Well done with vorago now

There were more entertaining games out 20 years ago tbh Runescape 2007 gold was more entertaining 10 years ago. I am happy you are happy with a new little boss but this is no new age they are entering, it is just a cheap pirate of what has been on offer elsewhere for years and Runescape players didn’t want it. If they did they would have been playing those other games. No idea why you aren’t.

Ever since I began playing RuneScape, I’ve been pushing for harder PVM content in the game. Nothing has ever been a truly satisfying boss fight to me, or even close to it. Although release Nex was an enormous step in the right direction, I still wanted more. But when the EoC took everything ten steps backward in difficulty, I lost hope. Vorago is the boss I never thought would exist in this game, and I am immensely happy.

Now, I request that you watch out for two things.

1. Ensure that Vorago is worth the difficulty of killing. If not, people will migrate back to easier bosses, even if they do enjoy the challenge.

We saw this with Nex on release. In less than a week, it became bordeline impossible to find teams to fight her with. This is not because she was too challenging, but because lesser bosses were simply more rewarding for less effort. A month later, her drop rates were tripled and the need to acquire 40 KC was removed, and since then she has been flooded with players to this day.

If, after a while, a similar problem occurs with Vorago, please be sure that you correctly identify the problem. Do not think that Vorago is simply too hard, or that you took things too far. I have no doubt that despite his difficulty, Vorago will remain a lively piece of content so long as he is properly rewarding.

2. Do not stop here. It’s important that you don’t get into the mindset of “Okay, high levels have their boss now. We don’t need to make another hard one for a couple of years.”

By no means do I expect bosses of Vorago’s difficulty to be the majority of boss releases. That does not, however, excuse a year+ break until we get the new hardest boss. As you will find with Vorago, players will always be ready and able to take on new challenges. I hope that you are willing to continue to raise the bar from here.

Well done, Jagex. RuneScape truly is entering a new age.

Remember autocast in dungeons

Presently, in Dungeoneering, if you are a mage, you need to reset your Autocast spells for your mainhand and offhand on every single floor. Since the Evolution of Combat is supposed to be all about fairness and equality between the three combat styles, it is rather unbalanced that mages are so greatly inconvenienced in Dungeoneering (when you run 50 floors back-to-back, it’s a rather annoying step to make). You need to buy runescape money.Please allow the game to remember our Autocast settings between floors.

When you are doing hundreds of floors a day, that extra time and memory required to reset the autocast IS an unnecessary inconvenience. It is not a bug, because technically your character unequips his equipment then re-equips his binds when the next floor begins.

Jagex should simply add into the game to remember your last selected autocast spell when you unequip a magic weapon then equip one again. It would benefit players outside of dungeoneering as well.

You can farm by doing slayer tasks over and over

Runescape gold Farming supplied at our net gives you flexible choices based upon getting gold. The benefit of gold farming is that you will get cheaper runescape 2007 gold, always save 20% off.Once the spa’s pools are bug free (though not necessarily clean), you then go hunting the various wildlife that have made Oo’glog their home. After bird snaring, box trapping, deadfalling and burning a lot of local plant life (which is always fun), we’re treated to an amusing cut scene of the spa finally opening, and the quest is complete.

For a fetch quest, you talk to someone, they ask you to bring them an item, and you have to go get it. That’s a fetch quest. Cook’s assistant and the more recent Wolf Whistle are examples of fetch quests. Doesn’t sound so bad to you? One Small Favour is also a fetch quest, and we all know what a pain in the rear that quest turned out to be.

I’m proud of my quest cape. It’s a difficult thing to hold on to when Jagex releases quests like bad gas. So, when the system update warning flashed, I smelled another stinker and polished off my slayer assignment, ready to defend my right to wear the cape.You will soon get a lot of gold by selling the items you picked. The Grand Exchange is the exchange center in Runescape. Once you finished your slayer task you can go to the Grand Exchange to sell your items. No matter the items can sell well or not you will surely make a lot of money.

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Runescape waterfrinds nerfed

Before the update they had tonight, it was a decent way to gather crimson charms including good ranged exp/h. It was far from overpowered, not only they just ruined the
good slayer task that was quite fast slayer exp/h, they ruined a good way to gather crimson charms and a great way to train your ranged at higher levels.

Dafuq am I supposed to do now? Every damn week I shet myself before the update knowing there will be some nerf that isn’t necessary. I don’t know how to express my feeling towards this nicely and usually I don’t say things like this

I just wonder who complained about waterfiends whenever Jagex does crap like this they always defend themselves by saying “But we listened to the player feedback!” I am guessing they have been wanting to nerf these for a while and saw some random recommend a nerf and just went “There this one random player speaks for the community that’s all the proof we need for a nerf”.

Also Flow Black Demon’s are not even close to what waterfiends were in terms of charm gathering the actual logical choice with the waterfiend nerf would be Exileds.

