Titles glitch

When attempting to change my title inside the game, I am not displaying the ones I want to. Instead, it gives me titles that I do not even own and asks me to open the shop in order to buy them.

Is there any kind of solution, or will I have to wait it out?

The Runescape Eoc problem has been resolved. All I did was change the list settings to give me the complete list of titles to choose from, which was the primary source of the issue. However, it has a negative impact on the other option to display the list. This bug is still cause for alarm.

Legitimising the theives guild

A few weeks ago we had an interest set of options in the Dukes Dilemma. He was asking for help, and our choices included legitimising the Thieves Guild.

This clearly shows that Lumbridge authorities are aware of the guild’s presence, and whether they like them or not, were willing to extend a legally binding hand in return for the guild’s assistance.

Sadly, for some, this option was not chosen. Fair enough, that’s how a vote works.

However, my question is will we ever be able to see this most interesting of events at a later date? Perhaps as a quest? Or guild tasks? Could we have the opportunity to pick a side and force the guild further underground or help it rise to ironically legal prominence? Will Lumbridge be the seat of a new “Assay Office” to monitor the black market trade in stolen goods, to hunt down the guild and shut it down, or to corrupt to fence stolen goods?

Will we see a new market or antiques fayre in Lumbridge, or a few stalls in looted battlefield memorabilia to kick start the towns economy after the battle where members of the Thieves Guild and of the Assay Office operate, recruit, and figuratively battle it out in Runescapes first resource “war”?

Will the guild tolerate the increase of petty crime and thievery throughout the province thanks to the insurrection and strife spread by the battle, or will the Duke and other leaders band together to defeat banditry and outlawry?

I hope you can see just from my few ideas how interesting and diverse such a piece of contest could be. There is a chance for a minigame or two, or a new dark storyline full of twists and turns, smuggling, stealing, puzzles, stealthy combat, assassination, murder and kidnap, as well as, or alternatively, heroic rescues, skirmishes, and honour.

Give us a chance to legitimise the Thieves Guild or drive it underground and into apparent obscurity in a post Battle of Lumbridge world. I think it could turnout to be a fantastic secondary project.

Is it really legit? We kinda secured that status through fraud and forgery, it’d pop up in audits.Perhaps there is an difference between paper legality and tolerating it’s activities. I’d hope there is some loophole, otherwise the option to legitimise the guild in the vote is a little flawed if it’s already legit.Nevertheless, there are some great avenues that we can go down by the Lumbridge authorities endorsing or impeding the activities of the Thieves Guild, which until there is an audit appears to be already legit!

Dominion tower and minigames

As most people know, many of the Runescape Gold minigame’s are outdated and are practically dead content. Pvp minigames which served the purpose of Experience and good rewards(FOG) are just not worth it. One of my favourite minigames, The Dominion Tower, needs to be made more fun and worthwhile. Im unsure whether or not the Dominion Tower is dead content, but to me, I think it needs a rework.

I’d just like to suggest that some newer, more challenging quest bosses from the more newer quests be added to the Dominion Tower. Most of them are outdated and are really easy (The Kendel *rolls eyes*)
Some of them

~Char from The Firemaker’s Curse
~Vanstrom from the Branches of Darkmeyer
~Some of the bosses from The World Wakes
~Lucien from The Ritual of the Mahjarrat
~’Me’ from The Lunar Diplomacy
~The Spirit Beast from Summers End (unsure about this one though)
~Bandos Avatar from The Chosen Commander
~Monsters from The Elder Kiln and the Brink of Extinction

Infact, I think the whole Dominion Tower minigame should be reworked. A newer arena, different modes (ones that are good for bossing, ones that are good for factor) and some more rewards that can be used outside of the Dominion Tower such as potions and food and weapons (I know the Dom Tower weapons are a bit OP but c’mon, their unused content). I couldnt think of anything more from the top of my head, but I will update this thread when I think of something.I like easy bosses like the Kendel, but i’d also like to fight more challenging bosses.

New runescape skill should have been pop

Now I don’t dislike Divination but I think it will take longer to get 99 in than it must have taken to write, I mean it is basically a copy and paste of the code from Runescape Gold, but without a new world to train it in.

