Dominion tower and minigames

As most people know, many of the Runescape Gold minigame’s are outdated and are practically dead content. Pvp minigames which served the purpose of Experience and good rewards(FOG) are just not worth it. One of my favourite minigames, The Dominion Tower, needs to be made more fun and worthwhile. Im unsure whether or not the Dominion Tower is dead content, but to me, I think it needs a rework.

I’d just like to suggest that some newer, more challenging quest bosses from the more newer quests be added to the Dominion Tower. Most of them are outdated and are really easy (The Kendel *rolls eyes*)
Some of them

~Char from The Firemaker’s Curse
~Vanstrom from the Branches of Darkmeyer
~Some of the bosses from The World Wakes
~Lucien from The Ritual of the Mahjarrat
~’Me’ from The Lunar Diplomacy
~The Spirit Beast from Summers End (unsure about this one though)
~Bandos Avatar from The Chosen Commander
~Monsters from The Elder Kiln and the Brink of Extinction

Infact, I think the whole Dominion Tower minigame should be reworked. A newer arena, different modes (ones that are good for bossing, ones that are good for factor) and some more rewards that can be used outside of the Dominion Tower such as potions and food and weapons (I know the Dom Tower weapons are a bit OP but c’mon, their unused content). I couldnt think of anything more from the top of my head, but I will update this thread when I think of something.I like easy bosses like the Kendel, but i’d also like to fight more challenging bosses.