Legitimising the theives guild

A few weeks ago we had an interest set of options in the Dukes Dilemma. He was asking for help, and our choices included legitimising the Thieves Guild.

This clearly shows that Lumbridge authorities are aware of the guild’s presence, and whether they like them or not, were willing to extend a legally binding hand in return for the guild’s assistance.

Sadly, for some, this option was not chosen. Fair enough, that’s how a vote works.

However, my question is will we ever be able to see this most interesting of events at a later date? Perhaps as a quest? Or guild tasks? Could we have the opportunity to pick a side and force the guild further underground or help it rise to ironically legal prominence? Will Lumbridge be the seat of a new “Assay Office” to monitor the black market trade in stolen goods, to hunt down the guild and shut it down, or to corrupt to fence stolen goods?

Will we see a new market or antiques fayre in Lumbridge, or a few stalls in looted battlefield memorabilia to kick start the towns economy after the battle where members of the Thieves Guild and of the Assay Office operate, recruit, and figuratively battle it out in Runescapes first resource “war”?

Will the guild tolerate the increase of petty crime and thievery throughout the province thanks to the insurrection and strife spread by the battle, or will the Duke and other leaders band together to defeat banditry and outlawry?

I hope you can see just from my few ideas how interesting and diverse such a piece of contest could be. There is a chance for a minigame or two, or a new dark storyline full of twists and turns, smuggling, stealing, puzzles, stealthy combat, assassination, murder and kidnap, as well as, or alternatively, heroic rescues, skirmishes, and honour.

Give us a chance to legitimise the Thieves Guild or drive it underground and into apparent obscurity in a post Battle of Lumbridge world. I think it could turnout to be a fantastic secondary project.

Is it really legit? We kinda secured that status through fraud and forgery, it’d pop up in audits.Perhaps there is an difference between paper legality and tolerating it’s activities. I’d hope there is some loophole, otherwise the option to legitimise the guild in the vote is a little flawed if it’s already legit.Nevertheless, there are some great avenues that we can go down by the Lumbridge authorities endorsing or impeding the activities of the Thieves Guild, which until there is an audit appears to be already legit!