Runescape loyalty points refund

I have been a member since the loyalty program was released and I have always been one of those people that think in the long-run rather than the short run. For those of you unaware the loyalty shop is going to be combined with solomon’s general store (something i disagree with but beside the point.) Over the years I have spent all my points on whatever was on sale whether it be a silly emote or worthless (imo) outfit because my thought was that in the long turn I will eventually get everything in a lower amount of time.

However, after they are merged things like emotes and costumes will be able to be bought with runecoins, making they loyalty points i spent on them worthless. I guess this is a petition to refund loyalty points for items that will also be available with runecoins. An idea i had was like a one-time use reset button, like the “ring of kinship” has, which earned its reset button in a very similiar situation.

It’s a mirrored scenario of what happened with the ring of kinship that caused it to get a reset button. I think its a pretty good idea, not to mention if people do want there emotes back they will use loyalty points again or buy different stuff then use runecoins. Its creating an extra oppurtunity for microtransactions to take place, how can Jagex not love this idea? =P (ps im agaisnt squeal of fortune because its buying exp/gold, no one can deny that. However I dont mind solomons general store, if people want to spend cash on cosmetic stuff let them, personally i wouldnt, but i know alot do.)

Thanks for moving it, my mistake. And it’s difficult to refund irl-cash, however when using a currency completely in-game (loyalty points) it seems like it wouldn’t be that difficult in the end. It’s merely an idea I’d love to see happen.