RUNESCAPE get new currency

Jagex RUNESCAPE introduced to reward players with Member invested in various advantages bonds. RUNESCAPE bonds trade liberalization between players and create more than ever before the change and freedom.

Jagex, the developer behind the popular free -to-play adventure in the world of MMORPG, Guinness World Records game RUNESCAPE 3, is called the RUNESCAPE bonds into the game world , players will be in the game so that their efforts to translate into tangible benefits , including membership exchange . Release Notes by Jagex in the free play area is the latest innovation , the market has revolutionized Jagex published about a decade ago the first free , browser -based MMORPG.

RUNESCAPE bonds trade liberalization between players and create more than ever before the change and freedom. This is dedicated to all the players the opportunity to get quality content on the handset asset or a friend or family member through the bond . The new ” pay to play money can be directly through the and all members of society have provided access to premium content .Here to supply buy Runescape Gold ,Runescape Powerleveling.

” Bond RUNESCAPE aimed at improving the economic system of the game , the fans provide more opportunities to complete your membership , we are equally passionate about RUNESCAPE and social , feverishly work laid the foundation for the next 10 years the growth RUNESCAPE this update is towards a big step in that direction . ” executive producer Phil Mansell , RUNESCAPE said. “Many of the players RUNESCAPE have accumulated a small fortune in GM and valuable game items to create new debt over the years by millions of players to choose your membership and other services free charge , through the exchange , in financing the game valuables anti RUNESCAPE bonds . ”

“In his long and illustrious history RUNESCAPE Jagex has always been successful , because in the continuous development and the corresponding response challenges and take advantage of opportunities . Runescape bonds as the introduction of a new wage to play through our ‘ customers are our options commitment to keep the game on track to a specific case . ” said Mark Gerhard , Jagex CEO. The Runescape bond “feature is that our players can now choose from two options , to enjoy all the content from RUNESCAPE , no one needs to feel left out , because everything in an open Runescape, Whichever you choose kind of payment . “RUNESCAPE 3 to get the new currency , choose our website is now RS 3 gold !

Incentives to play through bonds in Runescape

Starting today, you can harvest your efforts to play through vouchers, reward new game items, you can purchase on our website and sharing. These coupons can be machined part should day subscription at RuneCoins wealth, and more.

Runescape is your game, your credentials, more than ever to provide more choice and freedom. So, you can pay through your game resources your subscription, provide a safe gift subscription to a friend or your family members, no matter where he is, access to other objects and virtual gold content infringement share your good game, and enjoy all the RUNESCAPE no zombies or real money flows. For more information, please read the following sections.

Coupons, what is it?

Coupon is the new game items, allowing you in the game, you have the resources at stake initially occupy certain advantages, you can buy coupons, as you purchase a subscription, but you can also interact with other players, or gifts. Should be part of wealth or RuneCoins members can be converted into a voucher. We expect that in the near future, they can also be used for donation, and in the longer term, even the Jagex shop. We also give this ticket warrants RuneFest these possibilities. For more information, please visit our FAQ.

The coupons can be purchased through our website page billing. $ 5 voucher or sterling or € 4.25 EUR the unit, and can be subscribed for 14 days, eight or 160 RuneCoins of wealth, should be opened.Here to supply buy Runescape Gold

You are free to choose how you want to redeem your voucher (with other players by exchanging large exchange or direct), you can determine their selling price and purchase. As with all other objects, the primary RUNESCAPE2007 Gold Market in the community, decided to other objects voucher value.

Importance in the development of RUNESCAPE3

Now, all who have registered for the test program RUNESCAPE players can access HTML5 beta test client. If you have not the opportunity to discover this new game client to connect to the current beta testing!

Note: Do not forget, you can enter a new beta version of major technical update, although we have made some improvements, customers will not be able to stabilize or respond to a client’s main game. Through your comments and game data we collect, these problems can be solved, but now, we ask you to be careful when you go to a place, it is possible to lose their belongings. If in doubt, it is wise to play in the main game client.

All the players have expressed their interest in testing procedures also subscribe RUNESCAPE RUNESCAPE’s (and the players took advantage of subscription will provide gold and silver statue) can now connect to the client testing.Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Runescape GoldRunescape Powerleveling

The first few months launched RUNESCAPE3, two-part test program will be available to all users, will also be possible to find a new system interface through the HTML5 client. We will give you more information about it very quickly, so keep your eyes wide open!

Your opinion is absolutely necessary. Who is your Runescape game you want to and your needs, your desires are very important in the development of RUNESCAPE3.

Thank you to all those who have participated in the test program, and give us feedback RS3 gold medals. Please continue to send us your comments!

