Runescape new interface system looks great

I’ve been playing since 07 and I’ve seen loads of changes throughout this game and all, but I don’t see the point of EoC!!! It’s like you guys have run out of ideas and have tried copying Wow or Lol or something like that. I don’t know if anyone will actually be with me on this, but I think that it should return back to the old combat system for the entire game rather than just playing oldschool (And that’s only for p2p)…
So if anyone actually likes this idea, then support this thread!!

I agree, it sucks, It killed pking so badly, remember when the high risk wilderness worlds were packed, when about 200 people stood just behind the wilderness wall, if you go there now there is no one, and i mean literally no one. EOC has made 50k people quit, and i’m gonna add to that after trying for one last time to support threads like this that preferred runescape just before the Eoc, And for anyone that says: Go and play Old School RS, i don’t want to lose six years progress worth of items, money and levels…. and nor does anyone else.

I also think that the new interface system looks great, but it would have been much better if it was implemented instead of the EOC, and also they aren’t making a client for the new interface system meaning i can no longer play the game as i cannot load the game from the website without it crashing 300 times before i log in! BYE Jagex, ill check back in a couple months to see if they have listened to the people like us that have supported their game for the last six years, or whether they continue to ignore everyone and lose more players.

Apart from a lot of Pro-EOC forums users who would kill a kitten in a poor attempt to prove EOC has made the game better who always seem to post flaming and opposing Anti-EOC threads, you my friend are not a lone. A lot of people do not like EOC and want it to be reverted. The numbers speak for themselves and once popualr worlds and areas ingame have now been abandoned in every world, just shows that RS is slowly dying since the Release of EOC. Most the people who are bigging up Runescape EOC are looking for Forums Modship.