Runescape god abilities

Wouldn’t it be cool if say a zaros follower ( me ;p ) could attain certain abilities which only zaros followers could use whereas if a saradomin lined Runescape 2007 Gold player would not be able to but could use saradomin type abilities.. i think they could easily fit this update into rs3 lore and would make great content.

Whilst it pains me to side with a Zamorakian, I must agree with Sapun.This falls under the jurisdiction of the Suggestion Forum. However, I must say I quite like the idea; it would help create distinction between the factions, having a few abilities unique to each of them. So whilst this is in the wrong forum, I support.

I’m not… hmm… comfortable with choices like that really affecting what you can and can’t do in the rest of the non-quest game. Currently, anyone can use ancient curses or ‘normal’ magic or any god-related armour regardless of what beliefs they have, and I feel it should remain that way.

I don’t want to have to ally myself with just anyone just because I like ‘power A’ more than ‘power B’. Cosmetic thingummies for different beliefs is fine with me.

I would ask what ‘kamehamahamah… blugh’ is but the last time I did that, people tried to injure me.