Destroying AFK

You know, you could easily fix this whole away from keyboarding business if you just allowed players to attack one another right?

The event wouldn’t be so grind fest, too easy, boring, blah blah.. every bit of negativity I have seen since the release of this update.

Allow it. Come on.. Even if it only starts in a few weeks time. Even if we can only attack one player every 30 seconds, Make them panic! or at least help me annoy people. None of this catching up on TV while not even watching the Rs 3 Gold game to unlock cosmetics and other crap thats going on.

Would you kindly make this event a little more betterer by activating pvp?

None of this level restriction of attacking crap either. No skillers who limit them selves should escape the wraith of annoyance while higher leveled skillers get annoyed. Must be balanced about it now.

If my idea is just too unfair and uncalled for.. At least make all the warriors aggressive towards players skilling and killing.

If a bunch of zamorakians in a tunnel get agro against me and don’t even have their god literally watching over them, why aren’t the ones being watched more.. Productive?