Croziers need a mage

It has come to my attention that croziers have the same stats of tier 50 mage weapons (ancient staff, slayer staff etc…) yet the only runescape quirement to wear a crozier is 60 prayer and no magic level is required to wear one unlike ancient staff/slayer staff which require 50 magic while having the same stats

I think a 50 mage req should be added to croziers to balance things out a bit more.At 1 magic it has a base damage of 405 compared to a tier 1 staffs 54 base damage

The only requirement a crozier has at the moment is 60 prayer… prayer no longer levels combat so a level 4 using a crozier can basicly one hit other level 4s auto casting at 10 constitution.

I’ve seen plenty of level 4’s use croziers and they hit easily over 500’s with abilities which i think is a bit to high of a hit for a level 4 (and very unbalanced vs lv 4’s who use melee/range since they dont have a powerhouse wep like this)