Player Owned Ports on the other hand was an amazing update. One of the best for some time. It takes time at first to get to grips and it is fairly complex, fun, addictive, new and imaginative. The downside of POP is there is not much gain in my opinion for the effort put in, although I hope for future updates to make the most of the content as it is so popular.

The only thing I can not get to grips is why it wasn’t a new skill? It could have been divination. You could have got xp from doing missions and gained resources needed for the next skill from the mission.

Anyone agree or am I alone on this?

P.S I really hope some more thought goes into the next skill to make it a bit more exciting. I thought Dung was going to be the turning point and from then on all skills would be complex, interactive and fun, like a game within a game.

P.P.S Before anyone thinks this is a rant it isn’t. I had hoped for a lot more from the 1st skill in 3 years but on the other hand I think POP is a great update as with many in the game. I was just thinking new skills should be fun to train to 99. I have no issues with low xp rates if it is enjoyable.

Most of the resource gathering skills are relatively similar. Click something, get something. The animations change, but thats about it.

I don’t think POP should have been a skill, but I do think it should have been regularily updated and expanded. As soon as you’ve unlocked the last area, and trained all your crew up, there’s not much left to do. Eventually you end up with 200k of each resource, and you’re just sending your ships out just for the sake of it, hoping for special missions once a day. POP could have been a great opportunity for a item sink, sending items out to the eastern lands in exchange for more supplies, etc.

Good luck saradominists

You have voted in three lovely druids who, as long as there concentration is not broken will provide Lumbridge “the castle only” with a basic magical shield.

If you could of opened your minds, you could of had a force of powerful ZMI mages protecting the entirety of the town!

But well done, your discrimination against Zamorakians has cost you powerful offensive magical protection for Lumbridge..

Enjoy your floating green shields…. So long as the noise of the battle does not break the druids concentration of course.

We don’t need advice nor lecturing from two faced red Armadylean snakes like you.

The druids aren’t going to start fighting the white knights in the streets of Lumbridge and were less costly, they would protect Lumbridge the best in this times of crisis, which you should be trying to do rather than support the Zamorakian ideology.

When Armadyl is involved in a world event don’t count on us Saradominists to assist you, red Armadylean. We will not forget your actions.

My review aften 3 hours of div

So I do enjoy the skill, very old school with new school rewards, as promised. There are a couple things I would change if I were able to:

-First on the list would have to be the fact that Divination is a Buyable Gathering skill.

-I would also like to see the Portent of Restoration do a little more than their fish counterpart, even if it is a minimal increase, 5% or so, the fact is those items require a longer process to attain than traditional food.

-Pets/Familiars, (including clan avatars/SGS pets) let’s face it, they need to go, perhaps because ‘We are resistant to God powers’ we can be around these energy rifts and such, but our pets/familiars explode or transform into guthix statues or something, due to the risidual energy in the area… in order to mitigate the distraction and misclicks they cause.

-Chronical rewards need to be modified, the xp is not worth the time to turn the 10 of
them in.

Just my input, post what you agree/ do not agree with, no need to be children and flame/spam.

A runescape problem with divination

And this isnt the xp rates.

When you click on the wisps, they become springs.
Not much of a problem, but that means there is no longer any wisp for the other 5 people behind you to click on, so they have to click again.
One extra click, not much of a Runescape Gold problem, but it quickly adds up, especialy when you dont notice it.

I think he means that when everyone clicks on a wisp, only the person who turns it into a spring begins to auto-siphon while everyone else has to click on the spring again to begin siphoning. It gets annoying sometimes.

Divination:rewards info

Aalright, so I recently took a bit of time off of my spring siphoning to test out the Portents of Restoration and Signs of the Porter. Here’s what I found.

Portent of Restoration
-Do not cause adrenaline loss on activation.
-Do work while you’re stunned. (Note: I was only able to test it when the stunning hit sends you under 50%. Would like confirmation that it still works when you’re stunned and sent under 50% on a subsequent hit. Would do it myself, but I’m out of portents and have to go make more first)
-If you have multiple Portents, multiples will not activate if the first portent that activates fails to bring you above 50% HP. (Example: Say my halfway point is 2k hp, an attack brings me down to 1k HP, and my Portents heals for 600 HP. Even if I have a bunch of Portents, only one will activate until my HP goes over 2k again.)

