Which loptop to chose

I want to buy a new laptop in the near future. I want it to be compatible with Runescape Gold (with HTML5). I’m wondering about this two:
-Samsung i7-3635QM (processor) AMD Radeon 8870M (ABOUT 20% better graphics)
-Asus i7-4700HQ; nVidia GeForce GT750M (ABOUT 10% better processor)
One has better processor, the other Graphic Card. I’m not sure on which one HTML5 will run smoother. Which one would you recomend me for RS3(HTML)?


The HTML5 version of the game has a long way to go with optimization. Do not buy a laptop just for Runescape HTML5. Your best bet is to wait around the fall when..

a.) HTML5 langauge becomes standardized (think September)
b.) Jagex drops the term “beta” and players support the game is really out of the beta period.
c.) If your in the USA, you can probably get a competitive laptop on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale events which are after Thanksgiving.

Example is a month ago Jagex wanted to end HTML5 beta, but players fought for them to keep it as a “beta” until it is greatly improved.

In the end, you should be able to run it as well as the java version, if not better on your existing computer. That (as odd as it sounds) is when you should upgrade just for the sake of Runescape. Plus by then the hardware will be improved on what is available.

Runescape constructive criticism thread

Instead, all they did is destroy have the player base and effectively **** themselves over, but now it’s too late to go back. Worlds 1 and 2 max out at 250 players. It’s pathetic. Everybody at jagex did a horrible job and they should feel bad, and I’m not even kidding, i’m not trying to “troll”, I’m being 100% serious. While the eoc itself isn’t bad, what the problem is, it is too different. We played Runescape Gold for simplicity, yet Mod Markdonalds seems to live in backwords land. And now a sentence to turn this rant into constructive criticizm : remove everything pl0x

Also, my cat disappeared. I’ve had it 4 years and it just went, like that, gone. Made me angry.

Aalso, Why in the hell was eoc implemented? Give me all your reasons and i’ll shoot them down easily, it really isnt hard to see how badly they messed up on this one. It’s the only explenation why worlds 1 and 2 max out at 250 people.Before an angry fmod comes deleting this thread, please take a second and analyze whether or not it’s constructive criticism.

NIS Is bad too, i’ve adapted, i simply don’t like it anyways. Btw im a grill.btw my cats name was mr sparklez and he disappeared when i used edgeville lodestone.

Runescape dragon token

What stats does the dragon token give you? Right now Bronze: Slight chance to gather tears faster. Silver: Reduced damage from enemies. Runescape Gold: Increase damage to enemies.

Dragon: ???
What does Dragon give you? I need 4500 points to get it and it will take me actually 4 days to get that amount with the F2P cap of 1320 to see what it is.

A dragon Saradominist/Zamorakian token provides a 1 in 5 chance of receiving increased amounts of divine tears, reduces the damage you receive from the enemy faction’s units by 5% and then decreases this again by 5%, and increases the damage you deal against the enemy faction’s units by 5% and increases it again by 5%. It also allows you to check your contribution amount as well as providing 10 teleports to your faction’s war camp each day. There is also an emote linked to the token which can be performed by right-clicking the token and choosing ‘Emote’.

It’s really not all that much better. It just gives you slight damage reduction from opposing troops, a slight damage increase to opposing troops, and a small chance at getting like 1 more tear each time you gather some.