Is jagex treating F2P unfair

So, I was recently on the forums and i was seeing a lot of talk and discussions, mainly hitting out at Jagex for “unfair treatment” towards the F2P players in the game. I know a lot of people may not like what i am about to say but it is nothing short of the truth. F2P in Runescape is simply a small sample of the game, a bit over a demo if you would like to call it that, It costs a lot of money to run a game like this even though you may not see it, therefore, ALL of the exclusive content are left to those who contribute towards the game. I mean, if you were selling something, how many free samples would you give? This game is for our entertainment, but it’s also a lot of people’s livelihood. So they cannot simply make F2P as fun as you may want it, as sad as it is, if they did, they would be no reason for players to play.

If you want to play the runescape 2007 gold game at it’s fullest, i suggest you ask your parents, or find a method of making money as I do.. In the real world, you do it in RS don’t you? You get what you pay for in this world, the people at Jagex have to collect a pay check to survive… And it just so happens that comes from this game, so if you want the full content, pay for it, or please don’t complain to the men and women who work so hard for their money, designing a game isn’t easy, if you think it is, give it a try maybe?

Jagex shouldn’t bash F2P players like they are doing atm, period. They shouldn’t giving them false promises over and over. Even if they don’t pay, they don’t deserve to be treated as trashs. Having new content is not the problem. The health of the game also takes F2P into consideration.

Some people maybe play less than half an hour a day and don’t see spending membreship for around 15 hours a month good. Some people live in countries where there is no way to pay membreship other than having a bank account. Some people are under 16 and their parents don’t want to buy them membreship and some people just enjoy the F2P part of the game more than the P2P, mainly because it’s more “challenging”. Jagex should take this in consideration and stop just throwing baits to F2P players.