FIFA 15 Guide:how to defend against corners

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Being one of the most crucial part of defending, the corners can sometimes be where players concede the majority of their goals. This page will help you determine what you’re doing wrong and what best practices you can put into place to prevent them from happening each time.

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Player Positioning For Heading
To cut the long story short, the basics that you need to learn from corners are mastering headers and clearing the danger from your penalty area. Sometimes choosing to press the shoot button helps, as it is more of an aggressive style of nodding the ball away. You must realise however, that in order to be extremely careful and on the cautious side of things, you must use the directional button to clearly header away from your goal, otherwise you’ll be scoring an own-goal.

As the title update has helped all-round with headers on FIFA 15, they’re a lot more realistic now and son’t contain any glitches or easy headers anymore. Try and get in front of the attacker and look at the shadow of the ball as that’s where nine times out of ten where it’s going to land on the pitch once out of mid-air. Highlighting your tallest and strongest centre back is obviously a great tactic to use in these situations.

Your Goalkeeper
When opting to bring the GK off of his line and to try and claim the ball from mid-air, there’s a couple of things that you’re going to need to take into account first. Firstly you need to look at his GK handling stats, and if they’re more than adequate, then that’s certainly a start. The second point that you need to take into consideration is the timing of the claim.

Take a second to look where the kicker has placed the lofted ball into your area, and if it’s reasonably close to your goalkeeper, then that’s the time to come and claim the ball. If it’s a back post cross or a looper, then it’s probably a good idea to just leave it to your defence to clear the danger. Putting a defender on the line is also a great tactic that not a lot of players choose to do.

Performing Counter-Attacks
Where one moment it was a chance for your opposition to attack, now turns into a chance for you to launch a counter-attack on your opponent. The way to master counter-attacks are to either have a big centre forward up front who can header the ball down to the attacking midfielder. This is a great way to get the move going as the ball has gone from one end of the pitch to the other in seconds.

If you don’t have a big guy up front, and you go with pacy strikers, then playing down the wings is the next best option. What you’re doing wrong though is you’ll be playing through balls or simple passes and the opposition will be tackling you and intercepting the ball every time.

The way around this is to play the ball onto the wing, then use the (protect the ball) feature which will stop the other player from nicking the ball off of you. Then you simply wait for support to arrive and play it to the supporting players feet until you have an advantage. This will not take long either as your players will start making bursting runs up the pitch once they’re aware that a counter-attack has been initiated.

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How to Become a FIFA Referee in the Coming FIFA 15

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Football is a global sport-in the United States football is not the game of soccer like it is in the rest of the world. FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association and its major function is to train referees through an ongoing career-long process. Referees can be as young as their early teens and as old as their physical condition will allow.


1.Take a beginner’s referee course that covers the Rule of the Game. There are 2 parts to the course; Introductory and Level 1.

2.Study the material in the course seriously since there will be a written test at the end on the Rules and Regulations of the game.

3.Get a 70 percent or higher on the written test in order to move on to the next level.

4.Learn how to referee from demonstrations by your instructor. Lessons will include technical movement and Laws of the game.

5.Make a commitment to your referee classes and you will get a uniform and other equipment like a whistle, flags, notebook and wallet of red and yellow cards.

6.Work as many games as possible. The quickest way to move up to a full referee is to be paired with someone who is experienced.

Tips & Warnings
1)There may be a fee for taking training courses that are not paid by FIFA.
2)Get into top physical shape to prevent injury or illness.

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The guide to customize your island in WildStar

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Every time you teleport to your house, you will get a small bar where you can choose various tools for customization. You must press the fifth button (look at the screenshot above) to enable editing.
After pressing the first button, the property layout screen pops up. You can notice 7 plots where you can build something. The central plot is for the house (you can choose type of the house there, although they are race and level restricted).

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Surrounding plots are used to build various objects. Most of them require FabKits, obtained through path missions, reputation and regular vendors and random world/dungeon drops. You can build objects that start challenges or mini-dungeons (you can do them with your friends even); you can build portals to different zones (those FabKits can be bought at zone reputation vendors), yards where you can farm crafting resources, the crafting station, etc… You can upgrade some of them (FabKits are required for that too, for example, Festival tier 1 to Festival tier 2 requires Festival tier 2 FabKit).

From time to time you will have to repair those buildings/objects, before you could start using them again. Also, and this is important: if you build some other object over another, you won’t get the FabKit from the demolished building; if you want to build that object again, you will have to obtain its FabKit. Decor items can be planted outside, anywhere you want.

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