Warpriest balance runescape suggestion

First off, please read the entirety of my post before replying.
I don’t want any replies from members saying “you guise should be grateful your getting something, hurr durr” just because I don’t spend $96 a year on a poorly managed game (I’d rather buy The Last of Us and Payday 2 with that amount of money).

I will say that I find Jagex’s changes to the Warpriest armour horrendously thought out. While Lvl 60-equivalent Hybrid armour is too much for F2P (as much as I’d like that), Lvl 35-equivalent is just complete trash.

Also, note that Lvl 75 Warpriest armour for P2P could decrease the value of Dragon equipment, if you’re going to cry about it decreasing the value of Dragonstone, Rune, etc.

I propose three solutions:
*Solution #1: Make Tier 3 require Lvl 65, and make it available to F2P.
That way it won’t be any better than Rune/Batwing/Blue d’hide, and the only difference it’ll make is that free players won’t have to lug around 3 sets of armour.

Add a Tier 4 at Lvl 75 for P2P only for P2Pers and want to use it.

For those of you who think it’ll lower the value of Rune/Batwing/Blue d’hide, note that Runescape 3 Gold and Blue d’hide are commonly Alched items, and even if the price went down it’ll eventually go back up. Batwing has always been dirt-cheap because members can craft them easily.
There will always be a hell lot more sets of Rune/Bat/d’hide than Warpriest; Warpriest is a limited-time reward and can only be obtained once in all of RS.

***If there are arguments about it being unfair in PvP, ban it from PvP. Simple.
Don’t let players use it in the Wildy and Duel Arena.***

*Solution #2: Make it a Diango-reclaimable item with ZERO stats.
As it stands right now Warpriest armour is worthless, except for half-decent Lvl 35-equivalent melee/range Boots.

*Solution #3: Make it a Wardrobe cosmetic override.
No imbalance issues, keeps the looks. Balance is back to how it was before.

3 possible solutions:
#1 – Make Tier 3 Lvl 65 for ALL PLAYERS.
Equivalent of Rune/Bat/d’hide, won’t decrease value of those equipment because of alch values and abundance of equipment.
Add Tier 4 Lvl 75 for P2Pers.
Ban from the Wildy and Duel Arena to prevent imbalance.

#2 – Make it stat-less, reclaimable from Diango.
Level 35-equivalent is worthless to all players, except for crappy boots.
Don’t want cosmetics to take up space in bank.

#3 – Make it a Wardrobe cosmetic override.
No imbalance issues, doesn’t take up bank space, balance is back to how it was exactly before the event. Everybody’s happy.