Dishonest runescape players problem

The reason I don’t join very many clans in Runescape Gold is because of the awful community of people out there. Just today I was talked into accidentally thinking of joining a clan. I was doing this because I was interested in it and he said he would get a ranking in the clan if he recruited a few more people, so naturally I thought I was giving him a hand as well. He tells me to go to a very commonly used website to watch videos on, and watch the clan recruitment video because it contains a link to the Runescape Official forums with the clans recruitment post. Naturally I click on this link as its a direct jump to this forum and I’m now interested in joining. Turns out its just some punk ass kid who shows me 4 fury necklaces before I lose connection on my internet. I somehow obviously obtained a keylogger of some kind, got DDOSed and lagged out of runescape. Then for 10 minutes my account is logged in and the terrible gut wrenching feeling is hitting in. I’ve been scammed.

Now I’m not going to kick and moan about how bad I was scammed, its just items in the game that I earned through skilling and playing the game fairly (personally I don’t even merch for my money because I find it a bit unfair to just make money off others like that) but just so you know it was a good amount. A Fury, Dragon Hatchet, Red Partyhat, Zamorak Legs, and Rune boots.What I will complain about, and what this whole tread has been leading to, is that there needs to be a tougher punishment for scamming. I’ve heard people say they will scam someone even that are honest players I’ve met. They do it because they said well its only a 2 day mute.. its only a 1 day ban.. THEY NEED A PERM BAN. They need to be scared more. This guy after scamming me started trying to recruit me into his clan of scammers by saying work hard get your gear back. NO WAY. This game should be for the people that enjoy the skills and the progress and not full of money hungry scammers not worried about any punishment.

Meanwhile, I get to sit here and be worried every single time I log into Runescape. My computer is no longer safe. I somehow got my ******** stolen within moments of watching this video online. Even with the account guardian I’m not protected on Old School runescape 3 gold which is just bull. And this kid is happily in world 2 selling all of my items looking for new people to scam with not a care in his mind. Please hear me out Jagex in understanding that players like this aren’t worth your money! They kill the game for the real players who like the games you work so hard on. They are killing the community and making people fearful to even be a community! Punish people that are caught more than once doing this. If they are reported for 4-5 different rules and are still playing… something is wrong with that. They deserve a permanent ban and even an IP ban I would say..

Why javalins one handed range

I was trying to train to level 50 for the magic bows(which i accomplished, :-D), and I decided to use adamant javelins with blue d’hide armor & shield(which i can equip with only 48 ranged at the time, BUG?) on Lessers. I used about 330k on 3 coins above market price(because player merchants are too cheap to sell at market price), getting 2,500 javelins. While javelins are very helpful, this is what I could have paid for adamant throwing knifes.

2500(quantity of javelins I bought)X24(current price per knife)=60,000
I paid X5.5 times for a slower weapon that I can only get by trading or the GE, compared to a smithable weapon that is 1.5X faster and much cheaper(javelins’ Averga vs. knives Fastest)My opinion: Give F2Ps the throwing knives & ability to smith them, make javelins P2P again, F2Ps don’t need them. Throwing knifes are not fletched, so there is no need to make Fletching F2P.

Note: The only one-handed ranged weapons for Free-to-Runescape Gold Play are the regular crossbow or bronze-rune javelins.EDIt: Knives are much less used in P2P since knives only go up to rune with no special variants(quite convenient if they were made F2P, which can only go up to rune arrows hmm?)