Lets clear thing up balance

I’m writting this thread because all of the threads and comments i read about how the old combat system wasn’t balanced at all.
i’m also gonna mention why i’m against the Runescape EOC, and point out to a solution although jagex are gonna ignore it as always…..

first lets start with the statments used by the EOC supporters (not all of them ofc).
1-d-claws,ags,korasi were all overpowered.
sorry but this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever read…. claws are overpowered? if you check out my stats, i got 99 att and str, with 118 cb in the old system, i used to rush and pj alot! the chance of success is 1/10 even with 99 attk and str… that is no where near op, besides as i remember there were alot of anti-rushers, see? thats called balance, furthermore, you can easily dodge a claw rush with phoenix neck or simply shark-brew. same goes for ags and korasi, i can say i’m an experienced pker ( since all i do is pk) the korasi spec was the easiest to dodge, all what you have to do is shark-brew, that goes for ags as well.

2-melee was dominit, the other 2 classess had no chance.
i’ll have to agree on this one, not because its true, but because people are dumb to figure out that melee needed 2 skils to level up (attack and strength), unlike mage and range.
range and mage also had the upper-hand with fighting from a distance! i cant believe players try to avoid this fact.
also, you can easily kill any melee pker with mage, a mage will be defeated with ease by a ranger, and a ranger is most likely to die by a melee fighter….i still dont see anything that isn’t balanced…just some whinning from players who can’t learn to pk.
but to be fair, the problem was that the cost of runes of arrows what kept people from using range or magic.

3-“click and wait is boring”….i’m not gonna try to explain this because its a matter of taste, some players find eoc fun, and some prefer the old one. but to me it wasn’t boring at all, and i prefer it mashing my keyboard anyday

4-“the old system required no skill at all”
no skill? well what about trying 5-6 way switch in less than a second? doesn’t that require skill and training? well what about timing the spec? what about getting used to shark-brew? what about timing the vengeance? ( i used to kill tons of ppl that way)
i can mention alot more…and if it didn’t need skill, then why some people always get kills and hard to kill them?? huh? why? because if it didn’t require no skill then we both got 50-50% right?

now why do i hate the eoc? idk it just boring…i don’t find it fun at all…i gave it a chance, a 10 months chance and it still boring to me. other reasons :
1-it killed the pures…
2-its just a copy of other mmo’s
3-i don’t like mashing my keyboards.
4-it made all the 3 classess excatly the same…just a different arm and different animations.
5- its no where near balanced…not even closed.
6-all minigames that contain pvp are totally dead.
7-****** up econemy.
and more and more….,

jagex already confiremed that the EOC is staying no matter what (although they always lie) so why dont they just make a few worlds where you can use the old system, that would totally revive pking and minigames. and this way players can enjoy both systems, plus i don’t see any harm in that.
hope this doesn’t get locked cuz i mention some constructive feedback. and please do not start some childesh comments war….

Change prayer lcon

Greetings, fellow adventurers!

Due to the sixth age Battle of Lumbridge and other factors, I believe it is no longer appropriate to have the symbol of Saradomin as the prayer icon, especially for those with a Prayer Skill-cape.

Many people who I’ve talked to about this agree that it is no longer appropriate to have the current Prayer Icon, as people who do not follow Saradomin feel neglected and there is an obvious bias towards Saradominists.

Therefore, my conclusion is that the Prayer Icon should be changed to a more neutral symbol that people of all paths can wear in pride.

Brainstorm time! All good suggestions posted on this thread shall be added to this list.

Bones – central to training the Prayer skill so a logical choice.
Praying hands – Very neutral as it could be worshipping any god.
Man in the worshipping position – Also neutral as the man could be worshipping any god.

Warpriest balance runescape suggestion

First off, please read the entirety of my post before replying.
I don’t want any replies from members saying “you guise should be grateful your getting something, hurr durr” just because I don’t spend $96 a year on a poorly managed game (I’d rather buy The Last of Us and Payday 2 with that amount of money).

