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Some doubts about Fate of the Gods

runescape guide

Q: What do the symbols on the World Gate denote?

runescape guide
Mod Rowley: The World Gate symbols are letters from the established Guthixian alphabet. My initial aim was for those letters to match the worlds they go to, but that was never something we could sustain (as there are many worlds that start with the same letter), so we got as close as we can. As future content is released, the player will start to ‘recognise’ more of the worlds listed (though you can find more cheap runescape gold).


was originally going to be Hallowed Isles – a non-canon placeholder name for the icyene homeworld. It’s possible we’d give it a better name if we ever go there, though it’s currently also known as New Domina.


was originally going to be Lacertium – a non-canon placeholder name for the dragon rider homeworld (‘lacerta’ being Latin for ‘lizard’, and -ium to match Pandemonium and Vampyrium – Zaros’s names for those places). Mod Raven eventually went with Iaia for this plane (which better fits the culture of the dragon riders), but pointed out that if the World Gate could go there, it negates the narrative of One of a Kind, so late in development we pointed it to Teragard instead. Zaros reached the dragon rider homeworld by other means than the World Gate (I suspect that it’s slightly off the beaten track/hidden in some way, which is why he missed it the first time around).


stands for Muspell (a term from Norse mythology) and it was originally my intent that this was the homeworld of the auspah (Char’s race), but it’s open to interpretation, so could be “Zamorak’s world”, as referenced in elf lore (though I personally think that’s just Freneskae) or the place where Moia went with Zamorak (though I personally think that was just Infernus). Of course, these could all just be different references to the same place – the truth will possibly be defined in future content.


stands for Naragun, the naragi homeworld.


stands for Tarddiad, which is Welsh for ‘origin’, and the homeworld of the elves. The description of this plane doesn’t mention crystal, but that could just be because the gate only offers a limited view of the worlds you see through it.

Q: Why are the Nihil still alive even after completing the quest?
runescape gold

Mod Rowley: Zaros created more than a few of them in his quest for knowledge, and since being abandoned they have probably learned how to propagate (“Life always finds a way” – Dr Ian Malcolm). I can envisage nihil have learned to hunt muspah for their energy, in order to create more of themselves.

Q: Why did we only get a head override as the post-quest reward and not the full set?

Mod Rowley: To spend the time creating a full set would have taken graphical time away from other areas of the quest. We typically go for head items (when doing only one item) as they can be shown off on the forums. It may be that future updates add to this set.

Q: Why are the Muspah drops extremely low quality compared to the requirements of the quest?

Mod Rowley: The muspah area is instanced, and so there is no competition for kills, and you can also equip the Shard of Zaros to also make them non-aggressive. These things can make the area quite AFKable above a certain level, so we didn’t want the muspah to be too lucrative (though you can earn ~3 mil/hour here). That said, we do have plans to add some rs gold unique item drops to muspah in a future update (already in development) that should make them more worthwhile.

Q: Have we seen the whole of Freneskae or is there still more to see?
runescape image

Mod Rowley: There’s definitely more to see, if for no other reason than to explore what became of the Chelon-Mah and the Mahserrat tribes. When we might see that, though, is anyone’s guess.

Q: Who or what is Debris?

Mod Rowley: When Zaros says debris, he’s just describing the state of the fragmented spheres – it’s not a person or place. The point is that the spheres used to be something important, but are now just inert and expelled of energy/contents.

Q: Does the Measure do anything after the quest related to Divination?

Mod Rowley: It measures levels of anima wherever you plant it, and there are some hidden things you can find with it… I won’t say where in case you’d rather find things for yourself, but all hidden things have now been found, so the information is out there (and we’ll be updating our wiki with that information at some point).

Q: What happened to the Zarosian-themed combat ability that was polled a few months before the release of Fate of the Gods?

Mod Rowley: The poll for the combat abilities was never attached to this project – it’s a separate update with an ETA of May. It’s currently in development.

Q: Were the Elder Gods born in Freneskae?

Mod Rowley: The elder gods that created this universe were born on Freneskae, yes.

Q: Zaros says that Mah created him and Seren as toys but, don’t you think they were more like parents to Mah?

