Runescape dragon throw axe 2 yeras late

This quest will feature a horrific monster and we want you to come up with a look for that monster and send it to us! The monster lives underground and will drop a new Dragon throwing axe.

Honestly unless this dragon throwing axe is level 70+ or has upgrade potential like dragon claws this is already dead content. Incase you haven’t noticed the only use for level 60 weaponry now-a-days is to use them to get to level 70. So thanks for the 5 hour weapon upcoming. Might as well stop releasing dragon items they’re not cool anymore. They’re weak disposable garbage.

Thanks for making updates we asked for when they were still a useful option. Thanks for the level 60 cosmetic gear. Thanks for another Dragon keepsake option.

Dragon Runescape Equipment has the same amount of uses as it always has, just because you’re not that level anymore doesn’t mean everyone isn’t.

It’s useless to put rewards like dragon anymore theyre not useful like they used to be. i can’t believe you people are too dense to see that. but then again you’ve only started playing RS this year