I will say that I find Jagex’s changes to the Warpriest armour horrendously thought out. While Lvl 60-equivalent Hybrid armour is too much for F2P (as much as I’d like that), Lvl 35-equivalent is just complete trash.

Also, note that Lvl 75 Warpriest armour for P2P could decrease the value of Dragon equipment, if you’re going to cry about it decreasing the value of Dragonstone, Rune, etc.

I propose three solutions:
*Solution #1: Make Tier 3 require Lvl 65, and make it available to F2P.
That way it won’t be any better than Rune/Batwing/Blue d’hide, and the only difference it’ll make is that free players won’t have to lug around 3 sets of armour.

Add a Tier 4 at Lvl 75 for P2P only for P2Pers and want to use it.

For those of you who think it’ll lower the value of Rune/Batwing/Blue d’hide, note that Runescape 3 Gold and Blue d’hide are commonly Alched items, and even if the price went down it’ll eventually go back up. Batwing has always been dirt-cheap because members can craft them easily.
There will always be a hell lot more sets of Rune/Bat/d’hide than Warpriest; Warpriest is a limited-time reward and can only be obtained once in all of RS.

***If there are arguments about it being unfair in PvP, ban it from PvP. Simple.
Don’t let players use it in the Wildy and Duel Arena.***

*Solution #2: Make it a Diango-reclaimable item with ZERO stats.
As it stands right now Warpriest armour is worthless, except for half-decent Lvl 35-equivalent melee/range Boots.

*Solution #3: Make it a Wardrobe cosmetic override.
No imbalance issues, keeps the looks. Balance is back to how it was before.

3 possible solutions:
#1 – Make Tier 3 Lvl 65 for ALL PLAYERS.
Equivalent of Rune/Bat/d’hide, won’t decrease value of those equipment because of alch values and abundance of equipment.
Add Tier 4 Lvl 75 for P2Pers.
Ban from the Wildy and Duel Arena to prevent imbalance.

#2 – Make it stat-less, reclaimable from Diango.
Level 35-equivalent is worthless to all players, except for crappy boots.
Don’t want cosmetics to take up space in bank.

#3 – Make it a Wardrobe cosmetic override.
No imbalance issues, doesn’t take up bank space, balance is back to how it was exactly before the event. Everybody’s happy.

This new interface system is so damn frustrating

I have looked all over for the cosmetic override interface to change overrides and cannot find it.

As usual, the runescape version of the wiki is worse than effing useless. Gives you a list of every possible override under the sun, but something as simple as how to access it? Forget it!!

I have tried virtually every guide and fan site and none of them say where the control is to bring up the cosmetic override interface.

Add to that the piece of **** chat interface where you never know where your chat is going to end up.

This damn interface needs to be totally scrapped.

Note i do not take part in the illegal activties im going to mention below

I am personally with you on this, if people can create private servers, then with their team they could easily tear down the current live game servers and rebuild them to match 2k11-2k12 era runescape. They just don’t really care about their comm anymore, and sadly, everyone knows this.

Dear jagex/runescape *note i do not take part in the illegal activties im going to mention below*, you say EOC was voted by the players, but when you where putting the Runescape EOC words up for my fellow players to test you did not put enough words up for us and only a small amount off the community auctally tested EOC before it was released, but now you admit that we cant go back in time.. So we gotta live with a ‘out dated 07 server’ and EOC lets be honest by admitting your wrong is a huge step forward and your listening to the community more now and we decides what happens, i know you cant restore 2012 pre EOC servers but just think about this ‘im not encouragging players to play private servers’ but if they can code a 667-748 sever up from almost scratch then why can’t you?

You have your so called ‘profesional team’ to develop your content. And your telling us you cant restore it? Why cant you just develop a better one? If your so called profesional team cant do it i really think you should hire the coders that can do it for fun. *no disrespect to the team* but stop making pathetic excuses because you just dont want to spend the time and ‘MONEY’ i will be happy to pay extra for it and i know thousands would aswell! I know some people love eoc but your forgeting something your forgetting the thousands off vetrants that played your game, pay your membership every month! Your forgetting the people that made you the company that you are today runescape your forgeting us!!

