Why javalins one handed range

I was trying to train to level 50 for the magic bows(which i accomplished, :-D), and I decided to use adamant javelins with blue d’hide armor & shield(which i can equip with only 48 ranged at the time, BUG?) on Lessers. I used about 330k on 3 coins above market price(because player merchants are too cheap to sell at market price), getting 2,500 javelins. While javelins are very helpful, this is what I could have paid for adamant throwing knifes.

2500(quantity of javelins I bought)X24(current price per knife)=60,000
I paid X5.5 times for a slower weapon that I can only get by trading or the GE, compared to a smithable weapon that is 1.5X faster and much cheaper(javelins’ Averga vs. knives Fastest)My opinion: Give F2Ps the throwing knives & ability to smith them, make javelins P2P again, F2Ps don’t need them. Throwing knifes are not fletched, so there is no need to make Fletching F2P.

Note: The only one-handed ranged weapons for Free-to-Runescape Gold Play are the regular crossbow or bronze-rune javelins.EDIt: Knives are much less used in P2P since knives only go up to rune with no special variants(quite convenient if they were made F2P, which can only go up to rune arrows hmm?)