Good luck saradominists

You have voted in three lovely druids who, as long as there concentration is not broken will provide Lumbridge “the castle only” with a basic magical shield.

If you could of opened your minds, you could of had a force of powerful ZMI mages protecting the entirety of the town!

But well done, your discrimination against Zamorakians has cost you powerful offensive magical protection for Lumbridge..

Enjoy your floating green shields…. So long as the noise of the battle does not break the druids concentration of course.

We don’t need advice nor lecturing from two faced red Armadylean snakes like you.

The druids aren’t going to start fighting the white knights in the streets of Lumbridge and were less costly, they would protect Lumbridge the best in this times of crisis, which you should be trying to do rather than support the Zamorakian ideology.

When Armadyl is involved in a world event don’t count on us Saradominists to assist you, red Armadylean. We will not forget your actions.