You have forgotten your own rules! You have forgotten the game that we grew up with! The hundreds off hours we put in! You basically stole from us, and you ban S U O M I for talking the truth? He completed your dam game he completed 5bill exp your best decision in 10 years was to unban him, its like ‘you going to university for 6 years to get a PHD and when you got it, you find out its no longer needed and worthless’? How would that make you feel Mod Mark L if it happened to you?

Thats why your community has split.. Runescape 3 is being released why cant we make that a new start?? Runescape we the veterants who want our game back, i know some people will be agaisnt this because of the people that joined when EOC was here but they wouldnt know what the community ‘was’ like.. If i get ban or muted after this, why? Because what i said was the truth?

Comon jagex hear the 80% off us out.
its quiet simple that people lost everything they work hard to gain, EOC is just another excuse to try change the game which was once so original and unique, the pking days the days where the worlds where full and we couldnt get in the first 6 worlds the days we enjoyed the Runescape gold game… jagex from behalf of your vetrants give us back our game!!! give us back our community!!

Runescape loyalty points refund

I have been a member since the loyalty program was released and I have always been one of those people that think in the long-run rather than the short run. For those of you unaware the loyalty shop is going to be combined with solomon’s general store (something i disagree with but beside the point.) Over the years I have spent all my points on whatever was on sale whether it be a silly emote or worthless (imo) outfit because my thought was that in the long turn I will eventually get everything in a lower amount of time.

However, after they are merged things like emotes and costumes will be able to be bought with runecoins, making they loyalty points i spent on them worthless. I guess this is a petition to refund loyalty points for items that will also be available with runecoins. An idea i had was like a one-time use reset button, like the “ring of kinship” has, which earned its reset button in a very similiar situation.

It’s a mirrored scenario of what happened with the ring of kinship that caused it to get a reset button. I think its a pretty good idea, not to mention if people do want there emotes back they will use loyalty points again or buy different stuff then use runecoins. Its creating an extra oppurtunity for microtransactions to take place, how can Jagex not love this idea? =P (ps im agaisnt squeal of fortune because its buying exp/gold, no one can deny that. However I dont mind solomons general store, if people want to spend cash on cosmetic stuff let them, personally i wouldnt, but i know alot do.)

Thanks for moving it, my mistake. And it’s difficult to refund irl-cash, however when using a currency completely in-game (loyalty points) it seems like it wouldn’t be that difficult in the end. It’s merely an idea I’d love to see happen.

Runescape dragon throw axe 2 yeras late

This quest will feature a horrific monster and we want you to come up with a look for that monster and send it to us! The monster lives underground and will drop a new Dragon throwing axe.

Honestly unless this dragon throwing axe is level 70+ or has upgrade potential like dragon claws this is already dead content. Incase you haven’t noticed the only use for level 60 weaponry now-a-days is to use them to get to level 70. So thanks for the 5 hour weapon upcoming. Might as well stop releasing dragon items they’re not cool anymore. They’re weak disposable garbage.

Thanks for making updates we asked for when they were still a useful option. Thanks for the level 60 cosmetic gear. Thanks for another Dragon keepsake option.

Dragon Runescape Equipment has the same amount of uses as it always has, just because you’re not that level anymore doesn’t mean everyone isn’t.

It’s useless to put rewards like dragon anymore theyre not useful like they used to be. i can’t believe you people are too dense to see that. but then again you’ve only started playing RS this year

Croziers need a mage

It has come to my attention that croziers have the same stats of tier 50 mage weapons (ancient staff, slayer staff etc…) yet the only runescape quirement to wear a crozier is 60 prayer and no magic level is required to wear one unlike ancient staff/slayer staff which require 50 magic while having the same stats

I think a 50 mage req should be added to croziers to balance things out a bit more.At 1 magic it has a base damage of 405 compared to a tier 1 staffs 54 base damage

The only requirement a crozier has at the moment is 60 prayer… prayer no longer levels combat so a level 4 using a crozier can basicly one hit other level 4s auto casting at 10 constitution.

