My review aften 3 hours of div

So I do enjoy the skill, very old school with new school rewards, as promised. There are a couple things I would change if I were able to:

-First on the list would have to be the fact that Divination is a Buyable Gathering skill.

-I would also like to see the Portent of Restoration do a little more than their fish counterpart, even if it is a minimal increase, 5% or so, the fact is those items require a longer process to attain than traditional food.

-Pets/Familiars, (including clan avatars/SGS pets) let’s face it, they need to go, perhaps because ‘We are resistant to God powers’ we can be around these energy rifts and such, but our pets/familiars explode or transform into guthix statues or something, due to the risidual energy in the area… in order to mitigate the distraction and misclicks they cause.

-Chronical rewards need to be modified, the xp is not worth the time to turn the 10 of
them in.

Just my input, post what you agree/ do not agree with, no need to be children and flame/spam.