Note i do not take part in the illegal activties im going to mention below

I am personally with you on this, if people can create private servers, then with their team they could easily tear down the current live game servers and rebuild them to match 2k11-2k12 era runescape. They just don’t really care about their comm anymore, and sadly, everyone knows this.

Dear jagex/runescape *note i do not take part in the illegal activties im going to mention below*, you say EOC was voted by the players, but when you where putting the Runescape EOC words up for my fellow players to test you did not put enough words up for us and only a small amount off the community auctally tested EOC before it was released, but now you admit that we cant go back in time.. So we gotta live with a ‘out dated 07 server’ and EOC lets be honest by admitting your wrong is a huge step forward and your listening to the community more now and we decides what happens, i know you cant restore 2012 pre EOC servers but just think about this ‘im not encouragging players to play private servers’ but if they can code a 667-748 sever up from almost scratch then why can’t you?

You have your so called ‘profesional team’ to develop your content. And your telling us you cant restore it? Why cant you just develop a better one? If your so called profesional team cant do it i really think you should hire the coders that can do it for fun. *no disrespect to the team* but stop making pathetic excuses because you just dont want to spend the time and ‘MONEY’ i will be happy to pay extra for it and i know thousands would aswell! I know some people love eoc but your forgeting something your forgetting the thousands off vetrants that played your game, pay your membership every month! Your forgetting the people that made you the company that you are today runescape your forgeting us!!

You have forgotten your own rules! You have forgotten the game that we grew up with! The hundreds off hours we put in! You basically stole from us, and you ban S U O M I for talking the truth? He completed your dam game he completed 5bill exp your best decision in 10 years was to unban him, its like ‘you going to university for 6 years to get a PHD and when you got it, you find out its no longer needed and worthless’? How would that make you feel Mod Mark L if it happened to you?

Thats why your community has split.. Runescape 3 is being released why cant we make that a new start?? Runescape we the veterants who want our game back, i know some people will be agaisnt this because of the people that joined when EOC was here but they wouldnt know what the community ‘was’ like.. If i get ban or muted after this, why? Because what i said was the truth?

Comon jagex hear the 80% off us out.
its quiet simple that people lost everything they work hard to gain, EOC is just another excuse to try change the game which was once so original and unique, the pking days the days where the worlds where full and we couldnt get in the first 6 worlds the days we enjoyed the Runescape gold game… jagex from behalf of your vetrants give us back our game!!! give us back our community!!