I’ve seen plenty of level 4’s use croziers and they hit easily over 500’s with abilities which i think is a bit to high of a hit for a level 4 (and very unbalanced vs lv 4’s who use melee/range since they dont have a powerhouse wep like this)

The future of runescape

Essentially this is going to be a thread about why Runescape Gold will need to (and should) raise the maximum level for all skills from 99 to 120. I’ll start off with reasons why jagex will eventually have to increase the level cap:

*Please don’t just disregard this idea because you personally wouldn’t be willing to do the things im writing. reply that an open mind please.

I know most people reading this thread will already know why this will need to happen in the near future but i’ll write it anyway. Basically all of the current skills have ran out of room to add new content. Skills like attack and defence are possibly the most visible. Soon there will come a time when jagex adds a level 99 weapon and that will be all good and well, but then what? will they just stop releasing new weapons and armour? No. Also if jagex intends to make harder and harder bosses, skills like strength and constitution will also need to be increased, along with the new weapons and armours.

And i know what a lot of people are thinking now after reading that i want all skills to go to 120. i expect this thread will get a lot of posts like “120 is way too long for normal players” or “99 is already long enough to get” but the reality is, there IS a huge demand for higher goals and higher level content. As of writing this post, there was over 6700 players with 2496 total and what do these do now? what goals do these people have to achieve?

Now the thing people like to jump on when reading a thread like this is that they don’t want to get 120 in all skills. well guess what, this is an mmo. No one is forcing anyone to do anything, this would be content for the people that WANT to earn the extra levels.

With new training methods and content for new skills coming out all the time, xp rates have increased A LOT. Many 99s can be achieved in less than a week with the right training methods so increasing the max level cap to 104m xp wouldn’t take TOO long for the.

Now onto the good stuff, why i would personally like to see 120 skills in all games:

Variety! I’m SICK of seeing 1000 damn comp capes everywhere i go, its old now. I much preferred it before max/comp capes came along and people actually chose their favourite skill cape to go with their outfit instead of wearing the same damn cape for everything. with new 120 skill capes in all skills, this will bring back some variety as i expect a lot of players would rather wear a nice looking 120 cape to go with their outfit when skilling over a max/comp cape 24/7.

New content! new potion, new familiar, new weapons, new slayer monsters! what’s not to like about giving yourself (jagex) the opportunity to expand your game without having to add a new skill to do it. sure, new skills are very nice and much appreciated by most people, but it doesn’t add much else than itself to the game.

New skillcapes! i know this is mentioned above slightly, but having new skill capes to work for and wear is a very nice thing indeed.

If this was to become a reality, a few changes would need to be made to the game. my opinions would be:

– Change comp cape req to require a single 120 skill (not limited to only dg any more)
– Trimmed comp cape to require 2 120 skills (still has nothing on the cw req)

now when i thought about making this thread, i got pretty into the whole idea of 120 all skills so i started thinking up what new content could be added to the runescape 2007 gold game. I ended up making a spreadsheet on google docs with every skill and i filled in a table for each one with my own ideas for new level 100+ content. naturally i can’t post a link here to the spreadsheet, so I’m going to post a few ideas i came up with for some of the skills below.

Destroying AFK

You know, you could easily fix this whole away from keyboarding business if you just allowed players to attack one another right?

The event wouldn’t be so grind fest, too easy, boring, blah blah.. every bit of negativity I have seen since the release of this update.

Allow it. Come on.. Even if it only starts in a few weeks time. Even if we can only attack one player every 30 seconds, Make them panic! or at least help me annoy people. None of this catching up on TV while not even watching the Rs 3 Gold game to unlock cosmetics and other crap thats going on.

Would you kindly make this event a little more betterer by activating pvp?

None of this level restriction of attacking crap either. No skillers who limit them selves should escape the wraith of annoyance while higher leveled skillers get annoyed. Must be balanced about it now.

If my idea is just too unfair and uncalled for.. At least make all the warriors aggressive towards players skilling and killing.

If a bunch of zamorakians in a tunnel get agro against me and don’t even have their god literally watching over them, why aren’t the ones being watched more.. Productive?