Which loptop to chose

I want to buy a new laptop in the near future. I want it to be compatible with Runescape Gold (with HTML5). I’m wondering about this two:
-Samsung i7-3635QM (processor) AMD Radeon 8870M (ABOUT 20% better graphics)
-Asus i7-4700HQ; nVidia GeForce GT750M (ABOUT 10% better processor)
One has better processor, the other Graphic Card. I’m not sure on which one HTML5 will run smoother. Which one would you recomend me for RS3(HTML)?


The HTML5 version of the game has a long way to go with optimization. Do not buy a laptop just for Runescape HTML5. Your best bet is to wait around the fall when..

a.) HTML5 langauge becomes standardized (think September)
b.) Jagex drops the term “beta” and players support the game is really out of the beta period.
c.) If your in the USA, you can probably get a competitive laptop on sale during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale events which are after Thanksgiving.

Example is a month ago Jagex wanted to end HTML5 beta, but players fought for them to keep it as a “beta” until it is greatly improved.

In the end, you should be able to run it as well as the java version, if not better on your existing computer. That (as odd as it sounds) is when you should upgrade just for the sake of Runescape. Plus by then the hardware will be improved on what is available.