Lets clear thing up balance

I’m writting this thread because all of the threads and comments i read about how the old combat system wasn’t balanced at all.
i’m also gonna mention why i’m against the Runescape EOC, and point out to a solution although jagex are gonna ignore it as always…..

first lets start with the statments used by the EOC supporters (not all of them ofc).
1-d-claws,ags,korasi were all overpowered.
sorry but this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever read…. claws are overpowered? if you check out my stats, i got 99 att and str, with 118 cb in the old system, i used to rush and pj alot! the chance of success is 1/10 even with 99 attk and str… that is no where near op, besides as i remember there were alot of anti-rushers, see? thats called balance, furthermore, you can easily dodge a claw rush with phoenix neck or simply shark-brew. same goes for ags and korasi, i can say i’m an experienced pker ( since all i do is pk) the korasi spec was the easiest to dodge, all what you have to do is shark-brew, that goes for ags as well.

2-melee was dominit, the other 2 classess had no chance.
i’ll have to agree on this one, not because its true, but because people are dumb to figure out that melee needed 2 skils to level up (attack and strength), unlike mage and range.
range and mage also had the upper-hand with fighting from a distance! i cant believe players try to avoid this fact.
also, you can easily kill any melee pker with mage, a mage will be defeated with ease by a ranger, and a ranger is most likely to die by a melee fighter….i still dont see anything that isn’t balanced…just some whinning from players who can’t learn to pk.
but to be fair, the problem was that the cost of runes of arrows what kept people from using range or magic.

3-“click and wait is boring”….i’m not gonna try to explain this because its a matter of taste, some players find eoc fun, and some prefer the old one. but to me it wasn’t boring at all, and i prefer it mashing my keyboard anyday

4-“the old system required no skill at all”
no skill? well what about trying 5-6 way switch in less than a second? doesn’t that require skill and training? well what about timing the spec? what about getting used to shark-brew? what about timing the vengeance? ( i used to kill tons of ppl that way)
i can mention alot more…and if it didn’t need skill, then why some people always get kills and hard to kill them?? huh? why? because if it didn’t require no skill then we both got 50-50% right?

now why do i hate the eoc? idk it just boring…i don’t find it fun at all…i gave it a chance, a 10 months chance and it still boring to me. other reasons :
1-it killed the pures…
2-its just a copy of other mmo’s
3-i don’t like mashing my keyboards.
4-it made all the 3 classess excatly the same…just a different arm and different animations.
5- its no where near balanced…not even closed.
6-all minigames that contain pvp are totally dead.
7-****** up econemy.
and more and more….,

jagex already confiremed that the EOC is staying no matter what (although they always lie) so why dont they just make a few worlds where you can use the old system, that would totally revive pking and minigames. and this way players can enjoy both systems, plus i don’t see any harm in that.
hope this doesn’t get locked cuz i mention some constructive feedback. and please do not start some childesh comments war….