Change prayer lcon

Greetings, fellow adventurers!

Due to the sixth age Battle of Lumbridge and other factors, I believe it is no longer appropriate to have the symbol of Saradomin as the prayer icon, especially for those with a Prayer Skill-cape.

Many people who I’ve talked to about this agree that it is no longer appropriate to have the current Prayer Icon, as people who do not follow Saradomin feel neglected and there is an obvious bias towards Saradominists.

Therefore, my conclusion is that the Prayer Icon should be changed to a more neutral symbol that people of all paths can wear in pride.

Brainstorm time! All good suggestions posted on this thread shall be added to this list.

Bones – central to training the Prayer skill so a logical choice.
Praying hands – Very neutral as it could be worshipping any god.
Man in the worshipping position – Also neutral as the man could be worshipping any god.