No real runescape launch apparently

This starts to unveil really bad for Jagex. After they have promised an update that they proudly named Runescape 3, all they are indefinitely postponing the main update – the huge graphical update they so much bragged about.

All we are getting now is ONE content update in the name of Battle of Lumbridge, an audio update and an improved interface. This could easily have been 1 months worth of updated actually with no bragging about the supposed Runescape 3 Gold.Which is now not happening.

All we are getting on the 22nd is the new interface and audio like you said… Jagex lied to us.I just wish they would not rush it and would not release it in part and actually release it as one update, as RS3, like they said would happen!Jagex and the brown nosers can say what they want, this is rushed and Jagex stuffed up! We have the EoC all over again!On the 22nd, we are not getting RS3, we are getting RS2 with a new interface… HELL, we are NEVER getting RS3, because all these small updates done apart are not big enough to warrant it being called RS3, not without HTML5, the main hype in the whole thing.

Now all those new players Jagex wanted are NEVER going to come! I’ve been checking on gaming sites and new players are keeping an eye on RS3, and they want RS3, not small updates over months time…
Why the HELL did Jagex make a global reveal to the public is they are not releasing RS3 and instead releasing small updates over time?