Runescape is full of goals and passions

Typically, we are pleased published in 2012 Updated: daily challenges, Rune dimension, one after the other, the giant slayer chinchompa bring a fresh game, more social-oriented approach in terms of skills practice. Queen of the Black Dragon, graphics overhaul monsters and dungeons, flasks and potions port players while bringing a bunch of high-level players new content. Tasks can also help to improve the game’s exciting stories and more English dubbing.

We want to ensure that in 2013. This means that we will give you what you want: interesting task, new dungeons, epic events and new skills. This also means that we will continue to improve the existing game content and technical improvements, so you can enjoy the impressive graphics and experience fluid Thursday, but more than anything, we want to ensure that the work and effort, you are in the game offer to be respected, you have your forehead sweat, will maintain its utility and value.Here you can buy the cheapest and most practical Runescape 3 Gold,RS 3 Gold

I do not think we are eternally grateful to our customers, which helps us to continually RUNESCAPE good game today, tens of millions of players to provide more freedom. This is why the team’s players unsubscribe Runescape community, I want to say a big “thank you” to all users.

Finally, thank you to play RUNESCAPE. Our goals and passions in order to improve your game! Thank you for your comments and criticisms as your RUNESCAPE still exists in 2013 and over the years, so do not hesitate to share your opinion, and won 07 gold RUNESCAPE!

Morale of the story

Why should we get nothing special for doing it ALL?

I would like to talk about the recent announcement that the 30 challenge rewards being given at 25 challenges complete. I understand the fact that not everyone is available enough to complete every challenge every day.

However, I feel it’s unfair for those who DO go out of their way and complete all 30 challenges. There should still be SOME sort of reward for completing all of them. At least don’t give away 60k loyalty points for anyone who completes 25 of them. Separate the loyalty points from the cosmetic rewards.

Give us who complete all 30 of Jagex’s daily challenges SOME sort of recognition rather than telling us those last 5 challenges don’t matter unless we want an extra free xp reward.

It does lose value. That shield and 35k loyalty points is now worth 5 less challenges than before. You no longer have to do your choice of 5 challenges as opposed to being forced to do them all to get that reward.

Jagex laid out our prizes and said we get 1 day for every challenge. Why should they go back on their plans? To accommodate for people who already missed 1 or 2 and say “Alright, you can miss up to five.”
That defeats the point of saying you have 1 day for each. If they change the time span of each challenge, it would defeat the purpose of having 30 challenges.
There is one a day, and you get prizes in increments of five. That’s the WHOLE point of Super September.
If that’s too hard for everyone else, I want something, ANYTHING, just to reward me for going after EVERY challenge.

Yeah.. I’m pretty sure Soul Wars is a standard 20 minute game. So if that takes you all day, you shouldn’t play this game. Each challenge is less than 30 minutes of playtime each day. Not too much to ask for IMO.

So those who are willing to get on, if only to do the challenge each day, they SHOULD be glorified. Why do you wanna shun players who are more dedicated to this game than yourself?

Also, Bulldog is only going on for one more day. It is not an all month seasonal hi score.

1. My first thread was here and I felt I rambled too much and didn’t get my true point across. My second thread was in Rants, simply because I wanted to rant.

2. September 25th, the day I’ll be getting the rest of the rewards, is indeed in the future. I’m hoping that they’ll update the rewards by then. Also, I had no idea where else to start this thread; Any suggestions?

3. In one of my other threads, I did say a lot about loyalty and saying people who don’t do all 30 are less loyal. It was clearly pointed out to me that missing an event doesn’t prove disloyalty. This is why I have not said anything about player loyalty in this thread.

I just want a reward (other than xp, which you get for every challenge) for completing all of the challenges.

Runescape player suggested micropayments

Jagex is actively looking for player suggested content pertaining to Solomon’s General Store and cosmetics, please provide them with your ideas, suggestions, what you’d like to see in game and also provide constructive criticism and critique for current cosmetics in order to improve the quality of cosmetics :3

About 44:40 minutes into the “Live Q&A with CEO Mark Gerhard & VP Daniel Clough” youtube video, I believe it was Daniel Clough who replied to my question:
“Can we expect to see more player suggested micro transactions such as exclusive hairstyles, skin tones, items etc.”
Daniel Clough:
“I think it would be pretty cool, obviously we want it to be a little sensitive to micro transactions and I think going in there asking for suggestions is not something that we’ve done particularly for these reasons so far.
But I think that’s a really cool idea, we should do it!”

