RS3 make cake of Guide

To make a cake you must find three kinds of materials which are all in the north of the Lumbridge Castle. The first material is the flour. On the mini map you will find an area which is golden, that is the field of wheat we are looking for. After you get there, pick wheat, and then walk along to the north. You will soon arrive at the grinding shop. Put the wheat you collect in the hopper, and then operate the hopper, done! Do remember take a basin to carry the flour, otherwise, you will be busy for nothing. This is the first step. The second material you collect is the milk. To collect milk a bucket is needed, if you don’t have one, you have to buy a bucket in the shop. After you go across the bridge, just go along to the north, you will soon find a cow farm, and then milk the cow for some milk. The last raw material you need to collect is the egg. Collecting egg is easy, after you get out of the castle, you will find a chicken house not far from the castle, then pick eggs, done! Now these three materials have been collected, go back to the Lumbridge Castle, then talk with the cook, after that this quest is completed. You can get 1 quest point, 300 cooking experiences as reward.


The quest is called the cook’s assistant. You should first talk with the cook in the Lumbridge Castle. He will show you what to do next. In this quest you should find some raw materials for him to make cake.

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