RS using correct skills for make more money

Buy a brass key at the Grand Exchange and walk west from the cooking guild. Then you will find a little building. Go in it and go down the ladder. Then there are some hill giants. Kill them and pick up the bones and, if they drop roots, pick them up. They are worth about 900 G each. The big bones are worth about 450 GP each.


Go to the Varrock bank and empty out everything out of your inventory. 2 Go around the cooking guild right outside the Grand Exchange and cut don’t trees till your backpack is full. 3 Now craft them into arrow shafts. Each log makes 15 arrow shafts and each one sells for 21 GP each. And you can keep chopping logs and making more without selling them with each inventory full.

Go to Lumbridge and head to the farms and kill cows and pick up cow hides till you backpack is full. Then go to Varrock and go to the tannery. Tan them into leather or hard leather. Hard leather sells for more. Each packback full of hard leather gets you about 12K GP.

You can also sell logs. They’re about 150-200 each and they sell fast. If your woodcutting level is 60 or more you can chop yews and sell those logs. Go to the Grand Exchange and buy as many feathers as you can. Then when they come in sell them for 1 GP more than you bought them for. If you have a lot of money then you will make money faster with this method. They can send the order and work on another way to make money while they’re coming in.

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With the release of Divination, there are 26 skills in Runescape.Members have access to all 26 skills, while free-to-play can only access 16 skills, with less content and advantages (especially towards the higher levels).