Mod Rowley: I tried to show parallels between real-life parent/child relationships. Zaros is akin to the runaway teenager who later finds respect for his parent (and moves back home after his own failures), whereas Seren stayed to nurse her mother as she succumbed to illness and old age (effectively becoming the mother herself).

Q: Zaros says that he didn’t start any of the wars that he was involved in. Does that mean that Icthlarin started it when Zaros fought in the desert?

Mod Rowley: I’d imagine it being more prosaic than that, with it starting from simple border skirmishes (Kharidians launching a pre-emptive strike at the expanding Zarosian border out of fear) involving none of the gods. The desert gods have ever only been interested in their own little area of the world, with no desire for expansion.

RuneScape podcast of two of kind

In latest runescape term podcast, Mod Jane pits Mod Osborne against Mod Raven in a quick-fire quiz on the new quest One of a Kind, while Mod MattHe keeps the scores!

During the podcast, Osborne and Raven answer your questions in a battle of wits. Which brave JMod will beat the other to the perfect answer? Who will win the day?Listen now and find out!

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Classic RuneScape Description–RuneScape noobs come here!!!

You may heard that Runescape from your friends and game websites ,this picture you may very impressed.Aha!!!!!!


Dive into an exciting fantasy world full of intense combat, unique characters, fierce enemies, vast dangerous plains and endless adventures in this stimulating browser game…

RuneScape is a fantasy-themed browser game that can be played in one of two ways – either using the free-to-play mode, or in full by signing up to the premium account. You start the online game by selecting your character and modifying the clothing, skin color, hair color, torso, legs and facial hair. You can change your look throughout the game by paying certain NPCs.

After customizing your character you will be taken to a dark basement where you will learn all the basic skills of game play through a tutorial, including combat, navigation, woodcutting, mining and more. If you get lost, you can seek the help of the various Advisors and Tutors that roam the worlds of RuneScape.

There are several unique worlds and realms to explore, some of which are created by members. Each world has its own features, and includes worlds specifically built for trade, for role-playing, for loot-sharing or for group quests. The adventures are endless in browser game RuneScape. There are several modes of combat available for you to experience including PvP and PvE combat. You have the ability to learn multiple skills to assist you in combat including melee for close-range attacks, ranged for archery and bow attacks and mage skills to cast spiritual spells against your enemies. There are a number of additional skills you can learn in RuneScape including fishing, firemaking, smithing, crafting and thieving.

In RuneScape you will find a number of mini games to keep you occupied as you journey across the land. These include the Treasure Trails, Penguin Hide and Seek, Shooting Star and Phoenix Lair games. Join the action of the exciting and diverse fantasy-themed browser game RuneScape.

OK!now,let’s though a set of screenshots to know more about RuneScape.

runescape1 runescape2 runescape3 runescape4 runescape5 runescape6 runescape7 runescape8 runescape9 runescape10



That’s all my personal point of view !wish this can help you!


Learn how to Grind Runescape Gold

rs gold

RuneScape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Jagex in which you explore a virtual world. The game’s simple interface and expansive content allows players at all stages of development to gain Runescape Gold through normal play. Playing with the sole intent to make gold is known as farming. It typically is done as a way to obtain cash to purchase expensive items that will enhance your character’s effectiveness.images

Upgrade your account to a member subscription to gain access to necessary skills otherwise unavailable.Train the Slayer skill so your attacks will affect the most powerful and lucrative monsters.Kill chickens and cows to earn 100 RS 2007 Gold or more to help you gain arms and armor to fight tougher foes.

Attack other lucrative creatures and sell their loot on the marketplace. Depending on your Combat and Slayer levels, fight any of the giants, demons and dragons.Clear the Slayer caves and towers. These contain powerful monsters available only to members with the Slayer skill–their drops can sell for 25,000 or more with rare items worth millions of runescape gold.Players with high-level characters may want to purchase Slayer skills and head directly for the caves, shortcutting the process of leveling while farming.

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A lot of people are always striving to understand good ways to earn cash on runescape gold, however they fail to miss the clear thing. Finding out how to make money is not like understanding cooking, or mathematics or brick laying. Those things are taught by people who already know how exactly to do them, but creating loads of money, getting rich is not at all something that is educated. It’s possible for you to find out about business however you cannot learn to work.

