Jagex, the developer of Rs 2007 gold, today to announce the release date of RuneScape third The biggest update in the 12 year history of the browser game appears on 22 July and contains, among other things, a new cutting-edge technology and gameplay features.

RuneScape 3 represents a major technological advancement dar. Thanks to the conversion to the HTML 5 technology, players can connect instantly to the great adventure without Java or other plug-ins. The use of a custom HTML 5 engine allows significant improvements in the gaming experience, such as refined graphics, increased visibility, revised camera work and sound. Players also get the chance to compete for the best places on the weekly and monthly leaderboards.

For the first time in the history of RuneScape players will also directly affect the future of Gielinor, can take its inhabitants and landscape. In parallel with the launch of RuneScape 3 starts the worldwide opening event for the community, “The Battle for Lumbridge.” However, not only the technology of RuneScape undergoes an evolution – the game world Gielinor enters into a new era. In the sixth age, another milestone in the history of RuneScape, return the gods to establish their rule again.

“When we first unveiled the project RuneScape 3 gold, we got great feedback from our community. The more we are delighted to now the release date of the biggest updates of the RuneScape history for 22 To confirm in July, “said Executive Producer of RuneScape 3 Phil Mansell. “The use of HTML 5 technology consolidates our position at the forefront of innovative online game development and will be reflected for the players in a truly fantastic gaming experience.”

CEO Mark Gerhard is also convinced of the strength of the brand: “The continued success of RuneScape will continue this year with the launch of RuneScape third We have a solid program with challenging content and the most groundbreaking technological innovations for years that will come in the next few months to advantage. This is an incredibly exciting time for the whole community. “