you’re going to play with an attacking mentality, you can again use the D-pad to supplement this. When playing Ultra Attacking, all of your players will just play a higher line and your team will play further up the pitch. From experience, I can say that this also causes your team to move forward on advances up the field (normally or by counter) much faster, allowing you to string together much quicker attacks.

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FFXIV Summoner (SMN) Cross-class skills discussion



Summoners use skills from: Archer and Thaumaturge.
Add Swiftcast to your repertoire! Using this for Shadowflare is probably your default skills discussion
Raging Strikes – learn to time this well in raids! Combine it withContagion for PROFIT!
Quelling Strikes, while not super important for SMN… use it at the start of fights! Also on adds that spawn!

skills discussion:Raging Strikes: A low level skill, but a damn good one. Learn to maximize this in raids!
Ice II: A weak potency AoE attack, with a bind effect. Only useful for around 3+ enemies.

Better than spamming RUIN!
Surecast: You’re only equipping this since you can’t really use anything else. While
borderline useless – it has the rare application.

Swiftcast: THE BEST CROSS-CLASS SKILL of all time. For summoner, using this with
Resurrection is a great addition to any raidgroup.

Quelling Strikes: Make it a habit to use this on pull and on newly spawned adds in raids.
Your tanks will thank you.

Hawk’s Eye: Absolutely useless to you. +DEX and +Accuracy (physical) have zero practical
use for you.

Significance Strategy to Build Perfect FUT 15 Chemistry Squad

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Significance Strategy to Build Perfect FUT 15 Chemistry Squad

In FIFA Ultimate Team, having a strong line-up or your skill alone will not win you games. There are other things which can alter the outcome of the game; chemistry and fitness is a couple of things you should keep in mind.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Chemistry
Chemistry can be described as the relation between a player and his club or his position. Ideally, you need to have a higher chemistry to encourage the player’s performance.

The Significance Of Chemistry
Like I have mentioned above, in order to win, you cannot only rely on your skill or your team’s strong line-up. Think of the chemistry in this manner: a weak team with great chemistry can easily score wins than a great team with weak chemistry.Yes, there definitely are two different kinds of chemistries: chemistry of the player and chemistry of a team. You simply cannot neglect the importance of both kinds of chemistries since both of these are equally important.The primary difference between Player Chemistry and Team Chemistry is that the PC is calculated on a scale of zero to ten and TC is calculated on a scale of zero to hundred.While building your team, you should pay attention to the Player Chemistry and as a result, you will attain a higher Team Chemistry. However, do note that PC is not the only thing that determines the TC.Factors like Managers for the bench and positioning also affect the chemistry. Therefore, it’s possible for a team to have different chemistry in different matches. The last important bit to note here is that the chemistry also alters the player’s attributes to some extent.

Player Chemistry
Now that we know all about chemistry, let’s talk about a few things which can alter the PC of a player. In order to improve PC of a player, make sure to follow these tips:

1.Let him play on his natural position
2.Team him up with players having same nationality or clubs
3.Team him up with managers having some nationality or clubs
4.Assign him to a club with which he has played more than ten matches
5.Assign him to a new club to let him develop affiliations

How To Calculate Chemistry
First off, you need to know that the chemistry value that is used in the game is calculated by combining both Player Chemistry and Team Chemistry. Here’s how the game calculates the chemistry:

Overall Chemistry = (Player Chemistry x 0.75) + (Team Chemistry x 0.25)

Keeping this formula in mind, you can get an idea of how the game calculates the chemistry. Coming to the Team Chemistry, it is determined by adding all Players’ Chemistry values:

Team Chemistry = PC1 + PC2 + PC3 + … PC11
In case you’re thinking that by using this formula, one can even reach the value of 110 which exceeds the Overall Chemistry value; do note that anything above 100 is considered as 100 in the game.

Coming to Player Chemistry, there is a simple formula to calculate it and it revolves around everything we discussed above:

Player Chemistry = Positioning/Linking + Manager Loyalty + Club Loyalty
Like in the case of Team Chemistry, you will often reach a value which will exceed 10. Once again, do note that anything above 10 will be considered as 10 in the game.

How Substitutes Affect Chemistry
If you have read the guide above, you will notice that there was hardly any mention of substitutes. The formula provided above only took eleven main players into considerations and not substitutes. It is true that until substitutes are called into the game, their Player Chemistry does not affect the overall chemistry of the team.

The question that arises is when a substitute is called into the game, then what? Contrary to what most people believe, when a substitute is called into the game, he acquires the Player Chemistry of the player who left the field.

In this way, the overall chemistry of the team is not disturbed at all. Understand it this way: after a match commences, the chemistry is locked up and NOTHING changes it, at all!

Now, if you’re a smart player, you can use this to your advantage if you have a player who isn’t good enough, but adds to the overall chemistry of your squad. Once the chemistry value has been locked in, call in the substitute and the chemistry will not change by any value.

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