The future of runescape

Essentially this is going to be a thread about why Runescape Gold will need to (and should) raise the maximum level for all skills from 99 to 120. I’ll start off with reasons why jagex will eventually have to increase the level cap:

*Please don’t just disregard this idea because you personally wouldn’t be willing to do the things im writing. reply that an open mind please.

I know most people reading this thread will already know why this will need to happen in the near future but i’ll write it anyway. Basically all of the current skills have ran out of room to add new content. Skills like attack and defence are possibly the most visible. Soon there will come a time when jagex adds a level 99 weapon and that will be all good and well, but then what? will they just stop releasing new weapons and armour? No. Also if jagex intends to make harder and harder bosses, skills like strength and constitution will also need to be increased, along with the new weapons and armours.

And i know what a lot of people are thinking now after reading that i want all skills to go to 120. i expect this thread will get a lot of posts like “120 is way too long for normal players” or “99 is already long enough to get” but the reality is, there IS a huge demand for higher goals and higher level content. As of writing this post, there was over 6700 players with 2496 total and what do these do now? what goals do these people have to achieve?

Now the thing people like to jump on when reading a thread like this is that they don’t want to get 120 in all skills. well guess what, this is an mmo. No one is forcing anyone to do anything, this would be content for the people that WANT to earn the extra levels.

With new training methods and content for new skills coming out all the time, xp rates have increased A LOT. Many 99s can be achieved in less than a week with the right training methods so increasing the max level cap to 104m xp wouldn’t take TOO long for the.

Now onto the good stuff, why i would personally like to see 120 skills in all games:

Variety! I’m SICK of seeing 1000 damn comp capes everywhere i go, its old now. I much preferred it before max/comp capes came along and people actually chose their favourite skill cape to go with their outfit instead of wearing the same damn cape for everything. with new 120 skill capes in all skills, this will bring back some variety as i expect a lot of players would rather wear a nice looking 120 cape to go with their outfit when skilling over a max/comp cape 24/7.

New content! new potion, new familiar, new weapons, new slayer monsters! what’s not to like about giving yourself (jagex) the opportunity to expand your game without having to add a new skill to do it. sure, new skills are very nice and much appreciated by most people, but it doesn’t add much else than itself to the game.

New skillcapes! i know this is mentioned above slightly, but having new skill capes to work for and wear is a very nice thing indeed.

If this was to become a reality, a few changes would need to be made to the game. my opinions would be:

– Change comp cape req to require a single 120 skill (not limited to only dg any more)
– Trimmed comp cape to require 2 120 skills (still has nothing on the cw req)

now when i thought about making this thread, i got pretty into the whole idea of 120 all skills so i started thinking up what new content could be added to the runescape 2007 gold game. I ended up making a spreadsheet on google docs with every skill and i filled in a table for each one with my own ideas for new level 100+ content. naturally i can’t post a link here to the spreadsheet, so I’m going to post a few ideas i came up with for some of the skills below.