Runescape losing faith

EoC didn’t have a massive server lagg and crash. Oh my new combat oh my so terrible, lets see i didn’t lose any items and I sure didn’t have trouble going about my daily activities on runescape.

Jagex I can’t PvM with worry, I can’t do anything without worry of a crash, or losing items, I’m sorry but if you cannot fix the issue and not meet the demands in which I re-subbed to fund you to run the game properly then I will be demanding a refund. It’s just……. Never in the time of runescape have things gotten so bad…. if things cannot head in the right direction this Runescape Gold game only has 2 to 3 years left in its span. Your chasing away your players and its saddening, remember that thing where they call it listen to the community and they shall see your success remember that, thats how a game works and alls were asking you to do is pull an all night or whatever it takes to fix these servers.

EoC put low levels on the same page as high levels when it came to combat.

Let that sink in for a while.

Seriously, pre-eoc, any level 100 that went up against a 138 usually got mashed. Now, noobs have the easymode easyytrain to ferry them to success.