Sign of the Porter
-Sends the item to your bank every time.
-Does not require that you have open inventory space to receive the item.
-Activates when you equip it.
-Can have multiples carried at the same time.

The implications of the second are crazy, at least to me. Given that the highest level of Sign allows you to transport 30 items before it breaks, and we can have 28 of them in our inventories plus one worn plus 28 spaces of inventory plus 30 pack-yack spaces, this means that we can gather a maximum of 928 items before needing to bank without dropping a single one of them. It’s a gatherer’s dream.

The first has implications of its own. I’m not a PvPer, but from what I understand, adrenaline consumption on food use is a major factor in who wins/loses a fight- Whoever eats first is at a disadvantage. Further, stuns are used to deal high damage and take people down from even high amounts of HP. Given their properties, I think it’s possible that Portents of Restoration could shift the flow of PvP (although I certainly can’t be sure of that due to my lack of experience).

Transmutation also has some interesting implications, though perhaps not as game changing as the other rewards. With Transmutation, we can change mass-produced items like coal into more valuable or labor intensive items like Mithril. Now, this is a limited ability; it requires that we have energy in our inventory to do it with, and a specific tier of energy at that. But it’s still a notable feature of the skill.

With all of that in mind, I do have a couple thoughts about the rewards:

For Portents of Restoration, would it be over-powered to have them activate every 1.8 or 2.4 seconds until you’re raised above 50% health? I’m of two minds, personally; I wouldn’t want to see healing totally automated, but I think it’s kind of odd that the Portents don’t activate subsequently.

For Transmutation, should higher tiers of energy be able to stand-in for lower tiers? It’s just a thought; looking over the energy products earlier, I loved that I’d be able to convert coal to mithril, but was kind of put off that I’d have to have another stack of energy to convert mithril to adamant, so I was wondering if you could simply use the higher tier for both transmutations.

For Signs/Portents of Item protect, why can’t they work in PvP zones? Just wondering; I don’t think it’d be over-powered or anything if they were to work there.

White knights and zmi

When I spoke to the White Knight in the Lumbridge courtyard, he told me that the White Knights will protect Lumbridge against any Zamorakian forces that leave the battlefield…

Of course they will not protect the citizens from any Saradominist attack that might occur…

In order to balance this out, we should bring in the ZMI mages to protect the people of Lumbridge from Saradominists, if they do happen to get a little rambunctious. It is the best decision. Please, help Lumbridge, not Zamorak or Saradomin. This is our hometown we’re talking about here. We need protection from both sides!

Is jagex treating F2P unfair

So, I was recently on the forums and i was seeing a lot of talk and discussions, mainly hitting out at Jagex for “unfair treatment” towards the F2P players in the game. I know a lot of people may not like what i am about to say but it is nothing short of the truth. F2P in Runescape is simply a small sample of the game, a bit over a demo if you would like to call it that, It costs a lot of money to run a game like this even though you may not see it, therefore, ALL of the exclusive content are left to those who contribute towards the game. I mean, if you were selling something, how many free samples would you give? This game is for our entertainment, but it’s also a lot of people’s livelihood. So they cannot simply make F2P as fun as you may want it, as sad as it is, if they did, they would be no reason for players to play.

If you want to play the runescape 2007 gold game at it’s fullest, i suggest you ask your parents, or find a method of making money as I do.. In the real world, you do it in RS don’t you? You get what you pay for in this world, the people at Jagex have to collect a pay check to survive… And it just so happens that comes from this game, so if you want the full content, pay for it, or please don’t complain to the men and women who work so hard for their money, designing a game isn’t easy, if you think it is, give it a try maybe?

Jagex shouldn’t bash F2P players like they are doing atm, period. They shouldn’t giving them false promises over and over. Even if they don’t pay, they don’t deserve to be treated as trashs. Having new content is not the problem. The health of the game also takes F2P into consideration.

Some people maybe play less than half an hour a day and don’t see spending membreship for around 15 hours a month good. Some people live in countries where there is no way to pay membreship other than having a bank account. Some people are under 16 and their parents don’t want to buy them membreship and some people just enjoy the F2P part of the game more than the P2P, mainly because it’s more “challenging”. Jagex should take this in consideration and stop just throwing baits to F2P players.