With that being said, I wish to gather this wonderful and passionate community to input your wishlist of what you’d like to see implemented on SOF and Solomon’s General Store.
I’ll round up a couple of my personal suggested micro transactions along with other suggestions form players in order to further help our goal in one day to see our suggestions flourish :3
I shall ask the owners of various threads permission to have their suggestions seen here.
TL;DR – Tell Jagex what you’d like to see implemented on SOF/Solomon whether it is cosmetic, item related, convenience related, etc.

Other Runescape Items Player suggested customizations:
Adjustable tail count (Related to Kitsune, or Fox with multiple tails)
Relate feline outfit with “nekomata” or “Forked cat” with two tails.
Relate fox outfit with “Kitsune” or “Spirit fox” with up to nine tails.
Adjustable color schemes applied to all cosmetics, similar to how players can customize Herald capes.
Ability to adjust skin tones and incorporate available skin tones from Makeover mage to Solomon’s General Store, plus “premium” skin tones with a variety of colors.
Example: Demonic skin tone – provides a red demon like skin tone to an avatar.
Additional “Resting” stances.
Fairy, Elemental Fairy, Angel, Seraph, Archangel, Demonic.
Cosmetic wings, exclusive hair styles, exclusive character customization (hip to waste ratio, bust sizes, height, etc.)

What to spend it on

Personally, I don’t think either god army really needs 5k coins. Lumbridge needs food money more. Besides, if my predictions for the ending come true, the losing god will teleport away, the winning god will use the same magic used in camp construction to rebuild Lumbridge in their image, and then they will leave.

Notice the lack of provisions. I don’t care what god y’all support, but I see them as equally likely to provide food for the war-torn community. Unfortunately, that likelihood is near to zero. They have a world to subjugate after all.

A little food Runescape Money can go a long way, particularly with how low on max health lumbridge citizens tend to be.

In short: I voted to “spend the money on food aid for Lumbridge.”

If I had a good guarantee of that the Zamorak faction was going to vote for food, I would as well. Unfortunately, given the history of the vote results and how poorly thought out they’ve been, and also given the vast majority of Zamorakian fighters poor reasoning (vast majority, as I said in another thread, I’ve spoken with numerous Zamorakians who have good reasons for doing what they’re doing) I’m voting for Saradomins aid, as still given the poor voting history, I can imagine for either side that, voting to send aid to their respective faction will be the most voted for option. If Saradomins voters don’t have a higher vote margin for either food, or sending aid to Saradomin then Zamoraks aid vote, then Zamorak will have gained a benefit, which I feel is irresponsible to allow. So, I’m going with what I imagine will be the most voted for option, to keep it that way.

Trust me though, I would like to think that the overall community thought things through as well as the notable individuals on the forum did. If I could, I’d vote for food in a heart-beat

Android version

I’m a megafan of runescape or was and I really wat to get back on runescape but cant because my computer can’t handle the graphics and the mouze don’t work anyways so I just had this brilliant idea to have the runescaps items game on android, not undercroft but Runescape with full access to POA (player owned accounts)

True that, well its just an idea anyways was a brilliant idea about the game bar, good job on that. But seriously jagex please do something or anything for android users. I used to have a lot of respect for yall but not anymore do stuff to fix yalls reputation restore the game to its original glory you know how many people quit because of the updates bring them back.

Clan:new way to view capping

Recently I noticed how much of a pain it is to check if someone has capped ( collect resources) in a clan. As of now a person must be on the same world as an individual to see if they have started or finished, sure thats ok if you have a few members but once you have a bigger number it takes foreverrrrrrr. Anyone else think that this should change? why not put a board in the citadel showing all the members and the resources they gathered listed right next to it or just make it so you can check everyone’s on any world?

First two items i’m confused

“Anyone who is a member for a year receives an exclusive milestone reward, with further items for continuous years of membership. Note that this only counts back since the Loyalty Programme first went live, so no-one will get more than the first two items today.”

I’ve been a member for a long time. I’m still paying the original $5 price, therefore; I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ve been a member since the Loyalty Programme went live.

Last time I checked, my Loyalty Programme thing said 11 months, assuming it’s 12 months now since I have the crown.If it started July 28th, 2011 then why did I only get the 1yr crown?
I have never dropped membership. Like I said, I am still paying the original $5 a month instead of the *7.95 that is being charged now.

Also, I enrolled the day it started. I never missed a day.

I have 180k loyalty points, a 50k title, a 25k title, Vampyrism, Penance, Wisdom, Jack of All trades, Reverance, 2 costumes, and a recolor coming out to 368,100 points.
I’m pretty sure I have enough points to cover those 2 yrs.