Runescape god abilities

Wouldn’t it be cool if say a zaros follower ( me ;p ) could attain certain abilities which only zaros followers could use whereas if a saradomin lined Runescape 2007 Gold player would not be able to but could use saradomin type abilities.. i think they could easily fit this update into rs3 lore and would make great content.

Whilst it pains me to side with a Zamorakian, I must agree with Sapun.This falls under the jurisdiction of the Suggestion Forum. However, I must say I quite like the idea; it would help create distinction between the factions, having a few abilities unique to each of them. So whilst this is in the wrong forum, I support.

I’m not… hmm… comfortable with choices like that really affecting what you can and can’t do in the rest of the non-quest game. Currently, anyone can use ancient curses or ‘normal’ magic or any god-related armour regardless of what beliefs they have, and I feel it should remain that way.

I don’t want to have to ally myself with just anyone just because I like ‘power A’ more than ‘power B’. Cosmetic thingummies for different beliefs is fine with me.

I would ask what ‘kamehamahamah… blugh’ is but the last time I did that, people tried to injure me.

Runescape losing faith

EoC didn’t have a massive server lagg and crash. Oh my new combat oh my so terrible, lets see i didn’t lose any items and I sure didn’t have trouble going about my daily activities on runescape.

Jagex I can’t PvM with worry, I can’t do anything without worry of a crash, or losing items, I’m sorry but if you cannot fix the issue and not meet the demands in which I re-subbed to fund you to run the game properly then I will be demanding a refund. It’s just……. Never in the time of runescape have things gotten so bad…. if things cannot head in the right direction this Runescape Gold game only has 2 to 3 years left in its span. Your chasing away your players and its saddening, remember that thing where they call it listen to the community and they shall see your success remember that, thats how a game works and alls were asking you to do is pull an all night or whatever it takes to fix these servers.

EoC put low levels on the same page as high levels when it came to combat.

Let that sink in for a while.

Seriously, pre-eoc, any level 100 that went up against a 138 usually got mashed. Now, noobs have the easymode easyytrain to ferry them to success.

No real runescape launch apparently

This starts to unveil really bad for Jagex. After they have promised an update that they proudly named Runescape 3, all they are indefinitely postponing the main update – the huge graphical update they so much bragged about.

All we are getting now is ONE content update in the name of Battle of Lumbridge, an audio update and an improved interface. This could easily have been 1 months worth of updated actually with no bragging about the supposed Runescape 3 Gold.Which is now not happening.

All we are getting on the 22nd is the new interface and audio like you said… Jagex lied to us.I just wish they would not rush it and would not release it in part and actually release it as one update, as RS3, like they said would happen!Jagex and the brown nosers can say what they want, this is rushed and Jagex stuffed up! We have the EoC all over again!On the 22nd, we are not getting RS3, we are getting RS2 with a new interface… HELL, we are NEVER getting RS3, because all these small updates done apart are not big enough to warrant it being called RS3, not without HTML5, the main hype in the whole thing.

Now all those new players Jagex wanted are NEVER going to come! I’ve been checking on gaming sites and new players are keeping an eye on RS3, and they want RS3, not small updates over months time…
Why the HELL did Jagex make a global reveal to the public is they are not releasing RS3 and instead releasing small updates over time?

Changes of RuneScape 3 Update

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Changes of RuneScape 3 Update
One. Improved weather effects (for places that already have them, not adding weather everywhere).
Two. Customizable interfaces.
Three.HTML5-based client (including increased draw distance, slightly improved graphics, and skyboxes).
Four. Improved audio.
Five. Controller support.

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Runescape new interface system looks great

I’ve been playing since 07 and I’ve seen loads of changes throughout this game and all, but I don’t see the point of EoC!!! It’s like you guys have run out of ideas and have tried copying Wow or Lol or something like that. I don’t know if anyone will actually be with me on this, but I think that it should return back to the old combat system for the entire game rather than just playing oldschool (And that’s only for p2p)…
So if anyone actually likes this idea, then support this thread!!

I agree, it sucks, It killed pking so badly, remember when the high risk wilderness worlds were packed, when about 200 people stood just behind the wilderness wall, if you go there now there is no one, and i mean literally no one. EOC has made 50k people quit, and i’m gonna add to that after trying for one last time to support threads like this that preferred runescape just before the Eoc, And for anyone that says: Go and play Old School RS, i don’t want to lose six years progress worth of items, money and levels…. and nor does anyone else.

