Runescape pet design has coming to finished

Crystal Peacock

Have you remember that Runescape team had launched a design conmpetition of pet at 08 april,where you had the opportunity to describe or draw the very pet you would like to have follow you around in RuneScape. With over 700 entries, there have been amazed by the sheer quality and variety of concepts have received. However, after much heated discussion and the odd table flip in the office runescape team have managed to narrow it down to 6 finalists!

The following pet concepts are available to vote for on the homepage via the Quick Poll, and also through our Facebook page. Take a look at the descriptions and images below and vote for your favourite one!

Please note: each image is the player’s idea of what the pet might look like, and is not the finished concept for the in-game pet.

Crystal Peacock

A beautiful crystal bird, proud of its plumage!

Crystal Peacock
Divine Sprite

An armoured sprite with a fondness for divination!

Divine Sprite

A heroic ram ready for dungeon delving!

Miko the Mecha Bird

A dwarven mechanical bird!

Miko the Mecha Bird
Pudding on a Plate

A pudding that bounces after you!

Pudding on a Plate
Floating Panda

A wise mini-panda, seated on a cloud.

Floating Panda
Want to know more about the entries? Head on over to runescape forum  thread.

Vote for your favourite pet now!

Where to Find Mining Silver Ore in Runescape

Runescape Mine

Trying to figure out the best places to mine silver ore or rs gold in Runescape? Silver can be a pretty hot commodity, especially in the free worlds. Not only can you use it to help train Smithing and Crafting, but you can also sell it for a decent profit. Here’s a list of a few top silver mining locations.

Dorgeshuun Mine

Dorgeshuun Mine

For members who have competed the Lost Tribe quest, the Dorgeshuun mine is an excellent place to obtain silver ore. There are 12 silver rocks in this locale in addition to nine other rocks that contain iron ore. By using the option to follow the goblins in and out of the tunnels, you can have quick access to a bank – the Culinaromancer’s chest just outside the tunnel entrance. This assumes you’ve gotten at least part way through the Recipe for Disaster quest. Another option is to use the bank on the top level of Lumbridge Castle.

If you’re not that concerned with profit and are just there to obtain Mining experience, you can sell the ore you mine to Mistag without ever leaving the tunnel. This may be a good option for those who are only mining in the hopes of obtaining gems, but still want to make a little profit from the silver ore.

Crafting Guild

Silver Rocks in Crafting Guild

The mine found in the Crafting Guild is open to all players, both free-to-play (F2P) and members. However, in order to gain entrance to the guild, you will need to wear a brown apron and have a Crafting level of at least 40. There are six silver rocks here along with rocks containing gold and clay.

The closest bank (in walking distance) to the Crafting Guild is a fair jog away in Falador. That can make running your freshly mined gold ore a bit of a pain, but you can combat this disadvantage by using certain teleport items like the Skills necklace to make this trip a little easier.

Al-Kharid Mine

Silver Mining in Al-Kharid

Another popular silver mining location is the mine north of Al-Kharid. There is quite a variety of ore-bearing rocks (coal, mithril, gold, adamantite, etc.) in this location including five silver rocks. Players with a very low combat level may get a bit annoyed here because of the aggressive scorpions that inhabit the mine. But, if you have a combat level of 29 or higher, the scorpions won’t bother you at all.

The nearest banks to this mine are in Al-Kharid and Varrock, with the Al-Kharid location being slightly closer. Also, there is a furnace in Al-Kharid so you can smelt your silver ore before banking it, if that is in your plans.

Other Silver Mining Locations

Silver Ore in Grand Tree Mine

There are a few other silver mines in the Runescape world, including the Grand Tree mine. This mine is only accessible if you have completed the Grand Tree quest, but it is usually fairly empty and has four silver ore-bearing rocks.

Also, silver ore can be found in the rocks of the Edgeville Dungeon and in the mine just southwest of Varrock. The Varrock mine can become quite populated at times, though, because of its easy acessibility, so there may be some competition over its three silver rocks. Still, it’s not a bad place to begin your silver mining, especially if you have a low combat level and are looking for a reasonably safe place to gather materials.

