Guide to Smooth FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Journey

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is one of the most popular iterations launched by EA Sports, which has attracted much attention of soccer gamers in an exhilarating way. Particularly for newbie, knowing how to get used to the game can be challengeable. This article is aimed to show you a strategy for your smooth ultimate team journey.


Create your team
You need to have good knowledge of the team that you would like to create before you begin funding it and really build it up. It is much more fulfilling to play for your team which you spend much time to set up, and also you are able to arrange a team which you will really enjoy playing for as long as you consider it in advance.

Focus on your chemistry, too. It makes sense that a team with better chemistry compete better than a team with less planning chemistry. As far as I’m concerned, I realize playing with teams which has excellent chemistry both entertaining and effective.

Earning money
Ultimate Team has centered on earning coins all the time; you need money to buy card packs, consumables and players. The most common method is “Buy low, sell high”. There are also tons of ways to make coins such as playing tournaments and seasons, bronze pack method and silver pack method and even gold pack method and so on. You can choose to learn and use them with patience.

At present, it comes to the fun section: really playing with your team you have funded. Build up your strengths through playing with the method which complements them. Possess lots of talented passers on your midfield. Try your best to keep the ball centrally. Then get it towards the players in distribution to your forwards. It seems to be quite easy, but only when you arrange your team ahead of time.

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ArcheAge Guide: How to Get and Use Scarecrow

Scarecrow in ArcheAge

Scarecrow is a very important part of crafting system in ArcheAge and every player must know about this object because of its useful features. Scarecrow in ArcheAge protects your property and crops from being stolen by other players.

Scarecrow in ArcheAge

How to get scarecrow?
You will get a small one after completing special quest in a starting zone. The quest is simple and will require several minutes to be completed. After this quest is finished you will get a small Scarecrow and a quest for getting the large one. This quest is much more difficult and will require to grow special plants, transport goods to other locations, get a donkey for this and even swim to other continent with your goods on a ship. After this difficult quest is finished you will get special item. You need to break your small scarecrow and use its recipe to craft large scarecrow.

How to use?
After you received a Scarecrow blueprint, use it in any territory available for construction. It will require money and labor power:

Small: Lumber pack that can be obtained from quest, 2 gold coins and 25 labor points.
Large: Big Lumber pack (crafted from 100 lumber packs) and 3 Gold coins.

Note: that territory doesn’t get protection after you use the blueprint. When you use the blueprint you pay tax and the territory will be booked for your character for a week. The protection will be added only after you deliver required resources and complete construction.

A player has to pay tax for keeping his scarecrow on a specific place. The taxes are paid on a weekly basis in advance. If you don’t pay the scarecrow will be destroyed and the blueprint will be sent to the owner. All property located on the territory will lose protection.

It’s easy to destroy your scarecrow. You just need to click a special button in the settings section of the farm. After it is destroyed you will get the blueprint by in-game post. All materials you spent for building it will not be returned. The blueprint can be used again in any other place if you wish.

Protection Settings
It’s possible to set up special settings that allow to restrict usage of your territory by other players. You can restrict the access fully meaning only you can plant and gather crops there. You can allow your family to plant and gather crops. You can allow these actions to your guild mates or even to all other players. Such customization is great.

Other Benefits
Large Scarecrow not only protects territory. It also allow you to craft special items for farming:

Special food for animals / cattle.
Potions for healing your cattle from disease.
Pet healing potions
Seed packs
Fuel for tractor

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A Few Tips for ArcheAge Farming

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Many games will set farming system. Players can grow some crop which will benefit your energy. Furthermore, growing crops will help players to level up faster. Even though farming is not so obvious as equipment, the farming will do a certain help for your leveling. The farming system is a highlight for most players. When you grow crops, there are a few points to note.

ArcheAge Farming

When you grow crops, you do not need to consume labor force. Labor force is limited. If not necessary, do not use it. Then patience is needed when you grow crops. If the plants have not ripened, you pick them up. You will get nothing. Players only can get a certain XP. It is really a pity when it takes place. Therefore, pick up the plants when the plants get ripened.

When harvesting, you will need to consume labor force. The amount of labor force required differs from the species of planting. Therefore, before planting crops, check the value of plant consuming labor force. Or it will cause waste if you do not know the value of number. When the plants grow, do not water them.

If you grow plants outdoors, there are a few points you need know.
1. There is no relevant system hints. You may not find the place to grow.
2. Remember the place to grow and protect them. Or your fruits of labor will be stolen.

Besides, each crop has its own preferred climate requirement. Check the climate details in the bottom-right hand corner of the map. Crops in its own preferred climate will produce more and you can get more ArcheAge gold. Some zones even have two kinds of climates.

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FIFA 15 Attacking Headers Tips & Trick

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Winning The Arial Duel
The very first thing that you’re going to need to do in-order to be the king of headers on FIFA 14, is to make sure you win them Arial dues every single time. This is easier said than done, but we know the best tips and tricks to make this happen.

fifa15 tips

When your player crosses it, what you’ll need to do is start moving your attacking player into the defender that’s going up for the jump with you. You can either run into him from distance, or you can simply hold the sprint button down and carefully nudge him out of the way at close distance.

You should notice that the opposition player is now out of the duel and you have a free header at goal to try and score past the goalkeeper.

Generating Power To Beat The Keepers

There are two different methods to use, it’s entirely up to you on which one works best for you personally. The first technique is just simply holding the shoot button in to just slightly over halfway. We can’t give an exact judgement of how long to hold it in for, because it depends on how far out from goal you are. You’ll just have to practice for a little while and get use to how long you should hold the gauge in for depending on distance out from the opponents goal.

The second method is by far the best one to use! What you need to get in your head to understand where we are coming from is imagine that you’re holding an elastic band pulling it back and then letting go and seeing it fly over the other side of the room. That’s exactly the best example of how this next method works.

All you have to do is when the cross comes flying in from the wing, you must pull the left-trigger to the opposite side. So if the goal is to your left and that’s where you’d usually aim the left-trigger, instead aim for the right and just before contact aim it towards the goal to see the power header come off. It’s all about your timing and positioning, but if you nail it, there’s not a chance for any keeper to save it and that includes ?ech, Neuer and Casillas.

Sign OP Players With Great Jump Stats
There’s a saying (you’ve got to be in it to win it) and that couldn’t be more true with heading the ball into the back of the net. A player can have the best heading stats in the world, 99 out of 100 in-fact, but if he’s not that blessed with climbing and his jump is poor, then he’s never gonna compete with other OP players. Make sure the first thing you look at is the jumping stats, this is where you’ll get up higher than your opponent and then have a greater chance of winning the Arial duels.

You can check out the stats on the Career Mode easily in your squad which is at the main menu when you load up your career. To check that players stats in Ultimate Team you need to start a match and then pause the game and go to substitutes. From there you can scroll down and check out all of your players that have the best statistics and search for jump.

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