RS 3 came to Brazil

Now the game is entirely in Portuguese language and HTML5! Ie : to play directly from any browser!
With over 200 million players worldwide, Runescape 3 finally came to Brazil for free!


Another strong point in the game are also the ” Mini – Games ” (as much as one to several players at the same time), which through challenges like going through mazes, defeating monsters, test your survival and collect treasures you generate a lot of experience to your character.

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Just to get an idea, Runescape was awarded as the best mmorpg of the year!
To be a game for multiple players, you have the possibility to leave the world of Runescape completing quests, hunting monsters, collecting treasures, improving their skills and killing bosses or even warring against their own players and making them all the items ( as when a warrior dies, his items pass to your opponent. Namely, the more players vying for the better!