I also think that the new interface system looks great, but it would have been much better if it was implemented instead of the EOC, and also they aren’t making a client for the new interface system meaning i can no longer play the game as i cannot load the game from the website without it crashing 300 times before i log in! BYE Jagex, ill check back in a couple months to see if they have listened to the people like us that have supported their game for the last six years, or whether they continue to ignore everyone and lose more players.

Apart from a lot of Pro-EOC forums users who would kill a kitten in a poor attempt to prove EOC has made the game better who always seem to post flaming and opposing Anti-EOC threads, you my friend are not a lone. A lot of people do not like EOC and want it to be reverted. The numbers speak for themselves and once popualr worlds and areas ingame have now been abandoned in every world, just shows that RS is slowly dying since the Release of EOC. Most the people who are bigging up Runescape EOC are looking for Forums Modship.

Grand exchange runescape item lend

This is an idea I’ve had for some time, and I believe would be even more beneficial to players of all standings today, more than ever…

The idea, simply put, is to have an additional option at the Grand Exchange to Lend/Borrow any “lend-able” item through the Grand Exchange.

Same rules could apply as they do in trade screens, with 1 rare at a time per player, until it’s returned via collection box. Perhaps time can be adjusted the same as now, unless it would be necessary to only allow 6 hour time slots up to 1 day, or the like.
(six hours, twelve hours, eighteen hours, and twenty four hours)
Otherwise, any time can be picked as it already stands, 1-24 hours.. lenders choice etc.

Price to lend could work as the GE already does, where the lender decides any price he/she wants, in which case the item would only be lent if a corresponding borrower met that offer etc.
(G.E could function as it does currently for selling/buying items, but for lending/borrowing as well)

This would make finding matches for all ‘lend-able’ items much more efficient for many players; some who perhaps can’t afford the actual item, or would like to try it out before buying. It could have many applications and benefits to many, due to the varying amount of items in the game that can be lent or borrowed… not only rares.

The ultimate runescape question

Actually not upset, just havin a giggle~ movie was good, except that those sailor moon transformations and shenanigans near the end haha.

I’m sure that many people , such as myself are stuck wondering what will happen to any items they may have lost today due to the server disconnections . I’d love to know whether the items will either be completely forgotten, There will be a rollback or The runescape gold will be given back to the players. I’m sure many are expecting the answer to this question and anyone who has lost their items would really appreciate it if a mod just replied to this, stating what is going to be done..

Servers are extemly unstable, I experienced it myself too. I’m doing combat and going wildy everyday. Should we just stop all our activity? What can we do with different servers dropping offline?

My range armour was at the grave while world 123 disconnected everyone in our cc few days ago. I got back there 10 min later, had very short time to pick it up. W 123 is our home and even if we hop server temporarliy – how we know where is safe world?

Today team just got in to world 37 warbands and world crashed a bit later so ppl who just looted xp were forced to lagg off. It made this 40 very disappoined but it is small issue compared with others losing their pvm combat gears

A lot of people are worried because of lost items.

Covering loss? Yes please consider it Jagex, players worked months to get some certain item.

Extend grave time when servers going offline.

It can’t help everyone, some need to log off or leave computer but hopefully it helps many and who risk to do combat with unstable servers – better be prepared for running to grave.

Runescape patch notes

The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. If you believe a change has not been documented, either in the patch notes or the news posts for this week’s update, please detail the change so that it may be added.

As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game.


Several chatheads in the NPC Contact interface have been updated.
Kayle now uses the correct attack animation in the Blood Pact quest.
A graphical issue with teleporting to a Player-Owned House with the Sky-Jump teleport has been fixed.

Quests, Challenges & Achievements:

Dondakan will now recognise pickaxes stored in your tool belt during the Between a Rock… quest.
A task complete popup now appears when completing the Rune Mysteries and Rune Memories quests.
The first option for the furnace during the Legacy of Seergaze quest has been changed to “Light”.
Several typos in The World Wakes quest have been fixed.


