Grand exchange runescape item lend

This is an idea I’ve had for some time, and I believe would be even more beneficial to players of all standings today, more than ever…

The idea, simply put, is to have an additional option at the Grand Exchange to Lend/Borrow any “lend-able” item through the Grand Exchange.

Same rules could apply as they do in trade screens, with 1 rare at a time per player, until it’s returned via collection box. Perhaps time can be adjusted the same as now, unless it would be necessary to only allow 6 hour time slots up to 1 day, or the like.
(six hours, twelve hours, eighteen hours, and twenty four hours)
Otherwise, any time can be picked as it already stands, 1-24 hours.. lenders choice etc.

Price to lend could work as the GE already does, where the lender decides any price he/she wants, in which case the item would only be lent if a corresponding borrower met that offer etc.
(G.E could function as it does currently for selling/buying items, but for lending/borrowing as well)

This would make finding matches for all ‘lend-able’ items much more efficient for many players; some who perhaps can’t afford the actual item, or would like to try it out before buying. It could have many applications and benefits to many, due to the varying amount of items in the game that can be lent or borrowed… not only rares.