New runescape skill should have been pop

Now I don’t dislike Divination but I think it will take longer to get 99 in than it must have taken to write, I mean it is basically a copy and paste of the code from Runescape Gold, but without a new world to train it in.

Player Owned Ports on the other hand was an amazing update. One of the best for some time. It takes time at first to get to grips and it is fairly complex, fun, addictive, new and imaginative. The downside of POP is there is not much gain in my opinion for the effort put in, although I hope for future updates to make the most of the content as it is so popular.

The only thing I can not get to grips is why it wasn’t a new skill? It could have been divination. You could have got xp from doing missions and gained resources needed for the next skill from the mission.

Anyone agree or am I alone on this?

P.S I really hope some more thought goes into the next skill to make it a bit more exciting. I thought Dung was going to be the turning point and from then on all skills would be complex, interactive and fun, like a game within a game.

P.P.S Before anyone thinks this is a rant it isn’t. I had hoped for a lot more from the 1st skill in 3 years but on the other hand I think POP is a great update as with many in the game. I was just thinking new skills should be fun to train to 99. I have no issues with low xp rates if it is enjoyable.

Most of the resource gathering skills are relatively similar. Click something, get something. The animations change, but thats about it.

I don’t think POP should have been a skill, but I do think it should have been regularily updated and expanded. As soon as you’ve unlocked the last area, and trained all your crew up, there’s not much left to do. Eventually you end up with 200k of each resource, and you’re just sending your ships out just for the sake of it, hoping for special missions once a day. POP could have been a great opportunity for a item sink, sending items out to the eastern lands in exchange for more supplies, etc.