Runescape Heroes’ Guild

Runescaep The Blue Dragon

To enter the Heroes’ Guild, which is located north of Taverley , you must have done the Heroes’ Quest, which also requires the Shield of Arrav, Dragon Slayer, Merlin’s Crystal and Lost City quests.And you need plenty of RS Gold.

Ground Floor
There is nothing special on the first floor. There are trees behind the double doors (Normal Trees) and a ladder to the dungeon.

Runescape Ground Floor

Top Floor
The second floor has two main features of the Heroes’ Guild; the Dragon Weapons shop and a prayer altar. The Dragon Weapons shop, Happy Heroes’ H’emporium, sells a Dragon Battleaxe and Dragon Mace. The altar is just a standard altar, nothing special to it. These are the only things up here (unless you want to search the drawers for treasure or go up the ladders to a pattio.)

Ruenscape Top Floor

The Dungeon
There is a fair bit down here. There are Runite, Mithril and Adamantite rocks, a Blue Dragon and the Fountain of Heroes.
Map of the Heroes’ Guild dungeon.

Runescape The Dungeon

Mining area
The Runite rocks are very rare in game. If you go into the dungeon, you will find that they are not there most of the time as they are already mined out. The Mithril and Adamantite rocks are also good for mining too!

Runescape Mining area

The Blue Dragon
This is probably the best thing in the guild as it is safe Dragon Slaying. You will be lucky if the dragon hasn’t already been taken by somebody else as this is the best place to fight and get a good loot with safety.

Runescaep The Blue Dragon

The Fountain Of Heroes
This is where you get your Amulet of Glory recharged. When you get a fully charged Amulet of Glory, you can teleport to Al-Kharid, Draynor Village, Karamja and Edgeville. The Edgeville teleport is useful when Runecrafting through the abyss. Also, when you mine with the Amulet of Glory on, you have a 40% greater chance of getting gems.

The Fountain Of Runescape Heroes


Runescape Tracking Details Description

Runescape Tracking

One of the first hunting methods learned in Runescape is Tracking, as you can actually start tracking and catching kebbits at Hunter Level 1. (If you are just starting to train your hunting level, you may want to check into the Vinesweeper minigame first for a quick, easy way to gain hunting experience.)

Runescape Tracking

The only piece of equipment you need to track kebbits is a noose wand. You can pick one of these up at a hunting shop (there’s one in Yanille and one in Nardah), or if you’re being a little lazy, you can try to buy one at the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

Despite being a low level hunting method, you can actually make a decent amount of money from tracking certain types of kebbits, assuming that you have a way to get to the various hunting areas. If you have access to the fairy rings, it’s much easier to get around since there is a ring close to every major hunting area. If you already have a few hunting levels under your belt and have completed the Eagles’ Peak quest, then you can use that transportation system as well. If you haven’t completed Eagles’ Peak yet, it’s a good idea to get that in as soon as you can – the only prerequisite for that quest is having a Hunter Level 27.

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A Official Pet Design Competition of Runescape



If you ever had an idea for a little follower to parade around behind you as you explore Gielinor and wanted a companion puppy, a friendly monkey, or some strange creature from beyond the dawn of time that was all your own idea and you can buy Runescape Gold to describe you pet , now is your chance!

runescape-pet runescape-pet runescape-pet runescape-pet runescape-pet runescape-pet

This is an exciting competition taht can add a brand new pet to RuneScape. Whether you draw it, make it or just describe it, the aim is for you to design an awesome RuneScape pet which will be available via Solomon’s General Store!It could be almost anything – your imaginations are the only limit – just consider that the size of the pet will have to be similar to those already in game, and appropriate for RuneScape. When shortlisting pets, consideration will have to be taken as to whether or not the pet is feasible to be included within the game.


Once the competition closes, we’ll be picking our favourite entries out and putting the top three to a community vote, where you’ll get to decide which one makes it into the live game.The winner of the competition will have their pet design featured in game through Solomon’s General Store, with our team making the pet as close to the winning design as possible.

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