The ultimate runescape question

Actually not upset, just havin a giggle~ movie was good, except that those sailor moon transformations and shenanigans near the end haha.

I’m sure that many people , such as myself are stuck wondering what will happen to any items they may have lost today due to the server disconnections . I’d love to know whether the items will either be completely forgotten, There will be a rollback or The runescape gold will be given back to the players. I’m sure many are expecting the answer to this question and anyone who has lost their items would really appreciate it if a mod just replied to this, stating what is going to be done..

Servers are extemly unstable, I experienced it myself too. I’m doing combat and going wildy everyday. Should we just stop all our activity? What can we do with different servers dropping offline?

My range armour was at the grave while world 123 disconnected everyone in our cc few days ago. I got back there 10 min later, had very short time to pick it up. W 123 is our home and even if we hop server temporarliy – how we know where is safe world?

Today team just got in to world 37 warbands and world crashed a bit later so ppl who just looted xp were forced to lagg off. It made this 40 very disappoined but it is small issue compared with others losing their pvm combat gears

A lot of people are worried because of lost items.

Covering loss? Yes please consider it Jagex, players worked months to get some certain item.

Extend grave time when servers going offline.

It can’t help everyone, some need to log off or leave computer but hopefully it helps many and who risk to do combat with unstable servers – better be prepared for running to grave.