RS3 high level of Treevolution with the tree

Although the old tree is a great collection of valuable log, crystal tree all the logging skills training. Like ivy, they get any resource, but provides an excellent rate of logging XP. You can find the trees seven sites. Crystal tree is considered to be “active”, when the crystal form, it is these units – level logging – in 94, cut up some of the best in the game the logging XP.


Only a tree is active time, the rest become active at some time before this, on its behalf to attend. . In order to find it, the position of the head of a known crystal tree – if it is not active – right-click and choose ‘see’ for clues. If you need to find a crystal tree hand, seek Wilfred Falador north. Right-click any invalid crystal tree, and select the ‘look’ to get a clue where to find the active one.

Although the cut crystal, there is a chance, you will receive a ShuiJingJing hole. This is very much like a bird’s nest, it can contain valuable jewels, or even crystal triskelion slices. Spirit pursuit, if you have already completed the tour also have a chance, they will produce AA seed.

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How to start: find elder trees or crystal trees all over the world. Some friends come together!Elders and crystal tree for game information – including the crystal tree near the place – to the north of Falador speak Wilfred.