Suggestions for you to make more Runescape Gold bars in Runescape


Here are some suggestions for you. You gain the most mining experience by using the highest-level pickaxe available to you. If you are mining gold ore, you should be using at least an adamant pickaxe. If you are level 41 in mining, you can use a rune pickaxe; if you are level 61 in mining, you can use a dragon pickaxe. There is a mine that contains gold rocks in the mine in the Crafting Guild. You will need to be level 40 crafting to get into the Crafting Guild. You also must be wearing either a crafting cape or a brown apron.

Runescape Gold bar is one items of Runescape, it is a highly sought after item in Runescape. They can be used to make gold rings, bracelets, necklaces and amulets in crafting. They can also be traded to other players, sold to general stores and sold to specialty shops. They can also be sold on the Grand Exchange for between 200 and 300 coins apiece.But if you want to get gold bar by yourself, then how do you do that? Wield your pickaxe and travel either Rimmington or Al Kahrid, find the mining area. In Rimmington, the mine is northeast of the city along the path from Falador. The Al Kahrid mine is to the north of the toll entrance from Lumbridge. Mine some gold rocks and collect gold ore.The rocks that contain rs gold ore have yellow-colored stripes on them. Carry the gold ore in your inventory and travel to the nearest furnace. If you mined in the Rimmington mine, the closest furnace to the Al Kahrid mine is in the building northwest of the Al Kahrid castle. Place the gold ore in the furnace. Once it is refined, a gold bar will appear in your inventory.

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How to Make Money in RuneScape by Crafting


Crafting in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game “RuneScape” is a good way to make a lot of fast, easy money in the game. Free players can make a considerable amount of money from crafting, but paid “RuneScape” members can make even more. In order to make the most RS Gold possible, you’ll need to increase your skill levels not only in crafting but also in mining, smithing and combat. Once you’ve increased these skill levels in “RuneScape,” you’ll be able to get all of your crafting materials for free.

Make glass if you’re a “RuneScape” member. Go to the bank in Lumbridge and remove all your armor and weapons. Purchase some buckets at the general store. Return to Port Sarim and talk to the monks at the dock. Tell them you want to go to Entrana. Fill up your buckets with sand and get some seaweed from the shore in northern Entrana. Follow the glass making tutor’s instructions on how to get started making glass. However, don’t craft the glass into items; it’s worth far more money in its molten state. Sell the glass on the Grand Exchange.

Increase your combat skill so you can kill the level 35 bush snakes in Tai Bwo Bwana Village in Karamja. Increase your crafting level to 45. Get at least 30 gold pieces from the bank, and buy or find a knife to take with you. Walk west from Lumbridge to Port Sarim and talk with one of the seamen on the pier going north and south. When he asks you if you want to go to Karamja, say “Yes.” After you kill the bush snakes, use the knife on them to get the snake skins. Take the hides to the tanner in Al Kharid, then use a needle and thread to make snakeskin clothing items and armor.

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Better equipment can offer you cheap 2007 runescape gold


There is undoubtedly a lot of life left in Runescape with a little more Runescape Gold it is possible to truly start to like a better game yourself. Better equipment can be the distinction between finding parties easier and as a truly remarkable character within your guild. Otherwise, you will only provide simple facts of the game and, given simply how much great content there is certainly, it might sure be a shame.

There are styles that you get cheap rs gold and never have to fight or promote things at reduced costs interior, and all these are through particular free Runescape gold sites or in performing particular gold-creating tasks within the game. Let us explore first the free Runescape gold sites and tricks that may be a little simple or hard to complete, depending upon your own level of inventiveness.

Making free Runescape gold the lawful way and also the usual way that many gamers do is to engage in what is called gold-creating actions and quests. This is one of the most basic method to make gold while in the game and might include simple quests like cutting wood, assembling bananas, along with additional related endeavors that NPCs will pay you to really perform. This can just earn you little amounts of free 2007 runescape gold however, but it’s something you get with hard work and having only a little fun comprised in it. There are other methods to earn free Runescape gold inside the game by click here, you just need to be inventive and imaginative to find what all these are.