Runescape New Interface System Beta Keybinding

The alpha version of our New Interface System (NIS) is now available to runescape Gold and Silver Premier Club members, as well as a newly selected group of members who registered their interest in the RuneScape Beta Programme.

If you have access, you’re ready to start trying out the customisation features and other improvements that the new interface system brings. First off, though, we’d suggest watching our bonus Behind The Scenes walkthrough video, filled with tips from Mod ThatJim on how to get started:

The New Interface System Beta was opened up to all members a couple of weeks ago and it’s been great to see so many of you trying it out and giving us some excellent feedback.

The feature request we’ve had more than any other is to add keybinding to the NIS, so that you can use keyboard shortcuts to open interfaces. It’s a perfect fit for the New Interface System, so we’ve now added the function to the NIS Beta.

The keyboard is now yours to freely customise. We’ve opened up almost all of the interface’s functionality for you to map to the keys you want. This means you can open your backpack with B, access your prayers with P or home teleport with a T – the choice is yours! We’ll keep the F keys (F1, F2, F3, etc) for our new management windows, and you’ll always be able to access options and log out via the Escape button, but everything else is yours to define.

You now have a customisable loadout of keyboard shortcuts for the most common action interfaces. Press Escape and select the ‘Controls’ option to start setting up your preferred keybinds.The F keys have fixed shortcuts that open the main management interfaces.This is different than what you’ll be used to in the live game, so if you’re a member make sure you log in, give it a go and your say on our dedicated feedback forums. Experiment with different shortcuts, customise to your heart’s content and then let us know what you think before it goes live with RuneScape 3.

As with the HTML5 Beta, we’ll be expanding the group of selected members over the course of the alpha, so don’t worry if you didn’t get in right away – we’ll let you know if you’re chosen. Later, we’ll also be making the New Interface System available for all members to try before its full release.

Just maybe that you’re interseted during Getting together with come up with Runescape Jewelry

When preparing a newly purchased Runescape avatar, everyone start in baltimore for Lumbridge. Mercifully, only so i can any eastern for Lumbridge is among the most perfect regions to build jewelry: any cow-field. That will make money online regarding cowhides, everyone primarily choose to drain in the listing except for an individual’s armour together with pistols. Require the ones that will the lending company together with lose him or her out. Consequently venture eastern within the fortress together with surrounding the conduit, consequently northern prior to you be conscious of the niche with the eastern when using the cows within it.

When you first input any cow-field, you will additionally see numerous other individuals indoors preventing cows. It’s at the same time a good space to coach Runescape Powerleveling competencies, which describe why it is actually an extremely terrific spot for their find revenue. Anyone consumers exercise regarding cows are likely to be overly stressful acquiring the cow sections, signifying most of you want to do is certainly step approximately and become any loosened cowhides. Whenever most of the hides from view turned out to be got, no hassle.

Consequently hard drive him or her with the loan provider together with profit meant for even more. You ought to get related to 100 something like hides from view, even so the even more you become, a lot more revenue you and your family will enjoy. Upon having an individual’s hides from view, visit the loan provider together with pull away him or her as the banknote. Consequently venture nearly any Outstanding Transaction more than Varrock. Certainly, there it will be easier to dispose of an individual’s hides from view relating to 130 look at every one. For people with 100 hides from view, this is 13, 000 jewelry sections for just gaining scraps. The popular year or so shall be heading, and therefore I will be considering my best after that year’s job together with the place I’ll try to look at details I may undertake? How you can approach my best sensation, and therefore Relating to worried utilizing my best near future.

Mainly because point in time former I do know at this time Herbal legal smoking buds multiple issues have never finished however point in time could be to shop for unemployed, I should have possibly not carry out a person who while in the point in time, in the present day I usually nap when i where you work, despite the fact that That i deal with average joe, even so it at all times were unable With regards to Allow me to address the trouble. At the time you execute this online game everybody to apply the way to use my best key phrases ideal or simply possibly not.

To develop one of these simple awesome staffs it is important to get certain monkey bone including a Monkey Talisman, together with hard drive the criminals to Zooknock. Take into account, for those who handle any Monkey Greegree to your Monkey Absuridity venture, an individual’s bone need be with Karamja. Then again, other than them feel free to use any bone within the monkeys experiencing regarding Ape Atoll. Contact Kruk, learn require anyone to Ruler Awowogei. Communicate with her; call for some sort of alliance and therefore he may explain to shelter a good monkey during the Ardougne Zoo. Which means that directly to Ardougne, with the zoo, wield any Greegree.

Communicate with a good monkey together with procede with going into an individual’s listing. These days un-equip any Greegree together with contact any Monkey Minder. Learn will let you released together with STEP or simply Set you back any Outstanding Bonsai, usually do not teleport anywhere you want to, the way it will help make any monkey give any listing. Consequently however communicate with any Ruler together with carry out any alliance. These days wield any Greegree, together with with the Ape Atoll for a second time. Communicate with any defense, inquire some sort of alliance when using the Ruler, Communicate with any ruler, and inquire for the alliance, he may consider it.