The level requirement to use ammo with certain Ranged weapons has now been removed. Damage will now cap at the lowest level between the bow and the ammo.
The praying mantis stun ability now works correctly.
The cockatrice drain special attack is now more responsive, allowing a player to use the special as soon as the player enters combat with a target.
Snapshot now uses the correct damage values for the second shot.
Rockshell, spined and skeletal armours have been made into power armour.
The Barbarian Assault reward items have been made into power armour.
Players in the God Wars Dungeon waiting rooms have been stopped from taking damage from boss attacks.
Players now correctly auto-retaliate when attacked by giant snakes.
Boost Potion Share now boosts the targets’ levels to the correct value when used with super-tier potions.


Dragon crossbow limbs may now be coin shared.
The dwarven multicannon once again automatically fires when loaded with cannonballs.
Both players now have the chance to loot a signet if one drops after defeating one of the Legiones when using Social Slayer.
Pets no longer disappear if you log out and log in while standing in the Grand Exchange.
Players no longer can drop the acrobat outfit in F2P worlds.
Players can now reclaim the trimmed completionist cape whilst you have a completionist cape in a Dragon Keepsake Key.
The unused Chaos Tunnels warnings have been removed from the Doomsayer interface.
Master runecrafter robes now use the correct name.
The omni-talisman now allows one-click access to the fire altar.
The examine text of pneumatic gloves has been adjusted.
Fixed a spelling error on the Port Management interface.
Sinew now shows the correct XP that will be earned in the Make-x interface.
Players can no longer place items on tables, except for in Dungeoneering or POH-only items in a Player-Owned House.
Daily Challenge reward bags no longer create two stacks of the same stackable item in a player’s inventory.
Players can now claim a second Falador shield if they have one stored in a Dragon Keepsake Key.
Several Squeal of Fortune object confirm destroy messages have been updated to state they have a fee to reclaim from Diango.


Jagex, the developer of Rs 2007 gold, today to announce the release date of RuneScape third The biggest update in the 12 year history of the browser game appears on 22 July and contains, among other things, a new cutting-edge technology and gameplay features.

RuneScape 3 represents a major technological advancement dar. Thanks to the conversion to the HTML 5 technology, players can connect instantly to the great adventure without Java or other plug-ins. The use of a custom HTML 5 engine allows significant improvements in the gaming experience, such as refined graphics, increased visibility, revised camera work and sound. Players also get the chance to compete for the best places on the weekly and monthly leaderboards.

For the first time in the history of RuneScape players will also directly affect the future of Gielinor, can take its inhabitants and landscape. In parallel with the launch of RuneScape 3 starts the worldwide opening event for the community, “The Battle for Lumbridge.” However, not only the technology of RuneScape undergoes an evolution – the game world Gielinor enters into a new era. In the sixth age, another milestone in the history of RuneScape, return the gods to establish their rule again.

“When we first unveiled the project RuneScape 3 gold, we got great feedback from our community. The more we are delighted to now the release date of the biggest updates of the RuneScape history for 22 To confirm in July, “said Executive Producer of RuneScape 3 Phil Mansell. “The use of HTML 5 technology consolidates our position at the forefront of innovative online game development and will be reflected for the players in a truly fantastic gaming experience.”

CEO Mark Gerhard is also convinced of the strength of the brand: “The continued success of RuneScape will continue this year with the launch of RuneScape third We have a solid program with challenging content and the most groundbreaking technological innovations for years that will come in the next few months to advantage. This is an incredibly exciting time for the whole community. “

Old lore runescape articles

I’ve been an avid player of RuneScape for over 10 years, but only in the last few months have I really begun to immerse myself in the lore and history of Gelinor.When I was younger, I remember exploring the RuneScape website, reading through the Game Guide and eventually stumbling upon the Lores section, which failed to hold my interest at the time.

However, I recently purchased T. S. Church’s RuneScape 2007 Gold novel series, and have been reading through it avidly, all the while searching for a Lores section on the website. But it seems to have disappeared!

I remember it during the first website revision, as well as the second, and even during the early-third website revision, but as of 2012+ it seems to be gone!

I’ve tried using the Wayback Machine to access old versions of the site, but RuneScape was excluded from the Internet Archive for whatever reason.

Some of the lores that were previously present on the site have become increasingly interesting to me as the years have gone bye, especially the legend of the warrior Arravocka and how the city of Varrock was founded.

Can anyone tell me where I might find an archive of the old RuneScape lores, or even a siterip from just before they were removed? I’d love to read them.