Divination:rewards info

Aalright, so I recently took a bit of time off of my spring siphoning to test out the Portents of Restoration and Signs of the Porter. Here’s what I found.

Portent of Restoration
-Do not cause adrenaline loss on activation.
-Do work while you’re stunned. (Note: I was only able to test it when the stunning hit sends you under 50%. Would like confirmation that it still works when you’re stunned and sent under 50% on a subsequent hit. Would do it myself, but I’m out of portents and have to go make more first)
-If you have multiple Portents, multiples will not activate if the first portent that activates fails to bring you above 50% HP. (Example: Say my halfway point is 2k hp, an attack brings me down to 1k HP, and my Portents heals for 600 HP. Even if I have a bunch of Portents, only one will activate until my HP goes over 2k again.)

Sign of the Porter
-Sends the item to your bank every time.
-Does not require that you have open inventory space to receive the item.
-Activates when you equip it.
-Can have multiples carried at the same time.

The implications of the second are crazy, at least to me. Given that the highest level of Sign allows you to transport 30 items before it breaks, and we can have 28 of them in our inventories plus one worn plus 28 spaces of inventory plus 30 pack-yack spaces, this means that we can gather a maximum of 928 items before needing to bank without dropping a single one of them. It’s a gatherer’s dream.

The first has implications of its own. I’m not a PvPer, but from what I understand, adrenaline consumption on food use is a major factor in who wins/loses a fight- Whoever eats first is at a disadvantage. Further, stuns are used to deal high damage and take people down from even high amounts of HP. Given their properties, I think it’s possible that Portents of Restoration could shift the flow of PvP (although I certainly can’t be sure of that due to my lack of experience).

Transmutation also has some interesting implications, though perhaps not as game changing as the other rewards. With Transmutation, we can change mass-produced items like coal into more valuable or labor intensive items like Mithril. Now, this is a limited ability; it requires that we have energy in our inventory to do it with, and a specific tier of energy at that. But it’s still a notable feature of the skill.

With all of that in mind, I do have a couple thoughts about the rewards:

For Portents of Restoration, would it be over-powered to have them activate every 1.8 or 2.4 seconds until you’re raised above 50% health? I’m of two minds, personally; I wouldn’t want to see healing totally automated, but I think it’s kind of odd that the Portents don’t activate subsequently.

For Transmutation, should higher tiers of energy be able to stand-in for lower tiers? It’s just a thought; looking over the energy products earlier, I loved that I’d be able to convert coal to mithril, but was kind of put off that I’d have to have another stack of energy to convert mithril to adamant, so I was wondering if you could simply use the higher tier for both transmutations.

For Signs/Portents of Item protect, why can’t they work in PvP zones? Just wondering; I don’t think it’d be over-powered or anything if they were to work there.