RuneScape Level 99 skill the prestige system

You must be registered and have a level 99 in a skill to use the prestige system. However, as the system will reset your skill level, all players will therefore be on the same footing. So you can compete in a race at the fair 99.


We are in the process of finalizing the details of the prestige system, and we want to know what you think. If you have any suggestions on how this system works, ideas for improvement, or concerns you would like to share, please post a message on the forums .

We hope that this system will also have positive effects on the game itself. At present, the high-level content are only available to more experienced players, and this has an impact on the economy, because some content is becoming more popular at the expense of other equally interesting yet. Thanks to the prestige, players can compete at every level of expertise, and so will restore interest in objects and long neglected areas.

We do not forget the exploits of players who reached 200 million XP in the old classification, and those who are not yet reached. You can always check the rankings, which will remain the same on the website. All experience points you earn in a jurisdiction are registered, you have reset this skill or not. You can always see your total XP and try to reach the 200 million XP (still the maximum limit) for inclusion in the former classification.

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Fabulous titles, emotes wonderful and beautiful decorative function held to help you more than to brag about your system prestige both in game and in the forums. So you can show what skills you reset, and how many times you’ve reset through these visual elements.